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Entertainment Weekly - Wikipedia Entertainment Weekly (sometimes abbreviated as EW) is an American magazine, published by Time Inc., that covers film, television, music, Broadway theatre, books and ...

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very ponravilos..i story, and the game akterov..ochen touching, and in the end even heartbreaking ..
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10/10 crazy film. 5 masterpiece uniquely erotic scenes that's great unpredictable plot great music actors coped too well done and pleased very original murder anywhere had ever seen judging by the end of the series of cannibals is gaining momentum!
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Entertainment Weekly - Wikipedia Entertainment Weekly (sometimes abbreviated as EW) is an American magazine, published by Time Inc., that covers film, television, music, Broadway theatre, books and ...

Entertainment Weekly - Wikipedia Entertainment Weekly sometimes abbreviated as EW is an American magazine published by Time Inc ESPN Original Entertainment The Complete Angler that covers film television music Broadway theatre books and popular culture Different from celebrityfocused publications like Us Weekly People a sister magazine to EW and In Touch Weekly EW primarily concentrates on entertainment media news and critical reviews However unlike Variety and The Hollywood Reporter which are aimed at industry insiders EW targets a more general audience Contents 1 History 2 Typical content and frequency 2 1 Layout 2 1 1 News and notes 2 1 2 Feature articles 2 1 3 Reviews 2 1 4 The Bullseye 2 2 Specialty issues 3 Thousandth issue and redesign 4 Website 5 Poppy Awards 6 Notable former contributors 7 References 8 External links Historyedit The first issue was published on February 16 199034 and featured singer k d lang on its cover The cover price was 1 95 equivalent to 3 57 today The title word entertainment was not capitalized on the cover until mid1992 and has remained so since By 2003 the magazines weekly circulation averaged 1 7 million copies per week In March 2006 managing editor Rick Tetzeli oversaw an overhaul of EWs graphics and layout to reflect a moremodern look citation needed Created by Jeff Jarvis and founded by Michael Klingensmith who served as publisher until October 19965 the magazines original television advertising soliciting prepublication subscribers portrayed it as a consumer guide to popular culture including movies music and book reviews sometimes with video game and stage reviews too the postmodern Farmers Almanac clarification needed In 1996 the magazine won the coveted National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors EW won the same award again in 2002 6 Typical content and frequencyedit The magazine features celebrities on the cover and addresses topics such as television ratings movie grosses production costs concert ticket sales ad budgets and indepth articles about scheduling producers showrunners etc It publishes several double issues each year usually in January May June andor August that are available on newsstands for two weeks because the magazine numbers its issues sequentially it counts each double issue as two issues so that it can fulfil its marketing claim of 52 issues per year for subscribers Layoutedit Entertainment Weekly follows a typical magazine format by featuring a letters to the editor and table of contents in the first few pages while also featuring advertisements While many advertisements are unrelated to the entertainment industry the majority of ads are typically related to upandcoming television film or music events News and notesedit These beginning articles open the magazine and as a rule focus on current events in pop culture The whole section typically runs eight to ten pages long and features short news articles as well as several specific recurring sections The Must List is a twopage spread highlighting ten things books movies songs etc that the staff loves from the week it usually features one pick from EW readers First Look subtitled An early peek at some of Hollywoods coolest projects is a twopage spread with behindthescenes or publicity stills of upcoming movies television episodes or music events The Hit List written each week by critic Scott Brown highlights ten major events with short comedic commentaries by Brown Typically there will be some continuity to the commentaries This column was originally written by Jim Mullen and featured twenty events each week and Dalton Ross later wrote an abbreviated version The Hollywood Insider is a onepage section that reports breaking news in entertainment It gives details in the separate columns on the mostcurrent news in television movie and music The Style Report is a onepage section devoted to celebrity style Because its focus is on celebrity fashion or lifestyle it is graphically rich in nature featuring many photographs or other images Recentlyclarification needed the page converted to a new format five pictures of celebrity fashions for the week graded on the magazines review AtoF scale see Reviews section below A spinoff section Style Hunter which finds readerrequested articles of clothing or accessories that have appeared in pop culture recently appears frequently The Monitor is a twopage spread devoted to major events in celebrity lives with small paragraphs highlighting events such as weddings illnesses arrests court appearances and deaths Deaths of major celebrities are typically detailed in a onehalf or fullpage obituary titled Legacy This feature is nearly identical to sister publication Peoples Passages feature The celebrity column the final section of News and Notes is devoted to a different column each week written by two of the magazines moreprominent writers The Final Cut is written by former executive editor and author Mark Harris Harris column focuses on analyzing current popularculture events and is generally the most serious of the columns Harris has written about the writers strike and the 2008 presidential election among other topics Binge Thinking was written by screenwriter Diablo Cody After several profiles of Cody in the months leading up to and following the release of her debut film Juno 2007 she was hired to write a column detailing her unique view of the entertainment business If You Ask Me Libby GelmanWaxer Paul Rudnick was brought in to write his former Premiere column for Entertainment Weekly in 2011 7 Feature articlesedit There are typically four to six major articles one to two pages each within the middle pages of the magazine These articles are most commonly interviews but there are also narrative articles as well as lists Feature articles tend to focus mostly on movies music and television and less on books and the theatre In the magazines history there have only been a few cover stories e g John Grisham Stephen King devoted to authors there has never been a cover solely devoted to the theater Reviewsedit There are seven sections of reviews in the back pages of each issue together encompassing up to one half of the magazines pages In addition to reviews each reviews section has a topsellers list as well as numerous sidebars with interviews or small features Unlike a number of European magazines that give their ratings with a number of stars with normally 4 or 5 stars for the best review EW grades the reviews academicstyle so that the highest reviews will get a letter grade of A and the lowest reviews get an F with plus or minus graduations in between assigned to each letter except F The sections are Movies Typically features all the major releases for that weekend as well as several independent and foreign films that have also been released Chris Nashawaty is the primary film critic Critical Mass was a table of the grades that have also been given by a number of noted movie reviewers in the American press such as Ty Burr from The Boston Globe Todd McCarthy from Variety and Roger Ebert from the Chicago SunTimes Also eliminated from this section was the boxoffice figures from the previous weekend and some sort of infographic The A rating is rarely awarded by EW Two films to have received it are Citizen Kane and My Left Foot 1989 DVDs are now profiled in the onepage Movies on DVD section that follows Longtime critic Lisa Schwarzbaum left the magazine in 2013 and critic Owen Gleiberman was let go after a round of layoffs in spring 2014 8 In 2015 it started publishing the scores of movies from Metacritic Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB under Critical Mass Television Features reviews by chief critic Jeff Jensen for madefortelevision films and new television program or series as well as some television specials There is also a section of sound bites featuring quotations from various television shows The section no longer includes the Nielsen ratings for the previous week On the following page is typically a TV on DVD section profiling releases of television films and specials or complete seasons of television shows Current Reviewers include Melissa Maerz What to Watch Currently written by Ray Rahman features brief one or twosentence reviews of several television programs on each night of the week as well as one slightly longer review usually written by someone else with a letter grade Music Reviews major album releases for the week divided by genre There is also typically at least one interview or feature as well as a section called Download This highlighting several singles available for download from the Internet Books Features reviews of books released during the week Sometimes authors will write guest reviews of other works There is also typically one interview or spotlight feature in this section per issue Bestseller lists appear at the end of this section Theater Reviews productions currently playing listed by the city where they are running Games Reviews current video game releases Tech Reviews new websites and products and profiles current Internet or technology phenomena Not in every issue The Bullseyeedit This section occupies the back page of the magazine rating the hits and misses from the past weeks events in popular culture on a bullseye graphic For example the May 22 2009 edition featured Justin Timberlake hosting Saturday Night Live in the center while the thendrama between Eminem and Mariah Carey missed the target completely for being very 2002 At the time when this was printed on a small part of a page events that were greatly disliked were shown several pages away ESPN Original Entertainment The Complete Angler Specialty issuesedit Every year the magazine publishes several specialty issues These issues are often published as double issues running for two consecutive weeks Many times these features are so long that they replace all other feature articles Common specialty issues include Spring Summer Fall and Winter Preview issues Generally each quarter the magazine reports on upcoming releases in movies music television live shows and books Typically the summer issues focus will be on upcoming movies only unless major television series or events music releases or book releases are occurring then The Photo issue Once a year an issue is dedicated to featuring aside from the normal reviews and news content only photographs of celebrities Unlike tabloid issues these photographs done with the celebrities cooperation and often they use some form of artistic expression A wide variety of celebrities have been used including Green Day Reese Witherspoon Morrissey the cast of the television series Arrested Development Tobey Maguire and Cameron Diaz Generally the photographs will contain some descriptive text sometimes about the person or sometimes a commentary from the photographers who photographed them for a story Academy Awards issues In the past the magazine devoted at least four cover stories per year to the Academy Awards The Oscar Race Begins issue in January predicts the nominees the Nominees issue in February profiles the recently announced Oscar contenders the Oscar Odds issue predicts the winners the week before the awards and the AfterAwards issue covers the ceremony the week after it airs Virtually every issue mentions the Oscars in some capacity often on the cover and a film or actors AcademyAward chances are often noted in the magazines reviews In comparison musics Grammy Awards televisions Emmy Awards and theaters Tony Awards are given relatively limited coverage The Must List A doublesized issue that is usually timed for release in the last week of June It focuses on what the magazine considers musts in entertainment with the latest hot movies TV shows music projects and novels along with previews of upcoming projects in those media that are gaining interest The Fall TV Preview issue Generally released in early September this issue has the magazine detailing the upcoming fall season of both new and returning series EndoftheYear issue The last issue of each year whose cover shows the Entertainer of the Year chosen by readers at EWs official website The issue features the tenbest releases in theater film television music DVD literature and as of last year fashion that year Music television and film have two critics give their top ten the others only have one Each section also has a fiveworst list film is the only section in which both critics give the worst Also in the issue are special sections devoted to the Entertainer of the Year great performances newly arrived stars a timeline of infamous celebrity mishaps and obituaries of stars who died this used to be in a separate issue it was combined with the endoftheyear issue in 2003 This is the only issue without any reviews The complete list of the annual Entertainer of the Year winners Bart Simpson 1990 Jodie Foster 1991 the cast of the television series Saturday Night Live 1992 Steven Spielberg 1993 Tom Hanks 1994 the cast of the television series Friends 1995 Rosie ODonnell 1996 Ellen DeGeneres 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio 1998 Ricky Martin 1999 Russell Crowe 2000 Nicole Kidman 2001 Denzel Washington 2002 the cast of the film The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 2003 Jon Stewart 2004 the cast of the television series Lost 2005 the cast of the television series Greys Anatomy 2006 J K Rowling 2007 the first entertainer named known primarily for writing Robert Downey Jr 2008 Sandra Bullock 2009 Taylor Swift 2010 Daniel Radcliffe 2011 Ben Affleck 2012 Sandra Bullock 2013 Jimmy Fallon 2014 Jennifer Lawrence 2015 Ryan Reynolds 2016 Thousandth issue and redesignedit The 1000th issue was released July 4 2008 and included the magazines top100 list for movies television shows music videos songs Broadway shows and technology of the past 25 years 1983–2008 As of its 1001st issue EW drastically revamped the look feel and content of the publicationincreasing font and picture sizes and making all columns word count shorter Websiteedit The magazines website EW com under executive editor Chris Rosen provides users with daily content breaking news blogs original video programming entertainment exclusives and serves as an archive for past magazine interviews columns and photos Along with a website they also have a radio station on Sirius XM 9 In April 2011 EW com was ranked as the seventh most popular Entertainment News property in the United States by comScore Media Metrix 10 Poppy Awardsedit Previously named the EWwy Awards the Poppy Awards was created by Entertainment Weekly to honor worthy actors and series not nominated for the Primetime Emmys 11 The Poppys are awarded in ten categories and no person nominated for an equivalent Primetime Emmy is eligible Votes and nominations are cast online by anyone who chooses to participate The categories are Best Drama Series Best Comedy Series Best Actor in a Drama Series Best Actor in a Comedy Series Best Actress in a Drama Series Best Actress in a Comedy Series Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Notable former contributorsedit Ty Burr Ken Tucker Gillian Flynn David Hajdu Owen Gleiberman Lisa Schwarzbaum Referencesedit Henry Goldblatt a longtime veteran at EW moving back to his old job as editor New York Post Jan 30 2015   New York Times New York Times Retrieved February 10 2014   Top 100 U S Magazines by Circulation PDF PSA Research Center Retrieved February 6 2016   Sumner David E Rhoades Shirrel 2006 Magazines A Complete Guide to the Industry Peter Lang p  142 ISBN 9780820476179 Retrieved April 10 2016   Mag Bag Media Daily News October 26 2007   Winners and Finalists Database ASME www magazine org Retrieved 20170523   Ask Libby ew com 13 January 2012 Retrieved 2 January 2017   EW Lays Off Longtime Film Critic Owen Gleiberman in Staff Purge Hollywood Reporter April 2 2014   Entertainment Weekly Radio The latest In Pop Culture News SiriusXM Radio siriusxm com Retrieved 2 January 2017   ew com at WI Entertainment Weekly TV Recaps Movie & Music News EW com informer com Retrieved 2 January 2017   Bierly Mandy September 14 2008 Mad Men John Adams Win Big at Creative Arts Emmys Entertainment Weekly Archived from the original on June 24 2011   Further reading Anne Helen Petersen June 10 2014 The Trials of Entertainment Weekly One Magazines 24 Years of Corporate Torture The Awl Retrieved June 19 2014   External linksedit Official website