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Puppet Master IV: When Bad Puppets Turn Good (DVD 1993 ... Puppet Master IV: When Bad Puppets Turn Good on DVD (096009990299) from Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. Directed by Jeff Burr. Staring Jason Adams, Teresa Hill ...

No submundo o demônio Sutekh cria um exército de seres para combater qualquer indivíduo que tenha o poder de dar vida à objetos inanimados


Get movie: Puppet Master IV When Bad Puppets Turn Good

Why not look in the evening.
18.09.2017 | Comment
I look forward to continuing, I want to know the development of further action, the last series ended at the most interesting ... as always in this series ...
17.09.2017 | Comment
Great site
16.09.2017 | Comment
Very interesting and exciting series, zhdems continuation !!!
15.09.2017 | Comment
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A hideous brain creature takes over peoples minds through TV The Brain from Planet Arous John Agar is taken over by a huge and sexually deviant space brain The Brain That Wouldnt Die A scientist shops around for a new body for his girlfriend who is a head in a pan Brain Damage Brain eating parasite which also injects people with hallucinogenic drugs Breakin A trio of street dancers turn the world of rhythm upside down probably spinning on its head Brides of Blood A radioactive monster makes love to women so hard that they fall apart Buck Rogers Buck Rogers awakes to a world in need of a womanizing hero The Buddhist Fist Buddha spent a lot of time practicing kung fu THE LETTER C MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Candy Flee flee for your lives Cane Toads Probably the most twisted documentary ever made Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death Savage feminists eat men with gaucamolle dip The Car Lucifers vehicle is terrorizing the residents of Southern California all forty of them Carnosaur Genetic scientist creates chicken eggs that infect women causing them to become pregnant with dinosaurs The Cars that Ate Paris An Australian town runs people off the road to profit from the wrecked cars CatWomen of the Moon Earths satellite is inhabited by frisky females wearing black leotards The Cave of the Silken Web If Bollywood ever made a Dragon Ball movie Cavegirl A nerd travels back in time and meets a beautiful cavegirl Cemetery Man Francesco must stop the zombies which infest his graveyard The Champions of Justice Blue Demon and his friends must stop Black Hands army of super midgets SUPER MIDGETS Cherry 2000 Your synthetic female love slave might not be the real thing but its a darn good facsimile The Children They have been turned into monsters by a radioactive cloud Children Shouldnt Play with Dead Things A group of thespians not the cooler L word mind you become zombie chow Chosen Survivors Yay were going to survive the nuclear war Gah BATS C H U D Cannibalistic Humanoid 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Fu masters one without arms the other without legs fight an evil warlord who has a metal hump on his back Cthulhu Mansion A haunted house consumes gang members This movie has an amazing number of mistakes The Curse of Count Chocula The vampire that hates blood but loves chocolate Cyber Ninja Namco made a movie It has lasers samurai swords and very little coherence Cyborg 2 Jack Palance warrior cyborg and poet Believe it or not Cyborg Soldier The government tries to make cyborg soldiers out of condemned criminals with the expected results THE LETTER D MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Dagon Fish incest Daimajin A giant stone statue comes to life and destroys an evil samurais army The Dark Lurking Its DOOM down under mate The Dark Power Four ancient indian sorcerers arise from the dead and battle Lash LaRue Dark Star John Carpenters first real film Ever see an alien made out of a beach ball Date With A Vampire You finally find that special woman to have a onenight stand with and she turns out to be a bloodsucker Dawn of the Dead The dead taking over the world really isnt funny unless you consider zombies on escalators Day of the Animals Animals become savage killers after the ozone layer is damaged Day of the Warrior The busty and often naked ladies of L E T H A L defend America from a criminal with indian ancestors The Day Time Ended A timewarp and special effects artists torment a family Dead Alive AWESOME A lawn mower wielding lad and a kung fu Catholic priest battle zombies Death Race 2000 David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone are drivers in a futuristic crosscountry car race Their goal run over pedestrians Death Ship A cursed Nazi ship and George Kennedy kill people Deathstalker One of the better 80s sword and sorcery flicks and it had plenty of nude women Delicatessen Very odd French film about a building where they eat the handyman every now and then Demon Wind Demons try to steal the souls from a group of people Destroy All Monsters Three hundred percent more kaiju 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real horror here is the acting THE LETTER E MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Eat and Run Overweight alien visits earth after hearing how good Italian is he tries some To bad its people not the cooking The Educational Archives Drivers Ed A menagerie of short films with drunk drivers smashing into telephone poles doomed pedestrians and even talking cars The Educational Archives Sex & Drugs An assortment of classroom films featuring giant sanitary napkins Italians with syphilis and a talking hot dog Eegah Richard Kiel stars as a caveman in modern day Palm Springs El Topo In the chaotic history of cult films there are several legendary movies This bizarre story is one of them Eliminators Remember that movie with the cyborgtank Elves An elf bred by the Nazis This really is the plot Endless Descent An experimental submarine encounters killer seaweed and mutants galore Escape 2000 Prisoners at a government work camp are hunted for sport The Evil Dead Evil spirits steal the souls from Ash and his camper friends Evil Dead 2 Dead by Dawn Awesome fun Evil spirits threaten Ash again but this time he has an attitude and a chainsaw Evil Spawn Lynn tries an experimental youth serum and turns into a monster THE LETTER F MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Faster Pussycat Kill Kill The classic story of mean girls in fast cars looking for danger and finding it Feast Hungry beasts besiege a dusty desert bar Feeders I cannot decide which I hate more the movie or the actors socks Fiend Without a Face Canada is invaded by hopping brain monsters Fist of the North Star When Ken punches people they explode Five Element Ninjas Kung fu vs ninjas Wonderfully inventive surprisingly bloody and almost unbelievably fun Flash Gordon Silly special effects ludicrous acting and Brian Blessed for crying out loud The Flesh Eaters Another reason to stay out of the water Flesh Gordon 2 How high is your tolerance for toilet humor and breast jokes The Fly If you do not at least know of this movie then you must be a space alien Flying Guillotine Kung fu mayhem breaks out when the emperor trains assassins to use this deadly weapon For Your Height Only The Philippines has a secret weapon you never dreamed of a midget super spy The Forbidden Dance is Lambada Dirty dancing can save the rainforest Forbidden Zone When the Elfmans make a movie with Herve Villachez you know it is going to be weird Frankenhooker Mad scientist rebuilds his girlfriend from prostitute spare parts Fright Show Four short films in the horror and science fiction category hosted by two complete idiots Future Force David Carradine is a bounty hunter whose robotic arm hates your crotch Future War Timetraveling cyborgs use dinosaurs to hunt a flannelwearing kickboxer who only speaks Bible THE LETTER G MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Galactic Gigolo An alien wins a trip to Earth Sex with human women is included in the vacation package Galactica 1980 Series Pilot The fleet finally reaches planet Earth Galaxina The intergalactic patrol ship Infinity is sent to the far side of the universe to recover the BLUE STAR Ahhhhaaaahhhh Galaxy of Terror Where else can you see a giant maggot sucking the clothes off of a buxom blonde Gamera Nuclear weapons wake up one very large and exceptionally unhappy turtle Gamera vs Gaos The giant turtle tangles with the biggest vampire bat you ever did see Gamera Guardian of the Universe A fantastic giant monster movie Gamera vs Guiron In space nobody can hear you make turtle soup The Garbage Pail Kids Movie My viewing habits are best described as painful at times Getting Lucky A leprechaun helps a nerd win the girl of his dreams Ghosts of Mars When did John Carpenter stop making good movies and why wasnt I informed The Giant Behemoth Radioactive dinosaur menaces London The Giant Claw Earth is attacked by a GIANT ANTIMATTER SPACE BUZZARD The Giant Gila Monster Huge lizard attacks model railroads model cars model barns and hotrodding teenagers GI Samurai A small Japanese Defense Force unit is transported back in time That descriptive phrase is cooler than the entire movie I assure you Godzilla 2000 Godzilla fights a flying blue nose from outer space Godzilla Final Wars Aliens attempt to conquer the Earth but a flying battleship wakes Godzilla to protect us from the other monsters Godzilla King of the Monsters Even with the awkward insertion of Raymond Burr the American version of Gojira is worth viewing Godzilla vs King Ghidorah When time travelers fool around with Godzillas past he is none too happy but can he destroy their super monster Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla Godzilla gets a helping hand from the biggest damn Pekinese you ever saw Godzilla vs Megaguirus Gorgeous layouts and shots of Godzilla but his opponent sucked Godzilla vs Monster Zero Godzilla must battle King Ghidrah and Devo aliens to save Earth then he gets to Safety Dance Godzilla vs Mothra One of the Godzilla as a natural disaster movies Japans only hope is a huge moth and her egg Godzilla vs the Smog Monster Godzilla is up against Hedorah and 70s music things look bad Godz of Wu Tang Magical rocking horses killer mimes and brothers who look nothing alike The Gore Gore Girls Somebody is killing strippers and theyre being plenty inventive about it Graveyard Shift An old mill is infested with rats but something much worse lives in the basement Greasers Palace One of the strangest movies about religion you will ever see The Green Slime Space Station Gamma 3 is under attack by electric jello monsters Gunhed That would you do with a transformable tank that drinks whiskey Gwendoline Tawny Kitaen stumbles upon a secret kingdom of female warriors who wear leather thong bikinis Gymkata How many villages have a pommel horse THE LETTER H MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Halloween III And this has what to do with the other Halloween movies Hard Rock Zombies A band comes back from the dead to kill Hitler who then joins the zombie ranks Hawk the Slayer Talk about off the wall sword and sorcery films fluorescent bouncy balls Hehehehehehe Head of the Family A movie based on a pun Not good Heartbeeps This movie will stimulate your pain circuits Thank you very much Heavy Metal 2000 Maybe they should have drawn this with crayons Hedwig and the Angry Inch The musical chronicle of a glam rocker whose botched sex change left her not quite a he nor a she Hell Comes to Frogtown Roddy Piper is one of the last fertile men on an Earth infested with bipedal toads Hercules 1983 Lou Ferrigno confronts numerous mechanical monsters in his quest to defeat King Minos Hideous Things that go bump in the toilet High School Ghosthustlers Japanese schoolgirls take on a bunch of horny ghosts Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Almost two hours of naked women chopping up men with chainsaws The Horror of Party Beach Did that bassman choke to death on hotdogs Horror Planet At least there were cute alien babies House II The Second Story Jesse digs up his great great grandfathers grave and discovers a magical crystal skull House of the Dead Zombie Island Rave Massacre does not have the same ring to it nor a guaranteed video game fanboy audience Howard the Duck Only one thing can save Cleveland from destruction a midget in a duck suit Howling II Christopher Lee battles werewolves whose sole weakness is titanium Howling III The Marsupials This would have been better if they had been werekangaroos The Human Tornado Dolemite is back Humanoids from the Deep Fish monsters need love too Hundra The feminist barbarian Hybrid Three words guys Lesbian Shower Scene Hysterical What difference does it make THE LETTER I MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS I Love Maria She has the cutest diodes I Married a Monster from Outer Space A new bride learns that her husband is an impotent alien in the mood for love InfraMan Can he save the Earth from Princess Dragon Mom In Service to America Plot What Plot Invader A rightwingnutjob software program from outer space tries to take over the United States of America God bless her Invasion of the Animal People Sweden is under attack by aliens and their pet Sasquatch The Iron Monkey A young student learns Monkey Fist style The Island at the Top of the World Explorers find a lost Norse colony THE LETTER J MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Jacker II What would you do if you were indestructible Steal cars maybe Jack Frost A psychopathic murderer is reincarnated as a killer snowman Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter The Saviour El Santos vampires and a whole lot of weirdness Journey to the Seventh Planet Visitors to Uranus find that their greatest fears and desires are made flesh Jungle Hell I dont understand the plot but there were lots of elephants THE LETTER K MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Killer Klowns from Outer Space Aliens that look like demented clowns turn a town into cotton candy snacks The Killer Shrews The shrews are dogs wearing old rugs and scary masks and they are eating everything in sight The Killing of Satan Filipino Catholics use their magic powers to fight the Devil KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park KISS uses their magic powers to fight robots and werewolves Krull Swords sorcery aliens lasers and even a remote control 10000rpm throwing star Kung Fu of Eight Drunkards Young man learns the art of fighting as if drunk from an old master THE LETTER L MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS The Lair of the White Worm Hugh Grant takes on the depraved minions of an evil god God save the Queen from snakes or something like that Lake Placid Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda try to catch a fig bucking crocodile The Land that Time Forgot Dinosaurs eating Germans and Germans eating dinosaurs Lap Dancing Naive farm girl takes a job stripping and learns how to be an actress Puppet Master IV When Bad Puppets Turn Good Laserblast Billy was always getting bullied until he found the Nerf Gun of Ultimate Destruction Last Days of Planet Earth Armageddon The Last Dinosaur Big game hunter goes looking for a prehistoric trophy The Last Dragon Bruce Leroy is looking for the final level of kung fu The Glow Leeches Giant leeches molest the members of a boys swim team Legend of the Overfiend This is some seriously warped tentacle hentai The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Peter Cushing vampires virgins and kung fu Now theres a plot Leprechaun Jennifer Aniston learns why you should never steal the wee little peoples gold Leprechaun 2 The little people need love too Leprechaun 3 The greedy Irish spirit causes trouble in Vegas Leprechaun 4 In Space Interstellar rhyming carnage LEXX I Worship His Shadow A vixen who is part cluster lizard a talking robot head and an undead BrunnenG Man this is one weird flick The Lift Its a killer elevator movie Light Years In a thousand years Gandahar was destroyed A thousand years ago Gandahar will be saved and what cant be avoided will be Liquid Sky Aliens searching for heroin on Earth find that brains taste better The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Dont try to parody something being cheap and stupid that everyone already recognizes as being cheap and stupid by being cheap and stupid THE LETTER M MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Maleorvs High school students release an ancient Greek demon Maniac Dear God I want to get naked and strangle a manatee for mother MOTHER The Manitou Karens big pimple turns out to be an evil Native American medicine man being reborn Manos the Hands of Fate The Master and his many wives are the servants of Manos I think that Manos is the god of boredom Mark of the AstroZombies Aliens use machetewielding creations to attack the Earth Master of the Flying Guillotine What is the sound of one fist punching a blind monk Masters of the Universe I have the POWER Matango Attack of the Mushroom People Shipwreck survivors find an island full of aggressive portobellos Maximum Overdrive Yes the toaster wants to kill you Meet the Feebles Warped movie about puppets doing drugs and having sex Probably makes Jim Henson turn over in his grave Megaforce The secret to freedom is motorcycles armed with missiles Mega Piranha Tiffany did it Meridian Werewolf booty call Message from Space The Japanese version of Star Wars Microwave Massacre A cannibal his women and a microwave The Midnight Hour Vampires zombies and other monsters run rampant on Halloween Millennium Time travel plane crashes and a character named Louise Baltimore Oh my Missile to the Moon Moon women and moon spiders and rock monsters Oh my Mom and Dad Save the World Can Jeffrey Jones stop Jon Lovitz from destroying Earth Mongrel Mad dog Er man Monster I usually like monster movies but this was torture The Monster that Challenged the World The US Navy battles killer gastropods in the middle of a desert Monster High High school students must defeat Armageddons basketball team or the Earth will be destroyed Moon 44 What is so strange about a galactic meaning outer space mining company using convicts to pilot helicopters Mortal Kombat Annihilation Most video game movies suck but this is worse than normal Mosquito Gunnar Hanson battles huge mosquitos Motel Hell Sweeny Todd but with beef jerky and Rory Calhoun The Mummy Boris Karloff and Edward Van Sloan make this movie a classic Munchies Hungry little gremlins Mutant Vampires created by toxic waste who suck blood through their palms The Mutilator Death by outboard motor My Demon Lover Girl falls in love with a guy who tranforms into a demon when aroused My Little Pony The Movie Why do all of the ponies have tramp stamps THE LETTER N MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Nail Gun Massacre Sweet pneumaticdriven pain Neon Maniacs Killers who are allergic to water infest the Golden Gate Bridge The Neverending Story III A gang of bad kids steals the book and makes nasty things happen New Kansas The Wizard of Oz meets GoodFellas in a blender Nightbeast A redneck alien reptoid lands in Maryland Night of the Blood Beast Ever seen a pregnant man Night of the Demon Cool movie great monster Night Hunter Don The Dragon Wilson must kill all the vampires by breaking their necks before they can breed Night of the Lepus Doctor McCoy helps save the world from a herd of giant killer rabbits Night of the Living Dead The grandfather of modern zombie films Night of the Zombies It is the stupid people versus the zombies and the undead are winning Nine Deaths of the Ninja Forget the rest of the movie except for the midget attack squad who thought up that crazy opening credits sequence Ninja Wars Insane ninja warfare including a projectile vomiting ninja attack Nosferatu The First Vampire The classic vampire movie set to a metalgothic soundtrack Nude on the Moon This is surprisingly enough about a nudist colony on the moon THE LETTER O MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Oasis of the Zombies Boredom of the audience Oblivion Science fiction meets the old west Octopus Guess what the monster is No really Ol Dirty Kung Fu Young student learns Kung Fu from the famous master Bamboo Stick Orca Gosh that is a smart whale Orgazmo Probably the only MormonPornoSuperhero movie you will ever find OverSexed Rugsuckers from Mars The title grabs your attention doesnt it THE LETTER P MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Parasite Demi Moore fights gangs merchants and killer tadpoles She probably wants to forget this movie Party Crasher There is a party and some girls crash it what that has to do with the movie is beyond me Peepers I never want to see this film again Penitentiary Once you get past the male rape scenes it is a pretty good boxing movie Petey Wheatstraw The Devils SonInLaw Rudy Ray Moore is back at it this time as a comediankung fu master who made a terrible pact with Lucifer Phase IV Smart ants smart ants smart ants smart ants smart ants Pigs AWFUL movie about pigs being fed human flesh The Pink Angels Transvestite bikers encounter America and its full of PIGS Piranha Razorteeth created by the Government to win the Vietnam War no less get loose and eat campers Piranha II The fish are back and now they can fly The Pit Psycho kid feeds people he doesnt like to monsters in a pit Planet of the Apes Charlton Heston finds out what will happen if every American doesnt own a firearm Plan 9 from Outer Space Aliens wish to destroy Earth before we discover a bomb which explodes sunlight Please Dont Eat My Mother Henry accidentally grew a talking maneating potentially mothereating plant Poultrygeist Never build a fried chicken restaurant on top of an Indian burial ground Prince of Space He is so awesome they named the movie after him Princess Warrior Princess warrior maybe Laser swords kinda People driving around and driving around and driving around yes Prisoners of the Lost Universe Dimensional travel has never been so confusing Prophecy A mutated grizzly bear slaughters people in Maine Psycho Beach Party Is Chicklet a murderer or just a sick young woman Pulse Evil electricity tries to kill Matthew Lawrence The Punisher Be good or else he will shoot you Puppet Master Animated puppets slaughter a group of psychics Puppet Master II The Puppet Master needs brains and when the Puppet Master needs brains people die Puppet Master III Andre Toulon was nice until the Nazis killed his wife THE LETTER Q MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Q The Winged Serpent A resurrected Aztec god terrorizes New York City THE LETTER R MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Radioactive Dreams Michael Dudikoff and John Stockwell are detectives in a post nuclear world ruled by freaks and disco mutants Raiders of the Living Dead A reporter is chased by zombies Raiders of Wu Tang A young student must master twentyfour bronze horses who have powerful kung fu to defend Shaolin Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Ask me again how I did not go insane watching this movie Rats Night of Terror Rats shall inherit the Earth Rebirth of Mothra A big moth some little women and two kids Red Sonja She dislikes men and hates Arnold Schwarzeneggers exgirlfriend Redneck Zombies Hicks drink moonshine contaminated with toxic waste it turns them into peoplemunching undead Remo Williams The Adventure Begins La Femme Fred Ward And who could forget Chiun Reptilicus What happens when one giant rubber snake takes a wrong turn and ends up attacking Copenhagen vice Tokyo The Resurrected Lovecraftinspired movies often suck This is one of the good ones Return of the Living Dead Send more paramedics Return to Frogtown What no Rowdy Roddy Piper Road House Patrick Swayze philosopher lover bouncer Robo C H I C Arrgggghhhhhhhhh Robot Monster Earth is brought to its knees by one horny alien in a gorilla suit Rock n Roll Frankenstein Record producer and mad scientist create a rock star from the parts of Elvis Jimi Hendrix and by accident Liberace Rock n Roll Nightmare Thor must battle Satan to save humanity this movie is amazingly bad Rockn With Satan The Devil offers to make two young men into good musicians The Rocky Horror Picture Show The grandma cult movie of them all Watch as Brad and Janet fall prey to the lust of alien transvestites Rodan Two giant monsters threaten mankinds existencea great movie from the folks at Toho Rollerball Skates motorcycles a heavy metal shot and violence tomorrows sport THE LETTER S MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Santa Claus A devil named Pitch is sent to stop Santa but the jolly man in red has two things on his side child labor and wacky spying devices Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Can Saint Nick overcome evil invaders from space a robot and Pia Zadora Saturn 3 Somebody save me from old naked Kirk Douglas in space Sea Beast Parker Lewis goes up against an invisible fish monster Screamers 1979 A scientist creates creatures that are half fish and half man Seedpeople Extraterrestrial flowers take root in California and begin pollinating human beings Sextette Mae West over eighty and still acting like Mae West Ick ick ick Sgt Kabukiman N Y P D A New York cop accidently becomes mans only hope against evil a SuperKabuki The Shape of Things to Come Jack Palance stars as the evil robot overlord in a movie we fondly call Blinky Blinky Shark Attack 3 Megalodon How do you kill a fiftyton shark that should be but most emphatically is not extinct Shark Hunter Were going to need a better movie Sheena Painted horses killer flamingos and Tanya Roberts Shock Treatment Brad and Janet appear on a reality TV show that threatens to commit him and corrupt her Shockwave AI Assault Intelligent hunterkiller robots get loose on a tropical island Silent Night Deadly Night Punish Silent Night Deadly Night Part II Punish again but recap the first movie too The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine Also known as Mother Superior Jumped the Other Nuns Sins of the Fleshapoids WTF The Sisterhood Amazon women with psychic powers struggle to survive in the barren wastelands after a nuclear war SixString Samurai After nuclear war in 1957 Elvis became king now he has died and a brave samurai rocker must battle Death for the throne Skeeter Giant mosquitos created by toxic waste attack a desert town Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity This movie has one redeeming quality female nudity Sleepstalker Evil killer returns to slay his brother only this time he is made of sand Sleepwalkers Can your house cat protect you from incestuous soulsucking feline monsters The Slime People They have invaded Los Angeles stockpile weapons and salt Slither Freakish and funny but what invasion by alien brain worms wouldnt be Slugs Killer slugs Really I mean it Why are you laughing The Slumber Party Massacre Just once Id like to see some boobies and not get killed for my trouble Solarbabies A glowing orb helps the members of a rollerskate team free the Earths water Sorority Babes in the Slimeball BowlORama Teenagers played by actors in their thirties release a demonic imp from its bowling trophy prison Sorority House Vampires from Hell A vampiress rises from her grave The audience suffers Soul Vengeance When a man can use his penis to strangle people the audience suffers The Sound of Horror A Spanish film about invisible dinosaurs in Greece Space Mutiny The Southern Sun is under attack by cackling megalomaniacs and Battlestar Galactica stock footage Spaced Invaders A truly funny alien invasion film ZIM fanboys take note Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone Just the name makes you shiver doesnt it Spaceship In space no one can hear Leslie Nielsen scream The Spirit I dont mind a monologue with my movie but I do like some movie with my monologue Spookies How many silly monsters can fit into one movie Squirm A small town in Georgia is attacked by killer worms Starcrash Incredibly bad space opera Where else could you find David Hasselhoff using a lightsaber Star Crystal An alien slime monster reads the Bible and discovers that killing people is wrong Starship Rebels fight football droids in the distant future Star Odyssey Earth is under attack by an army of androids that look like members of Lady Gagas Dutch fan club The Star Wars Holiday Special Okay so he did make something worse than Episode 1 Stealth Fighter Satellite weapons and IceT flying an F117 this movie is not what you would call firmly rooted in reality Sting of Death Do the jellyfish Its really swella Stop It Youre Killing Me There are more references to sleeping with a hundred and twelve year old man than can be healthy Story of Ricky AMAZINGLY GORY Kung Fu movie The Strangeness Miners get eaten by a monster that looks like a stop motion vagina Strays A pack of killer house cats is on the loose Street Fighter Now why did I not think of casting Raul Julia as Bison Streets of Fire An incredible mix of music violence and dialog Street Trash Bums melt into puddles of goo after drinking contaminated whiskey Student Bodies Can teen sex survive The Breather and horse head bookends The Stuff Killer dessert It takes over your body but has 50 less fat Superman IV The Man of Nuclear Disarmament Super Fuzz Officer Dave Speed can run as fast as a car catch bullets with his teeth see through walls and talk to fish Supahsssuuuppaaah Super Mario Bros Frank Booth hates plumbers The Sword and the Sorcerer That sword makes me tired just looking at it Syngenor What if Enron had created mutant monsters THE LETTER T MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Tales Til the End An experimental gas is destroying civilization but these three sit around telling stories Tammy and the TRex Denise Richards stars in the touching story about a girl and her robotic dinosaur Tarantula A huge spider menaces southern Arizona Tarantulas The Deadly Cargo Because it sounds better than Phoneutria nigriventer The Deadly Cargo Tarkan vs the Vikings The Norsemen are here and theyre wearing bath rugs Teenage Catgirls in Heat Great title bad movie Teenage Caveman 1958 More like Teenage Cavelawyer Teenage Caveman 2002 This remake sucks fk Teenage Space Vampires Lord Vlathos wants to enslave the Earth by trapping every drop of sunlight in a huge diamond Terror Beneath the Sea Water cyborgs Overacting And Im GOING IN Terror of Mechagodzilla The robot monster is rebuilt better faster and stronger The Terror of Tiny Town 1938 B&W western with an all midget cast Im not joking one bit Terror on the Wind People are threatened by a giant tumbleweed TerrorVision A monster materializes out of a familys new satellite dish system Test Tube Babies Because Artificial Insemination Kids did not have the same ring to it Them Damn Zombies Zombies eat some rednecks Rednecks shoot some zombies Theres Nothing Out There Mike is the man Thriller A Cruel Picture Its an angry hooker with a sawedoff doublebarreled shotgun Run RUN Ticks Giant ticks created by herbal steroids menace a youth group Time Runner Somebody travel back and warn Mark Hamill about this movie The Tingler Scream scream for your lives The Toxic Avenger New Jerseys superhero battles evil finds love and cleans up city hall The Toxic Avenger Part II Tromas favorite mutant takes a trip to Japan Toxic Spawn Alien avocados make people explode like ripe ticks Transformers The Movie Youve got the touch Transylvania 65000 Reporters try to find out why Geena Davis is a nymphomaniac vampire The Trial of Billy Jack Now this was a bad movie Troll An evil troll is plotting to turn our world into one big fairy forest Troll II Goblins not trolls turn people into plants so they can be eaten Tromeo & Juliet Dont you remember the lesbians in the original version THE LETTER U MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Uncle Sam A soldier returns from the dead to kill people on the 4th of July The Undertaker and His Pals Just killing some people to improve business Uninvited A killer mutant cat that hides inside another cat Unknown Island Another example why malaria alcoholism and dinosaurs dont mix Unknown Origin Awful underwater ripoff of The Thing Up from the Depths Huge fish threatens a resort full of morons Urban Warriors I am firmly against nuclear war if it means people are going to make movies like this U S Seals II Even Steven Seagal thinks this films script is ridiculous USS VD Ship of Shame A 1942 DOD VD training film THE LETTER V MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Vampire Men of the Lost Planet Three different films one of them a Filipino caveman flick cobbled together Impressive very impressive Vampyres Lesbian vampires Well actually I guess theyre bisexual The Video Dead Zombies escape from a cursed television the ultimate in 3D Video Violence Why are the people of this little town so interested in gory movies Voodoo Academy Voodoo Not really Guys in whitietighties Yes THE LETTER W MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Waiting for the Giants Giants are people with mental powers and they are distrusted by most normal humans The War in Space Behold for I am a great and expansive space opera Warrior of the Lost World He is old school when superintelligent motorcycles had x86 processors War of the Robots Lady Gagas android army returns in this painfully long Italian space opera The Warrior and the Sorceress David Carradine is a holy warrior in a land of naked women Watchers Corey Haim battles government agents and a genetic monster Weasels Rip My Flesh Somebody made a mutant weasel movie I wish they hadnt Welcome to Planet Earth Aliens take a vacation to our world and practice vigilante justice Norm from Cheers is one of them The Werewolf of Washington Sweet shapechanging mother of political satire pain What Waits Below Explorers encounter perils in deep caves including a pack of deadly albinos Willie Dynamite Gordon from Sesame Street is a stylish bhslapping pimp Wild Wild Planet Mutants with four arms people dressed as butterflies and flying cars Thank goodness the 60s are over Wing Commander Video games rarely make good movies Here is another prime example Winterbeast Wow plaid The Wizard of Speed and Time A stopmotion animator must use all of the powers at his disposal Wizards After a nuclear war two wizards fight for control of the world The Wraith A Chrysler revenant exacts revenge against a racing gang THE LETTER X MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS The X from Outer Space There is a good reason most monster films dont have a star which looks like Guilala Xanadu Olivia Newton John roller skates and glowing blue people THE LETTER Y MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS Yor The Hunter from the Future A blonde caveman learns that he is the saviour of an advanced civilization THE LETTER Z MOVIE NAME RATING SYNOPSIS ZAAT Ahhhhh Catfish monster Zardoz Sean Connery everlasting hippies and a GIANT FLYING STONE HEAD Zarkorr The Invader Mediocre postal worker battles giant monster to save humanity THE BADMOVIES ORG SLIME DROP RATING SYSTEM The two main criteria are A How bad is this movie B How much fun is it to watch Rating And it means The pinnacle of bad movies this is a must see Definitely worthy of a Saturday afternoon or a late night It had redeeming qualities just like getting the clap does A bad movie This is going to hurt 3 September 2008 The rating system changed from a maximum of five slimes to a maximum of four slimes All of the reviews were adjusted Remember to be a well rounded bad movie viewer it is necessary to see the one or two slime movies even a skull now and then The Surgeon General would probably recommend that you not watch more than one skull movie per sitting This recommendation is based on extensive research by myself A friend of mine by the name of Steve developed a nervous tick from one such binge and the mention of Johnny Mnemonic sends him into convulsions It is bad I do not know about that bad but maybe it just broke the horses back Badmovies org is owned and operated by Andrew Borntreger All original content is � 1998 2014 by its respective authors Image video and audio files are used in accordance with Fair Use and are property of the film copyright holders You may freely link to any page html or php on this website but reproduction in any other form must be authorized by the copyright holder