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A Bigger Splash Reviews - Metacritic A Bigger Splash movie reviews & Metacritic score: The lives of a high profile couple, a famous rock star and a filmmaker (Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenae...

This is the official trailer for the movie Planetary – Reconnect to something bigger From 2015 httpweareplanetarycom


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Good bovik
04.10.2017 | Comment
it was interesting to find out how it ends: - *)))
03.10.2017 | Comment
The film is very, very much !! More, perhaps, just to see?
02.10.2017 | Comment
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Hillary Clinton complained about Bernie Sanders by ... Hillary Clinton complained about Bernie Sanders by relating him to 'There's Something About Mary,' a film she did not understand

Hillary Clinton complained about Bernie Sanders by relating him to 'There's Something About Mary,' a film she did not understand Sen Something Bigger Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a campaign appearance Justin SullivanGetty ImagesA leaked passage from Hillary Clintons forthcoming memoir includes a colorful complaint about debating Bernie Sanders which is great because what 2017 needs is more relitigation of the 2016 presidential primaries The complaint draws on an analogy to a scene from the 1998 film Theres Something About Mary a scene that Clinton and her advisers seem to have misunderstood She recounts the film A deranged hitchhiker says hes come up with a brilliant plan Instead of the famous eightminute abs exercise routine hes going to market sevenminute abs Its the same just quicker Then the driver played by Ben Stiller says Well why not sixminute abs Thats what it was like in policy debates with Bernie We would propose a bold infrastructure investment plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing but bigger On issue after issue it was like he kept proposing fourminute abs or even nominute abs Magic abs It may be a coincidence but I wrote a column for The New York Times in October 2015 that used this movie scene as an analogy for the Republican presidential debates Jeb Bush had proposed a 3 4 trillion unfunded tax cut which I said was the standin for sevenminute abs You will believe what happened next Donald Trump responded with essentially the same plan but bigger 11 trillion in tax cuts economic growth as high as 6 percent the biggest classiest most luxurious plan you’ve ever seen Six Minute Abs Something Bigger Mr Bush responded on Twitter saying he was flattered by the similar structure of Mr Trumps tax plan but that Mr Trump should have stuck with fiscal responsibility Like that drifter Mr Bush was insisting that his own tantalizing plan was good but if you cut one more corner youd only be fooling yourself But what exactly makes 3 4 trillion a reasonable size for a tax cut and 11 trillion irresponsible After all rockhard abs in either six minutes or seven minutes is a dubious proposition Is there reason to believe our government can handle a revenue loss of the size Mr Bush wants even if Mr Trump has gone too far The dialogue in this movie scene is funny because Harland Williams drifter who proposes to tell people they can get rockhard abs in seven minutes suddenly becomes outraged at the idea that one could do it in six The humor is in the fact that he did not have a good idea to begin with Sevenminute abs like sixminute abs is a fantasy I certainly hope this is not how Clinton viewed for example her proposal for a 12 minimum wage NOW WATCH All the nasty things inside a pimple and why you should stop popping them More From Business Insider One of the best tech upgrades Ive made to my car cost me less than 25 Here are Trumps four tax principles and why his plan wont serve them Tax reform is a trap for Trump just like healthcare