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The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission (TV Movie 1985) - IMDb During WW2, American General Worden orders Major Reisman to pick 12 soldiers from the military prison for the dangerous mission of killing a Nazi General.

In 1942 one hundred thousand Chinese expeditionary forces were defeated along Nujiang River and 50 thousand of them were killed in the border between


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Yes, some went so-so, with a beer will go))
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Only now got around to this series, from the first series, I can say - look, what will happen, we'll see)!
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Fatal Passion (1995) - IMDb An artist with a rather unusual art-style literally uses all the men she likes for her artworks. Bodies begin to pile up in abandoned alleyways and the case is handed ...

Fatal Passion (1995) - IMDb Despite selling itself as something rather cheap and exploitative there is actually a lot of heart and soul to this movie if you look beyond the dark violence and blood splatter Fatal Mission Fatal Passion is the tale of an damaged artist Rebecca BarlowLisa Comshaw who combines murder with her works in a most unique way using the bodies of her victims However she soon finds herself developing something of an attraction for a young man Adam Baxter and she must come to terms with her past as Adam tries to save her from her destructive nature and rescue her humanity What I do applaud in this movie is the understanding of the nature of modern art in a way beyond the satirical Ha ha its a car tyre and they say thats art style of most comedians What art constitutes these days is savagery aggression and violence which makes the point of the film oh yes there is one all the more poignant Rebeccas final exhibition of bloodied statues is really a lot more palpable and less unpleasant than anything Damian Hirst ever exhibited for sure But the fact that she can get away quite literally here with murder and get paid for it is all the more fascinating The more bloody and perverse her works get the more they sell Fantastic No its just modern art the cult of being unpleasant It is a notably cheap work shot for very little and visually rather sparse WriterDirector T L Lankford obviously is ashamed to have his name attached to this hence his rather savagely ironic pseudonym of Gib T Oidi an anagram of Big Idiot A little harsh perhaps What does stand out from its rather impoverished style though is the strength of the story itself which is simple pacey succinct and darkly visceral The whole thing is a gruesome parade of bloody violence and rather explicit sex scenes and yet it does all come to a refreshing point There is a lot of charisma in this tiny budgeted thriller that other acclaimed sexviolence movies like The Girl with the dragon tattoo totally lack because whilst it is rather trading on its own graphic nature things do happen for a reason Lisa Comshaw an actress from a rather steamy background herself as an adult movie star and fetish model gives an actually rather strong performance which is free of all the rubbish you get with big name stars and in the movies latter scenes she comes across as genuinely damaged and deeply sympathetic as well as incredibly menacing Fatal Mission Theres a great little shot when a pair of thugs break into her studio and beat up her brother and we see her standing in the shadows of the doorway axe in hand her dead eyes staring straight ahead Its a nicely shot moment which proves that even exploitation actresses can give as good as theyve got in the right situations As a weird counterpoint martial arts phenomenon not just a title she really is a good fighter Cynthia Rothrock appears in a relatively small part as Adams girlfriend looking stunning as always and again casting aside stereotyping by not having a single action scene in the entire movie To be honest Id be lying if I didnt think that a movie starring a female martial artist and a catfight model would have a fight scene between the two of them at some point But it doesnt And the storys all the stronger for it Lawrence Tierney the eternal tough guy plays Rebeccas manager gruffly and opaquely and really adds little but someone for Comsahw to bounce off in her scenes The surprise star of the movie though is Steve Vaughn who plays Rebeccas mentallydamaged brother Tommy a deeply sympathetic part which he gives his absolute 100 in and I really felt sorry for him as the movie went on His damaged state is further useful because it suggests that Rebecca is just as damaged only on a far deeper level and the relationship between the two of them is a nice emotional level to the film which lends it a lot of heart The use of music Beethoven in this case although not the glorious ninth as heard in Clockwork Orange is effective and rather chilling The whole thing is an example of a rare gem which seems to justify my faith in tiny zerobudget indie movies where passion commitment and ideas shine through despite a lack of resources Comshaws performance was genuinely enthralling and the confrontation scenes nearer the end were nicely written and acted by Comshaw and Norcross The ending is near perfect intellectually rewarding rather than opting for a simplistic emotional resolution It may be difficult to watch because of its graphic and rather sick content in places but this is definitely a film which deserves a watch