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Toon Trading according to Wingnut - Wingnut Toons Animalympics on DVD 1980: voices by Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner, Harry Shearer, This Animated Movie broadcasts the First Animal Olympic Games through the fictional ...

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The plain humor, unpretentious jokes. Movies to relax gyrus
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The film is woven from sadness, love and loneliness ...
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Toon Trading according to Wingnut - A. Abbott & Costello on DVD animated cartoon Bud Abbott, Stan Irwin, Don Messick, John Stephenson, Hal Smith, Mel Blanc and Janet Waldo - 1967:

Toon Trading according to Wingnut List of those Lost Cartoons and TV Shows on DVD www Laurel Hardy Premium DVD Box Set With Collector S Items wingnuttoons com Many of your favorite TV shows on DVDs This listing is in alphabetical order from AZ & include episode titles If you have been searching for that retro classic animated and long lost TV show You can find it here Most shows are from my best available master All shows distributed on a collectortocollector basis with no rights given or implied If there is a problem with a title being offered please let me know so I can remove it Please remember these shows are very unique sometimes often hard to find so quality does vary If you would like any of these titles or want any more information See Below for ordering these Fantastic Shows on DVD New titles just added recently highlighted with this symbol Around the World in 80 Days the 1972 animated series The Barkleys animated series similar to All in the Family Henry Corden Joan Gerber Julie McWirter 1972 Blazing Dragons complete series tv show turned video game created by Monty Pythons Terry Jones 1996 Cartoon Alley from TCM features host Ben Mankiewicz bringing back those classic cartoons 2005 Chilly Willy that cute little penguin from the Woody Woodpecker Show with Daws Butler 19541972 CLIFFHANGERS 3 separate serial format shows one w Susan Anton from NBC back in 1979 DoDo The Kid From Outer Space episodes from the 19651970 series Doctor Dolittle the 1970 animated series with Lenny Weinrib Flintstones Comedy Hour with the musical group The Bedrock Rockers 1972 Emergency 4 animated series based on L A Countys Fire Depts Engine 51 John Gage & Roy DeSoto 1973 Goof Troop complete series all 78 episodes plus the Christmas Special 1992 The Houndcats animated similar to a western style Mission Impossible Michael Bell Daws Butler Joe Besser 1972 Hulk Hogans Rock n Wrestling animated series from 1985 features original wrestling icon voices Its the Wolf all 25 complete episodes from 1969 features Paul Lynde Daws Butler and Allan Melvin James at 15 plus 2nd season James at 16 Lance Kerwins live action drama series and featuring Kim Richards The Adventures of Jonny Quest The Uncut Unedited Unaltered Uncencensored Series19641965 Krypto the Superdog Supermans dog complete series 1972 The Little Rascals animated series with Spanky Alfalfa Darla Buckwheat Porky Butch Woim& Pete the Pup 1982 Monster Cereals Commercial w Count Chocula Frankenberry Boo Berry Fruit Brute even Yummy Mummy Disneys Mouse Factoy plus many Wonderful World of Disney weekly specials My Favorite Martians animated tv series based on the hit show w Johnathan Harris and Howard Morris 1973 Mystery Island 16 part serial format live action show originally airred with the Skatebirds with P O P S the robot 1977 RAMBO the animated series 1986 all 65 episodes Richie Rich The unreleased lost episodes Seasons 234 complete your set 19801984 The Amazing SPIDERMAN live action show w Nicholas Hammond complete series includes 90 minute pilot 1977 The Smurfs 19811989 with Seasons 123456 and their original TV Specials The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show MGM for Filmation 1980 series The Thing Ben Grimm uses his magic rings to transform into the rocky superhero1979 series Undercover Elephant with Shake Rattle & Roll plus Heyyy Its the King 1977 The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty 1975 Howard Morris as Waldo Jane Webb as Felcia and Allan Melvin as Tyrone You Cant Do That on Television Canadian live action sketch comedy originally broadcast on Nickleodeon 1982 Feel free to email me anytime to let me know if you would like any of these titles email me at ronnwingnuttoons com A Abbott & Costello on DVD animated cartoon Bud Abbott Stan Irwin Don Messick John Stephenson Hal Smith Mel Blanc and Janet Waldo 1967 Vol 1 Germ Squirm Fish Hooked Wizardland Cherokee Choo Choo Pinocchios Double Trouble Teenie Weenie Genie Son Of Konk The Indestructible Space Suit The Bouncing Rubberman Pigskin Pickle Two on the Isle The Moleman Mine Lashed But Not Leashed ShooShoes Teensy Weensys Tragic Magic Carnival of Menace Two Musketeers Sinister Stinger Desert Danger Pearl Diving Perils Vol 2 No Place Like Rome Sinister Professor Sinister Starlight Starfright Trigger Tricks Wacky Wax Work Picture Frame Up Kooks and Spooks Monster Muddled Astro Nuttys A Goose Misuse Professor Uncles Ants Marauding Mummy Gone Ghosts Frigid Fugitive Weird Neighbor Dog Gone Dog There Auto be a Law The Smoke Monster ABC Weekend Specials on DVD 19781986 Vol 1 The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy The Puppys Great Adventure The Puppys Amazing Rescue The Puppy Saves the Circus Vol 2 The Pinballs 1977 with Kristy McNichol & Spark Marcus Me & Dads New Wife 1979 with Kristy McNichol & Lance Kerwin Vol 3 The Red Room Riddle 1983 Haunted Mansion Mystery 1983 with Christian Slater My Dear Uncle Sherlock 1977 with Robbie Rist Vol 4 The Trouble with Miss Switch 1980 Miss Switch to the Rescue 1982 Bunnicula 1982 Ace Ventura Pet Detective on DVD animated series voiced by Michael Daingerfield 1995 Vol 1 The Reindeer Hunter Bowling for Bear Pet Food The Parrot Who Knew Too Much Vol 2 French Dip Natural Born Koalas The Hounds of DUbervilles Rememberence of Trunks Past Vol 3 Night of the Gorilla Day of the Groundhog The Gator Gal The Bull Market Vol 4 PandaMonium Snow Job Salmon Rush Hour The Search for Spike Vol 5 The Milky Way The Golden Kitten Thunderballrighty Then Dragon Guy Vol 6 Bad Hare Day Howl of the Weremouse Bald Courage Have Mask Will Travel Vol 7 Witchs Brew Bird is the Word Dino Mite Ace in Space Vol 8 Get Piggy Ace Off Shell Shock Beware the Fly Vol 9 Ace in Time Putt Detective Exor Kitty Ace of the Jungle Vol 10 Cyber Ace Circus Ace The Cat Who Paints Addams Family on DVD complete animated series featuring voices by John Astin Rip Taylor Carol Channing and Dick Beals 19921993 Vol 1 Happy Ester Fester Dead and Breakfast The Day Gomez Failed Girlfriendstein Pugsley By the Numbers N J Addams Vol 2 A Thing is Born Choke and Dagger Festers Diary Sir Pugsley Festerman Art to Art Puttergeist F T V Itts Over Vol 3 Hide and Go Lurch Hook Line and Stinker A Sword Fighting Thing Addams Family P T A Little Big Thing Little Bad Riding Hood Metamorphosister Color Me Addams No Ifs Ands or Butlers Vol 4 Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk Festerman Returns Hand Delivered Sweetheart of a Brother Double O Honeymoon Then Came Granny Pet Show Thing Fester Sings the Fester Way Camp Addams Little Doll Lost King of the Polycotton Blues A Girl and a Ghoul A Little Bit of Pugsley Ask Granny Alf Tales on DVD Alien Life Form from Melmac 19871990 Vol 1 John Henry Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places Three Little Piggs Slugs of Wrath Elves & the Shoemaker Vol 2 Alice in Wonderland House Sitting for Pokipsi Aladdin Brothers & their Lamp Thank Gordon for Little Girls Princess & the Pea Vol 3 Goldilocks & the Three Bears Emperors New Clothes Little Red Riding Hood Rumplestilskin Pismo & the Orbit Gyro Vol 4 Phantom Pilot Hair Today Bald Tomorrow Two for Brig Gordon Ships Out Birdman of Melmac Vol 5 Peter Pan Hansel and Gretel Bone Losers Skippers Got a Brand New Dad Hooray for Mellywood Alice in Wonderland on DVD or Whats a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This 1966 Hanna Barberas musical version of this Lewis Carrol classic Alice follows her dog Fluff into Wonderland where they meet up with the Cheshire Cat Sammy Davis Jr Hedda Hatter Jose Jimenaz Bill Dana Queen of Hearts Zsa Zsa Gabor & even Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble as the two headed Caterpillar If you would like the Original Soundtrack with TV cast plus Scatman Crothers as the Cheshire Cat on CD Click Hereplease visit my Saturday Morning TV Music on CD web page The Alvin Show on DVD with The Chipmunks Alvin Simon Theodore plus David Seville Clyde Crashcup 19611962 Vol 1 Stanley the Eagle Sam Valiant Squares Ostrich Good Neighbor Family Alvins Alter Ego Vol 2 Sam Valiant Real Estate Camping Trip Overworked Alvin Dude Ranch Jungle Rhythm Bentley Van Rolls Hillbilly Son Vol 3 Alvins Curse Lovesick Dave Eagle in Love Theodores Dog Good Manners Haunted House Alvins Studio Vol 4 The Whistler Sir Alvin Disc Jokey Little League Eagle Music Singalongs If you would like the Original Soundtrack on CD from the LP Record The Alvin Show Click Hereplease visit my Saturday Morning TV Music on CD web page Amazing Chan & the Chan Clan on DVD 1972 Vol 1 To Catch a Pitcher The Phantom Sea Chief The Gypsy Caper The Mardi Gras Caper Captain Kidds Doubloons Vol 2 The Greek Caper The Great Illusion Caper The Fat Lady Caper The Bronze Idol Double Trouble Vol 3 Scotland Yard Eye of the Idol Crown Jewel Caper Mummys Tomb Will Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up White Elephant If you would like the Original Soundtrack on CD from the TV Show The Amazing Chan and teh Chan Clan Click Hereplease visit my Saturday Morning TV Music on CD web page for The Amazing Chan Clan on CD The Angry Beavers on DVD with Daggett and Norbert Beaver 19972001 Vol 1 Born to Be Beavers Up All Night A Dam To Far Long In the Teeth Gift Hoarse Go Beavers Box Top Beavers Salmon Sez Beach Beavers A Go Go Deranged Ranger Muscular Beaver Fish N Dips Enter the Daggettt Bug A Boo Mission to the Big Hot Thingy I dare You Stinky Toe House Broken Fancy Prance H 2 Whoa The Bing That Wouldnt Leave You Promised Bummer Of Love Food of the Clods Trees Company Guess Whos Stumping to Dinner Vol 2 Beaver Fever Same Time Last Week Kandid Kreatures Fakin It Muscular Beaver 2 Stump Looks For His Roots Tree of Hearts Dag For Night un Barry ble Another One Bites the Musk The Mighty KnotHead Pond Scum Friends Romans Beavers Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy Lumberjacks Delight Zooing Time Utter Nonsense Endangered Species The Day the World Got Really Screwed Up Open Wide for Zombies Dumb Waiters Sans a Pelt Gonna Getcha If You In Sisters Alley Oops Vol 3 My BunnyGuard Whats Eating You Omega Beaver Bite This Spooky Spoots Up All Night II Up All Day The Reckoning Muscular Beaver 3 Sang em high In Search of Big ByooTox Moronathon Man The Legend of Kid Friendly Silent But Deadly Tough Love A Little Dadll Do You Pass It On Stumps Family Reunion Muscular Beaver 4 Act Your Age Too Loose Latrine Pack Your Dags Daggy Dearest Dags List Mistaken Identity Easy Peasy Rider Stare and Stare Alike I am Not an Animal I am a Scientist 1 Vol 4 Daggetto Norberto en El Grapadra The Loogie Hawk Kreature Komforts Oh Brother Das Spoot Sqotters Long Tall Daggy Practical Jerks Shell or High Water Dagski and Norb Nice and Lonely Soccer I hardly Knew Him Brothers to the End Euro Beavers Slap Happy Home Loners Ugly Roomers Finger Lickin Goofs Strange Allure Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow Vol 5 Chocolate Up to Experience Three Dag Night Fat Chance Dag in the Mirror Canucks Amuck Yak in the Sack Big Fun Driving Misses Daggett Moby Dopes Present Tense Its a Spootful Life The Mom From U N C L E House Sitters Vol 6 Muscular Beaver 5 Vantastic Voyage Blacktop Beavers Specs Appeal Things That Go Hook in the Night Damnesia The PoseiDam Adventure The Big Frog Dag ConCarny All in the Colony Line Duncing Beaver Master Deck Poops Animalympics on DVD 1980 voices by Billy Crystal Gilda Radner Harry Shearer This Animated Movie broadcasts the First Animal Olympic Games through the fictional ZOO television network The Games are a combination of both Summer and Winter Olympic events The Complete Arabian Knights Arabian Knights on DVD 1967 the Complete 18 shows on two seperate tapes Vol 1 Joining of the Knights Coronation of Bakkar The Ransom A Trap for Turan The Great Gold Robbery The Wizard Ramnizar Sky Raiders of the Desert The Challenge Isle of Treachery Vol 2 The Sultans Plot The Reluctant Empress The Great Brass Beast The Fabulous Fair The Desert Pirates The Jewels of Joowar Royal Visitor The Spy The Prisoner Archie Show on DVD 1969 If you would like the Archies music please visit my Saturday Morning TV Music on CD web page for the Archies music on DVD U S of Archie on DVD 1974 History lessons hiding in disguise as Archie episodes Vol 1 The Underground Railroad Gold The Day of the Ladies The Star Spangled Banner Vol 2 The Wright Brothers The Rough Rider The Golden Spike The Flame of Freedom Vol 3 There She Blows Stay Not These Men Mr Watson Come Here Vol 4 The Crime of Ignorance The Great Divide Fultons Folly Wizard of Menlo Park Around the World in 79 Days on DVD all 17 episodes which aired originally on the Cattanooga Cats Show 1969 Vol 1 The Race is On Swiss MisAdventure Arabian Daze Madrid or Busted Mr BomBom India or Bust Snow Slappy Finney Finney Fun Fun The Argentiny Meany Vol 2 The Tree Man Saucy Aussie Crumdens Last Stand Egyptian Jinx Border Disorder Troubles in Dutch The Fiji Weegee Hawaiian Hangup Around the World in 80 Days on DVD Complete set of all 16 episodes wPhileas Fogg Jean Passepartout Belinda and Lord Maze 1972 Vol 1 London Paris Switzerland Rome Naples Pompei Mediterranean Sea Greece Egypt Vol 2 Sinai Gaza Persia India China Japan California Louisiana Astronut on DVD from Terrytoons 22 Animated shorts which aired originally on the Deputy Dawg Show 1964 Vol 1 Brother from Outer Space Oscars Moving Day The Kisser Plant Outer Galaxy Gazette Molecular MixUp Hokey Home Movies Weather Magic The Skys the Limit Gems from Gemini Martian Moochers Oscars Thinking Cap The Invisibeam Haunted House Cleaning The Proton Pulsator Oscars Birthday Present Twinkle Twinkle Little Telestar Robots in Toyland Jolly Jupiter No Space Like Home Martian Recipe Balloon Snatcher The Hungry Astronut Atom Ant on DVD 1965 Vol 1 Up in the Air Squares Rock a Bye Boo Boo Up & Atom Ferocious Flea Rambling Robot Gem a GoGo Mistaken Identity Pteraducktyl Soup Dragon Master Dina Sore Knight Fight Termighty Mean How Now Bow Wow Vol 2 Nobodys Fool Mouse Rouser Crankenshafts Monster Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant Amusement Park Amazement Fastest Ant in the West Bully For Atom Ant Wild Wild Ants Nine Strikes Youre Out Go West Young Ant Killer Diller Gorilla Big Gimmick Super Blooper Auggie Doggie & Doggie Daddy on DVD 1959 Vol 1 Lets Duck Out Big Top Pop Its A Mice Day Hum Sweet Hum High and Flighty Fuss n Feathers Ape to Z Bud Brothers Yuk Yuk Duck Whatever Goes Pup Pops Nature Pup Playmate Pup Gone to the Ducks Treasure Jest Talk it up Pup Peck O Trouble Vol 2 Pipsqueak Pup Pint Giant Patient Pop Party Pooper Pop The Party Lion Nag Nag Nag The MusketTears Million Dollar Robbery In the Picnic of Time Horse Fathers Hand to Mouse Tee Vee or Not Tee Veee Growing Growing Gone Good Mouse Keeping Vacation Tripped Vol 3 WatchDog Augie Fox Hound Hounded Fox Its a Worm Day Fan Clubbed Dough Nutty Crow Cronies Swats the Matter Snagglepuss Skunk You Very Much RoButler Mars Little Precious Little Wonder Pup Plays Pop Cat Happy Pappy B Baby Huey on DVD all appearances from the Paramount Famous Harveytoons Noveltoons films 19491958 Vol 1 Quack a Doodle Doo One Quack Mind Party Smarty Scout Fellow Clown on the Farm Starting from Hatch Hueys Ducky Daddy Git Along Lil Duckie Swab the Duck Pest Pupil Jumping with Toy Hueys Fathers Day plus other Harvey Toons wLittle Audrey Buzzy Herman & Catnip & Little Lulu Baggy Pants and the Nitwits on DVD animated LaughInn spoof with Arte Johson & Ruth Buzzi as Tyrone & Gladys1977 Vol 1 Lost Dog Hopeless Diamond Caper Electric Girlfriend Mercury Mike and His Jet Bike Circus Circus Evil Father Nature Moving Man Dynamic Energy Monster A Lads Lamp The Bulk Vol 2 Horse Laff Chicken Lady Beach Fun Ratman The Frog The Hole Thing A Pressing Job False Face Filbert Bone of Contention Chicken Ladys Revenge Shaghied Doctor Sy Klops Baileys Comets on DVD DePatieFreleng Roller Skating Teams compete for Clues for the Million Dollar Prize Don Messick Kathy Gori Carl Esser Frank Welker 1973 Vol 1 Skateroo to the Carlsbad Clue To Win or Toulose Raja and Out Ghost of a Clue Amazon Jungle Bungle Trans Turkey Foul Up Transylvania Mad Transit Philippine Slip Flop Lochness Mess Gold Fever Goof Up Banana Splits on DVD 1967 with Arabian Knights AK Danger Island DI Three Musketeers 3M Gulliver Huck Finn Micro Venture Vol 1 AK Joining of the Knights song Your the Lovin End DI pt 1 3M Littlest Musketeer song Soul DI pt 2 AK Ransom song Doin the Banana Split DI pt 3 3M Jewel of India song Our Little Show DI pt 4 AK A Trap for Turan song Its a Good Day for a Parade DI pt 5 Vol 2 3M A Letter of Peril song Im Gonna Find a Cave DI pt 6 AK The Great Gold Robbery song Adam Had Em DI pt 7 3M The Ring song The Very First Kid On My Block DI pt 8 AK The Wizard Ramnizar song The Beautiful Calliopa DI pt 9 3M The Plot of the Puppet Master song dance with the Sour Grapes Doin the Banana Split DI pt 10 Vol 3 AK Sky Raiders of the Desert song Wait Till Tomorrow DI pt 11 3M Moorish Gallery song Id Be a Millionaire DI pt 12 AK Challenge song I Enjoy Being a Boy DI pt 13 3M True King DI pt 14 AK Isle of Treachery song Wait Till Tomorrow DI pt 15 Vol 4 vThe Pirate Adventure song The Beautiful Calliopa DI pt 16 The Dilly Sisters AK The Sultans Plot song This Spot DI pt 17 v The Evil Falconeer song Adam Had Em DI pt 18 AK The Reluctant Empress song Were the Banana Splits DI pt 19 3M The Mysterious Message Micro Ventures The Dangerous Desert DI pt 20 Vol 5 Sour Grapes wSheri AK Coronation of Bakkar song Im Gonna Find a Cave DI pt 21 3M The Challenge for the Crown DI pt 22 song The Beautiful Callipola slow version AK The Great Brass Beast song Toy Piano Melody DI pt 23 3M The Red Duke DI pt24 Micro VenturesExploring an Ant Colony AK Fabulous Fair DI pt 25 song Place for the Music to Come out Vol 6 Dilly Sisters 3M The Outlaw Archer song by Dilly Sisters DI pt 26 song Banana Splits Fan Club AK The Desert Pirates song Were the Banana Splits DI pt 27 3M Toolys Dream DI pt 28 Micro Ventures Backyard Jungle AK The Jewels of Joowar song Our Little Song You know it will go on DI pt 29 3M Haunted Castle song You Had Your Chance v pt 30 Vol 7 AK Royal Visitor song Thats the Pretty Part of You v pt 31 3M Toolys Surprise v pt 32 Micro VenturesThe Tiny Sea AK The Spy Big Splits Race v pt 33 song Two Ton Tessie short version 3M A Fair Day for Tooly v pt34 Two Ton Tessie AK The Prisoner v pt 35 Im Gonna find a Cave Vol 8 3M Toolys Treasure Hunt song Toy Piano Medley the final episode of DI pt 36 & also Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie first appeared on November 251972 Space Kiddettes Hillbilly Bears & Precious Pupp Vol 9 The Banana Splits introduce The Adventures of Gulliver Dangerous Journey The Dark Sleep plus the New Adventures of Huck Finn Both Live Action & Animation Curse of Thut Pirate Island Castle of Evil Vol 10 The Banana Splits introduce The Adventures of Gulliver The Valley of Time Forbidden Fool The Capture The Tiny Vikings Vol 11 The Banana Splits introduce The New Adventures of Huck Finn The Magic of Shillalah The Terrible Tempered Khaleef The Son of the Son The Mission of Captain Mordecai Click Hereplease visit my Saturday Morning TV Music on CD web pagfor the Banana Splits music on CD The Complete Danger Island Danger Island on DVD 1967 the Complete 36 episode show on 2 Discs in their correct running order Vol 1 Episodes 1 through 18 plus bonus Banana Split music videos of Were the Banana Splits Wait Till Tomorrow I Enjoy Being a Boy & othersVol 2 Episodes 19 through 36 plus bonus Banana Split music videos of Doin the Banana Split Pretty Part of You Im Gonna Find a Cave & others The Barkleys on DVD DepatieFreleng w voices by Henry Corden Joan Gerber Julie McWhirter Gene Mandrusco Steve Lewis 1972 Vol 1 Match Breaker Finders Weepers Live and Let Lib Half Pint Hero No Place For a Lady For the Love of Money Vol 2 Keeping Up with the Beagles Playing No Favorites Law and Misorder The Great Disc Jockey Barkley Beware Arnie Come Clean The Talent Agency Caper Barney Bear on DVD MGM complete set on 2 Discs 1939 Vol 1 Polar Pest Little Wise Quacker Barneys Hungry Cousin The Bear & the Bean The Flying Bear Sleepy Time Squirrel Cobbs & Robbers The Bear that Couldnt Sleep Wee Willie Wildcat Impossible Possum The Bear & the Hare Half Pint Palomino Heir Bear Vol 2 Busy Body Bear Unwelcome Guest Bird Brain Bird Dog Uninvited Pest Rookie Bear Fishing Bear Wild Honey or How to Get Along without a Ration Book Bah Wilderness Bear Raid Warden Goggle Fishing Bear Prospecting Bear Victory Garden Bear & the Beavers Batman on DVD animated series Filmation 1968 Vol 1 My Crime is Your Crime A Bird Out of Hand Cool Cruel Mr Freeze Jokes On Robin How Many Herring in a Wheel Barrow In Again Out Again Penguin Nine Lives of Batman Long John Joker Bubi Bubi Whos Got the Ruby 1001 Faces of the Riddler Big Birthday Caper Two Penguins Too Many Vol 2 Partner in Peril Underworld Underground Hizzioner the Joker Freezes Frozen Vikings Crime Computer Great Scarecrow Scare Game of Cat and Mouse Beware of the Living Dolls Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up He Who Swipes the Ice Goes to the Cooler Simon the Pie Man A Mad Mad Tea Party Vol 3 From Catwoman with Love Perilous Playthings A Perfidious Pieman is Simon Cool Cruel Christmas Caper Fiendish Fridgid Fraud Enter the Judge Jigsaw Jeopardy Wrath of the Riddler It Takes Two to Make a Team Opera Buffa Batman on DVD LIVE ACTION with Adam West & Burt Ward 19661968 the specials Vol 1 Biography Channel Batman Special on the campest television series of the 60s Caped Crusaders Batman and Robin taking on Gotham Citys evil villains Adam West Burt Ward and Julie Newmar reveal whats inside the Batcave also conatains The Encore Channel special called Starring Adam West is sure to have made an impression But few people know the man behind the mask Documentary filmmaker James Tooley spent 3 years following the legendary actor meeting his legions of fans and trying to understand what keeps the 85 year old actor as passionate as ever A fan supported quest to recognize the beloved actor with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame plus a Johnny Bravo cartoon Johhny Bravo meets Adam West TVs Adam West joins Johhny to find his Kidnapped Mama Vol 2 The Misadventures of Adam and Burt Return to the Batcave This New television movie reunites Batman series stars Adam West and Burt Ward in a comedy adventure where they stumble upon a diabolical plot to steal the original Batmobile from a charirity benefit While trying to unravel the details and find the car West and Ward flashback to the tumultuous times of their 1960s television series to reveal a bizarre behind teh scenes story of teh creation of a televisioon classicfrom their on the set explosions to their wild real life encounters with fans plus Lookwell was a television pilot written and produced by Conan OBrien and Robert Smigel It starred Adam West as a washedup TV action hero who at the peak of his career was ceremoniously deputized by local law enforcement who falsely believes he can solve crimes in real life His student Jason becomes his sidekick and is played by Todd Field The pilot was broadcast on NBC in July 1991 Bay City Rollers on DVD Leslie McKeown Pat McGlynn Stuart Woody Wood Eric Faulkner and Derek Longmuir 19751977 Vol 1 ShangALang Show featuring the songs ShangALang When Will You and me Love Like You Be Mine Give a Little Love Take a Little Love Summer Love Sensation Love in the Sun Bye Bye Baby Sweet Cheatin Rita Saturday Night Lucky Man All Of Me Lovers All of You Boy Meets Girl Angel Baby Three Steps To Heaven My Teenage heart I Can Do It La Belle Jeane Thanks for the Memory Keep On Dancin VH1 8 Track Flashback videos of I Only Wanna Be With You Money Honey and Saturday Night Japan Tour 1976 featuring Rock N Roller Rock N Roll Love Letter Lets Have a Party Yesterdays Hero I Only Wanna Be With You Saturday Night plus an episode of The Krofft Superstar Hour The Beatles on DVD cartoons King Features 1965 Vol 1 A Hard Days Night I Want To Hold Your Hand Do You Want To Know a Secret If I Fell Please Mr Postman Devil in Her Heart Not a Second Time Slow Down Babys In Black Misery Vol 2 Youve Really Got a Hold on Me Chains Ill Get You Honey Dont Anytime At All Twist and Shout Little Child Ill Be Back Long Tall Sally Ill Cry Instead Vol 3 Ill Follow the Sun When I Get Home Everybodys Trying to Be I Should Have Known Better Im a Loser I Wanna Be Your Man Dont Bother Me No Reply Im Happy Just to Mister Moonlight Vol 4 Cant Be Me Love It Wont Be Long Anna I Dont Want To Spoil the Party Matchbox Thank You Girl With Love from Me to You Boys Dizzy Miss Lizzy I Saw Her Standing There Vol 5 What Youre Doing Money Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand She Loves You Bad Boy Tell Me Why I Feel Fine Hold Me Tight Please Please Me Theres a Place Vol 6 Roll Over Beethoven Rock and Roll Music Eight Days a Week Im Looking Through You Help We Can Work it Out Im Down Run For Your Life Drive My Car Tell Me What You See Vol 7 I Call Your Name The Word All My Loving Day Tripper Nowhere Man Paperback Writer Penny Lane Strawberry Fields Forever And Your Bird Can Sing Got To Get You Into My Life Vol 8 Good Day Sunshine Ticket to Ride Taxman Eleanor Rigby Tomorrow Never Knows Ive Just Seen a Face Wait Im Only Sleeping Beethoven on DVD animated cartoons with voices by Dean Jones Tress MacNeille Nicholle Tom JD Daniels & Kathie Soucie 19941995 Vol 1 Good Old George The Pound Dog Dreams The Good the Bad and the Poodle The Guard Dog Mr Hugsss Wild Ride The Experiment The Incredibly Pointless Journey Vol 2 Cat Fight The Kindergaten Caper The Gopher Who Would Be King Pet Psychiatrist Cyrano De Beethoven The Mailman Cometh A Cat Named Rover The Dog Must Diet The Mighty Cone Dog Car Trouble Vol 3 Puppy Time The Morning Paper TheBig Ones Fleas Scent Of A Mutt Down On The Farm Trash Island The Long Weekend Beetlejuice on DVD cartoons 19891991 Vol 1 The Big Face Off Skeletons In the Closet A Dandy Handy Man Out Of My Mind Stage Fright Spooky Tree Vol 2 Laugh Of the Party Worm Welcome Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice Campfire Ghouls Pest O the West Bizarre Bazaar Pat On the Back Vol 3 Poopsie Its the Pits Prince Of the Neitherworld Quit While Youre A Head Cousin B J Beetlejuices Parents Vol 4 Dragster of Doom Scare and Scare Alike Spooky Bootique Driven Crazy Scummer Vacation Bewitched Bothered & Beetlejuiced Dr Beetle & Mr Juice Running Scared The Really Odd Couple AHa Uncle B J s Roadhouse Scarecrow The Son Dad Never Had Vol 5 Moms Best Friend BacktoSchool Ghoul Doomies Romance Ghost To Ghost Spitting Image Awards To the Wise The Prince Of Rock and Roll A Ghoul and His Money Brides Of Funkenstein Beetledude The Farmer In the Smell Vol 6 Youre History Raging Skull Sore Feet Fast Food Queasy Rider How Green Is My Gallery Keeping Up With the Boneses Pranks For the Memories Caddy Shock Vol 7 Two Heads Are Better Than One Beauty and the Beetle Creepy Cookies Poe Pourri Ears Looking At You Beetlebones SmellaThon The Miss BeautyJuice Pageant Vol 8 Sappiest Place On Earth Brinkadoom Foreign Exchange Family Scarelooms Them Bones Them Bones Them Funny Bones Hotel Hello Goody Two Shoes Vidiots Vol 9 Ship Of Ghouls Poultrygeist Its a Wonderful Afterlife Ghost Writer In the Sky Cabin Fever HighsGhoul Confidential Rotten Sports Mr Beetlejuice Goes To Town Vol 10 Time Flies To Beetle Or Not To Beetle A Star Is Bored Oh Brother Snugglejuice In the Schticks Recipe For Disaster Substitute Creature Vol 11 Ghoul Of My Dreams Prairie Strife Moby Richard The Unnatural Forget Me Nuts The Birdbrain Of Alcatraz Generally Hysterical Hospital Super Zeroes Vol 12 Beetlegeezer A Very Grimm Fairy Tale Wizard Of Ooze What Makes BJ Run The Chromozone Its a Big Big Big Big Ape The Neitherworlds Least Wanted Dont Beetlejuice and Drive Vol 13 Robbin Juice Of Sherweird Forest Midnight Scum Gold Rush Fever Relatively Pesty King BJ Catmandu Got Your Tongue Journey To the Centre Of the Neitherworld Not So Peaceful Pines Bigfoot and Wildboy on DVD LIVE ACTION Sid & Marty Krofft 1977 Vol 1 Outlaw Bigfoot Eye of the Mummy Birth of the Titan plus E True Hollywood Story of Sid and Marty Krofft with Jack Wild Lenny Weinrib and others Vol 2 The Space Prisoner The Secret Invasion The Black Box White Wolf UFO Bill & Teds Excellent Adventures on DVD animated voices by Keanu Reeves Alex Winter George Carlin Evan Richards Christopher Kennedy 1990 Vol 1 One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure To Go Birth of Rock & Roll or Too Hip for the Womb A Most Excellent Roman Holiday Model T for Ted More Heinous They Are The Harder They Fall Vol 2 Birds of a Feather Stick to the Roof of Your Mouth A Black Knight in San Dimas Pocket Watch Full of Miracles This Babe Ruth Babe Is a Dude Dude Vol 3 When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History Never The Twain Shall Meet A Job A Job My Kingdom for A Job A Grimm Story of an Overdue Book Vol 4 Now Museum Now You Dont The Totally Gross Anatomy of a Gym Teac