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HOURGLASS coming soon Written Directed and Produced By Luis Hindman Starring Laura Emilie Hancock Alex Roseman Tom McCrorie Winston Ellis Lee


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I liked druzyam already threw link. But most certainly not for everybody.
08.10.2017 | Comment
Not bad
07.10.2017 | Comment
Great movie all the advice!)
06.10.2017 | Comment
ABOUT! This is a great comedy! Enjoy viewing and will advise all friends!
05.10.2017 | Comment
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Hourglass - Ten Random Facts Hourglass… One of a boat captain’s saviours. ‘Hourglasses’ are also known as ‘sandglasses’, ‘sand timers’, ‘egg timers’, ‘sand watches’ and ...

Hourglass - Ten Random Facts   By Cris Inventions Hourglass One of a boat captain’s saviours Hourglass ‘Hourglasses’ are also known as ‘sandglasses’ ‘sand timers’ ‘egg timers’ ‘sand watches’ and ‘sand clocks’ Hourglasses are usually made from blown glass that has a bulb at each end joined by a ‘neck’ that is housed in a frame enabling it to stand vertically while the bulbs contain many fine grains which drop from one bulb to another through the neck Hourglasses are used for time measurement from minutes to hours and even a year and when the top bulb is empty time is up The time an hourglass measures can be altered by changing the grain type the grain amount size of the bulb size of the neck and the quality of the grains Hourglasses were most likely invented in Medieval Europe possibly in the 700s by Luitprand a monk in France although evidence of the invention is not depicted until 1338 Hourglasses replaced waterclocks as they did not spill in sudden movements or evaporate condensate or freeze at certain temperatures like the waterclocks clepsydra were prone to do Hourglasses were favoured on ships due to their ability to keep accurate time despite the rocking of the vessel and churches and households for timing of events and cooking respectively The first versions of hourglasses had bulbs that did not attach with a neck but instead were joined together by cord and wax Hourglasses in the modern era are more commonly used for decorative purposes or timing something such as cooking eggs or tasks in a board game that do not need exact time measurements Hourglass ‘sand’ is often not real sand but rock dust marble dust silica or fine glass beads and the grains flow better when they are completely round so angular grains are avoided Hourglass BibliographyA History of the Hourglass n d Online Clock net httpblog onlineclock nethistoryofthehourglass Hourglass 2013 Wikipedia httpen wikipedia orgwikiHourglass Amazon       Tagged Facts Invention Tool Bookmark the permalink