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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ray: Skynet Edition Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ray (Skynet Edition) (1991): Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong. The Terminator returns in this ...

The Maximum Movie Mode BluRayDVD Trailer of Terminator Salvation Includes part of the deleted scene of Kyle finding Sarahs photo after burying Marcus


Get movie: Terminator Salvation Director S Cut 2 Disc Special Edition

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ray: Skynet Edition Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ray (Skynet Edition) (1991): Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong. The Terminator returns in this ...

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ray: Skynet Edition Deals        Reviews     Releases         Top lists       Database        Community      By genre   60183  48058  13835  9261  6573  45264  10026  3249  29604  6136  7393  71875  7956  2109  18555  28322  1809  13496  2514  8895  1747  23894  1300  5456  3584  14466  5866  17733  2126  868  11660  5035  24522  31763  754  4360  7630  2398  5199  50683  8476  3894 By studio               About    Skynet Edition Lionsgate Films 1991 1 Movie 3 Cuts 156 min Rated R May 19 2009 Large Front Back Slip Add to collection Set price tracking Become a fan VideoCodec VC1 19 Terminator Salvation Director S Cut 2 Disc Special Edition 27 MbpsResolution 1080pAspect ratio 2 351Original aspect ratio 2 391 Audio English DTSHD Master Audio 5 1 ES MatrixEnglish Dolby Digital 5 1 EXFrench Dolby Digital 2 0English Dolby Digital Headphone 2 0English TheaterVision 5 1 English DTSHD Master Audio 5 1 ES MatrixEnglish Dolby Digital 5 1 EXFrench Dolby Digital 2 0English Dolby Digital Headphone 2 0English TheaterVision 5 1less SubtitlesEnglish English SDH French Spanish English English SDH French Spanish less DiscsBluray DiscSingle disc 1 BD50Bonus View PiPBDLiveDBox PackagingSlipcover in original pressingEmbossed print PlaybackRegion A locked PriceList price 9 99   Amazon 9 99New from 6 00 Save 40Fulfilled by Amazon PriceBuy on Movie rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 2052 ratings My rating 0 Delete Bluray reviewMovie 4 5 Video 4 0 Audio 4 5 Extras 3 5 Overall 5 0 5 4 0 100popularity 12422collections 610fans Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bluray Review T2 arrives on home video again Reviewed by Martin Liebman May 10 2009 This is gonna blow em all away In the entire history of motion pictures few if any sequels hold as many distinctions as James Camerons Terminator 2 Judgment Day Perhaps the biggest followup ever to a modestlybudget film T2 arrived in theaters on July 3 1991 to intense scrutiny incredible hype and colossal expectations The film aced its many tests delivering a perfectlybalanced story groundbreaking special effects and wonderful performances all the while adding to the lore of the Terminator universe established in the first film without sacrificing its integrity By 1991 The Terminator had become a fan favorite not to mention the film that would mark the beginning of a string of megahits helmed by Director James Cameron that would carry him to nearly unparalleled heights as one of the industrys leading and most bankable directors Still it was 1991s Terminator 2 that would solidify his career and pave the way for his effort on Titanic the film that would sink all boxoffice records still holding that distinction more than a decade after its theatrical release Of all the films in his repertoire though T2 may be the most important Though not his highest grossing film or perhaps even his best rivaled by 1986s Aliens and the original The Terminator Camerons T2 will always be remembered as a film that redefined the summer movie experience by delivering dazzling and innovative special effects an intenselypaced and incredibly smart story and featuring Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator in his careerdefining role Buy this movie again if you want to live In the future machine wages war against man Controlled by a powerful supercomputer called SkyNet a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 or T800 Terminator Schwarzenegger was sent back in time to the year 1984 to eliminate Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton the mother of the future leader of the human resistance John Connor That Terminator having failed SkyNet again sends a Terminator back in time this one a more advanced model known as a T1000 Robert Patrick Bridge to Terabithia to kill John Edward Furlong American History X while still a young boy The resistance is again able to send a warrior to protect its leader in the past this time a reprogrammed T800 model the same formidable machine SkyNet sent in 1984 but this time outmatched by the T1000 a machine capable of morphing itself into most any organic matter of similar size manipulating its structure to form crude stabbing and blunt weapons and virtually instant regeneration from injury With Sarah John and the T800 on the run from the seemingly unstoppable force the decision is made to not hide from the future but to confront it directly in hopes of preventing the rise of the machines With Terminator 2 Director James Cameron delivers the quintessential summer blockbuster Action picture a referencegrade piece that captures the imagination tells a quality story pours on the action features infectious dialogue captures plenty of raw emotion continues on with the legacy of its predecessor and breaks new ground with its thenstateoftheart special effects that still hold up some 17 years after the films debut The film also smartly walks a fine line between grisly violence and tame action segments T2 never shies away from strongly visual and graphicallystaged violence Still it never crosses the boundary of taste lending to the film not necessarily a familyfriendly feel but rather a moderately safe one where the action takes on a splendid realism yet refrains from displaying it with absolutely no reservations Just as importantly the action is loud expertly staged and features plenty of variety in the weapons locations and choreography along the way Though primarily an Action film Terminator 2 delivers more than just a rain of bullets and explosions The film features a firstclass story around which the violence is framed lending heft importance and immediacy to the action Though time travel quandaries often make for passableatbest and headscratchingatworst material T2 manages to make a complex issue work easily within the context of the story Also of note is the wonderful score courtesy of Brad Fiedel his music seemingly itself telling the story as it unfolds The theme that plays over the opening credits at once both haunts and entices perfectly synching with the films themes of urgency and the terrible destruction that awaits should the day be lost If Terminator 2 features one identifiable flaw it comes not with the film itself but rather with its proliferation into popular culture There comes a time where a film reaches a saturation point a point that sees it lose some of its luster and grandeur not because the movie has been found to be a lesser picture than originally critiqued but because of simple sensory overload The film has reached a point where it has become the franchise where the first film and the third for sure seem mere afterthoughts though the first is arguably the superior film With the pending release of Terminator Salvation one may only hope that much like The Sarah Connor Chronicles it will breathe some muchneeded life into and offer a fresh perspective on the Terminator universe One area where the home video market has indeed benefited T2 is in its ability to showcase the film in an extended cut that much like the longer edition of Camerons Aliens adds to the story line and fleshes out some additional details without interrupting the flow of the film   Terminator 2 again morphs onto Bluray with a 1080p 2 351framed transfer T2 inherently does not seem to offer the potential for dazzling eyecatching visuals The film is generally dark and steely in appearance and with a rather flat look about it Still the movie holds up well when taken into proper consideration This VC1 encoded Skynet Edition seems to have more in the way of noise reduction applied to it versus the previous release but it also looks a bit sharper offers a slightly improved range of visible detail and looks a bit darker in comparison to the original Bluray release When watching the film whether during the exterior shots of each Terminators arrival to the past the latenight interior scenes inside the Pescadero State Hospital or the interior shots of the Cyberdyne building this transfer reflects the heavily bluetinted and frankly visually uninteresting look of the film well As noted earlier such scenes lack much in the way of depth texture and fine detail and at times looks a bit soft Daytime exterior shots or brightlylit interior shots particularly those inside the Galleria or partway through the film as Sarah John and the T800 Terminator travel towards Enriques home offer more in the way of visible details textures and depth Flesh tones never veer too far away from normal and blacks hold up fairly well though sometimes appearing slightly too gray and bright and occasionally meshing with the many dark blue color schemes The transfer appears rather smooth in many scenes grain is not heavy at all and the print exhibits the occasional speckle At the end of the day though one may wonder whether this edition looks better than the last Thats a matter of subjective opinion though there is no doubt that this edition has seen more in the way of noise reduction but also enjoys a bit more in the way of clarity sharpness and fine detail   Terminator 2 features a plethora of audio options highlighted by the inclusion of a DTSHD MA 6 1 lossless soundtrack The films futuristic battle sequence always serves as a potentially referencegrade sonic moment and while its not quite up to the level of excellence as more recent mixes this lossless edition serves up wonderful clarity amazing directionality and rumbling bass bringing to the sequence a new life and sonic excitement never before heard in the home The track throws sound effects all over the soundstage throughout the course of the movie they each play crisply and distinctly though sometimes sounding like they dont quite belong where the track is placing them Still this one is a blast to listen to Bass devastates the listening area in all the action scenes Very impressive is a battle scene featuring the T800 Sarah and John firing a model 1911 45 and a 12gauge shotgun inside a closed elevator at the T1000 above Not only do the shots present roomshaking bass and power but the reverberations of the discharges in the tiny enclosed space reflect the cramped location and most importantly draw the listener into the action by placing them inside the elevator with the characters The track also features plenty of atmosphere with many small nuances finding their way into the track that seemed to have been lost in the shuffle on previous VHS LaserDisc DVD and even Bluray editions of the film Rounded out by strong dialogue reproduction this Skynet Edition of Terminator 2 represents the best the film has ever sounded for home listening   Terminator 2 travels onto Bluray packed with a decent but somewhat underwhelming selection of mostly recycled supplements all of them squeezed onto the same 50 gigabyte disc that houses the feature film Terminator Salvation Director S Cut 2 Disc Special Edition The menu is also cumbersome to navigate and only remains onscreen for several seconds before vanishing in many cases not allowing viewers enough time to figure out which option they would like to select The disc begins with a pair of commentary tracks the first dubbed Production Commentary and hosted by Creative Supervisor Van Ling The track features a hodgepodge of participants recorded separately sharing a wealth of information about the film Each is identified atop the screen with a title name and photo Track two labeled WriterDirector Commentary features Writer William Wisher and Director James Cameron A more traditional track but not necessarily more entertaining Cameron and Wisher offer plenty of pertinent and interesting information about the shoot the locations the scriptwriting process the acting and most any other movierelated tidbits Both tracks come highly recommended Interactive Modes features several pictureinpicture options To access these features users must first select the feature from the menu and then return to the top of the menu to activate it a needless extra step in what is already a cumbersome menu navigation system The following summaries of the pieces are taken directly from the disc menu Visual Implants allows users to view pictureinpicture video about the making of the film during the feature Trivia Data Overlay provides text commentary and trivia during the film Production Data Overlay allows viewers to see specific shot methodologies during the film Linked Data Modules branches out from the film to allow users to view behindthescenes slideshows with audio Source Code allows users to view original storyboard sequences in sync with the film Query Mode provides a T2 trivia quiz during the film Finally Processor Tests allows users to test their skills with minigames during the film Ancillary Data begins with a selection of 1080p teaser and theatrical trailers for the film 117 140 205 followed by trailers for the special edition version of the film 1080p 227 and the T2 THX trailer 1080i 047 Also included are two deleted scenes T1000s Search 1080p 127 with optional commentary by Robert Patrick and James Cameron and Future Coda 1080p 150 with optional commentary by Stan Winston James Cameron and Linda Hamilton Also included are the Bluray disc production credits Moving along Skynet Access is a BDLive Bluray profile 2 0 feature that was unavailable at time of writing Finally this disc is DBox enabled   Terminator 2 leaves behind it a lasting legacy as both the cornerstone film in what is now a fourfilm series and as a benchmark Action picture that remains nearly as fresh and enticing as the day it was released to theaters Though some films both before and after its release top it on the intensity of the action the merit of the story or the quality of the special effects few capture the entire spectrum and excel across the board quite like Terminator 2 Oddly the films one negative is its massive proliferation seemingly having reached a breaking point where overexposure and countless home video releases seem to have slightly lessened the films magic Unfortunately this Bluray release features more of the same Included is a decent video presentation that while different in several areas from its predecessor offers neither a substantial upgrade nor a sharp decline in quality an excellent lossless soundtrack and plenty of recycled extras making up the bulk of the bonus presentation No doubt T2 will see yet another rerelease somewhere down the road but until then serious fans will want to upgrade to this Bluray or to the abovereferenced Complete Collectors Set for the lossless soundtrack Terminator 2 Judgment Day Other Editions 2disc set16 59 1disc9 73 2disc set 1disc13 99 1disc 6disc set 1discBest Buy Terminator 2 Judgment Day Terminator 2 Judgment Day 1disc Bluray bundles with Terminator 2 Judgment Day 4 bundles Show more titles « Show less titlesSimilar titles suggested by members Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bluray News and Updates Terminator 2 to be ReReleased in 3D December 16 2015 StudioCanal and Beijingbased DMG Entertainment will remaster in 3D James Camerons blockbuster Terminator 2 The director will supervise the remastering process and produce the 3D version of the film Amazon Bluray Deal of the Week The Terminator Anthology Expired March 2 2014 Amazons Bluray Deal of the Week affects Warner Home Entertainments The Terminator Anthology This iconic scifi series uses the brutal war between sentient cyborgs and humanity for its backdrop Through March 8th Amazon is offering this set for a 50 discount The Terminator Anthology Bluray Best Buy Exclusive July 31 2012 In August Warner Home Entertainment will bring The Terminator Anthology to Bluray This box set bundles together the first four films from the Terminator scifiaction franchise that Academy Awardwinning director James Cameron Titanic created in 1984 The Show more related news posts for Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bluray Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bluray Forum Discussions Topic Replies Last post Show more forum discussions for Terminator 2 Judgment Day Bluray   Get Daily Bluray Deals We 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