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Mahkum (1972) - IMDb Directed by Osman F. Seden. With Cüneyt Arkin, Hale Soygazi, Seyyal Taner, Kahraman Kiral.

Trailer of the film Felon Premiering in New York LA and Buena Park CA on July 18th Starring Stephen Dorff Val Kilmer Sam Shephard Filmed in New


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Very interesting and exciting series, zhdems continuation !!!
15.09.2017 | Comment
House is more convenient to look than in the cinema
14.09.2017 | Comment
Yes, really looks at one go.
13.09.2017 | Comment
One of my favorite genres. I like to afterhours lie and laugh heartily!
12.09.2017 | Comment
It seems that many first time saw a short film at all. Nothing out of the ordinary there is no
11.09.2017 | Comment
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Top 400 Prison Movies - Prison Movies - Prison stuff. In prison movies. ... Anti-hanging drama based around two prison officers, one old, one new, the unseen man on death row, and that man's ...

Top 400 Prison Movies - Top 300 4 Mahkum The Hill 1965 UK Deserters and other wartime miscreants fight for dignity and justice in a desert prison 5 Starred Up 2013 UK Warm comfy pic about a young man reunited with his father in prison Not 7 Brubaker 1980 USA Undercover warden unearths corruption Prisoners unearth interred colleagues 9 Women’s Prison 2002 Iran A portrait of the changes in one prisoner and the prison Governor over 17 years in the same prison 10 Stir 1980 Australia Keenly observed film of the 74 Bathurst riot and the best Australian prison movie by a long shot 13 The Visit 2001 USA A powerful story of shame guilt resentment and ultimately redemption 18 Stone 2010 USA Questions about sin morality and possible redemption in a taut prison drama 23 Hunger 2008 UK The IRAs Bobby Sands starves himself to death in the Maze Prison in 1981 Provocative and beautifully shot 24 Healing 2014 Australia A long term prisoner and the eagle he rehabilitates approach release with the same uncertainty 26 Jailbait 2003 USA Harrowing film about a freshfaced kid and an imposing lifer sharing the one cell Enough said 30 R 2010 Denmark Gritty portrait of a youngish prisoner out of his depth 31 Harmony 2010 South Korea A tearjerker A choir a mother wrenched from her child in prison and a sad gallows story 32 Greenfingers 2000 UK A gentle comedy that says some important things about reintegration and community acceptance 34 Eduart 2006 Greece Young murderer discovers the meaning of guilt in an Albanian prison 40 Fiore 2016 Italy Fine portrait of a headstrong teenager in juvenile detention who falls for a young man in the same facility 41 The Last Castle 2001 USA Heroic General instigates a revolt in a decent fantasy action military prison flick 48 Slam 1998 USA Surprisingly good film of a young rapper finding freedom of sorts in prison 52 Life 1995 Australia Prisoners in a unit for men with HIVAIDS deal with their Life sentences 53 On the Yard 1978 USA The prison experience rendered through stories of a top con and his cronies 57 Scum 1979 UK Unrelentingly grim tale of boys behaving badly 59 Lucky Break 2001 UK Romantic comedy with an Irishman his counsellor an escape plot and a strange moral centre 61 Porridge 1979 UK Comfortable as the top bunk in a snug cell Norman Stanley Fletcher Mr Mackay and plenty of witty repartee 62 Attica 1980 USA A worthy evenhanded look at the 1971 Attica riot 68 Escape from Alcatraz 1979 USA Faithful or so it seems account of the famous 1962 escape bid that just might have succeeded 71 The Criminal Code 1931 USA Young prisoner in love with the Wardens daughter is pressured to turn stoolie after witnessing a murder 72 Ghosted 2011 UK A compelling triangular piece involving a predator his prey and the preys protector 74 In the Name of the Father 1993 UK The complex challenges faced by two of the Guildford Four to prove their innocence and reconcile as father and son 75 3 Clear Sundays 1965 UK Antideath penalty TV play of a simpleton condemned to die for the murder of a prison officer 76 Dead Man Walking 1995 USA A committed nun fulfills her Christian duty by visiting a young most unlovable murderer on death row 77 Un Chant D’Amour 1950 France Extraordinary film about imprisoned mens longing for intimacy in 26 soundless minutes 78 72 Koğuş 2011 Turkey Sad moving remake of a 1987 film of an honourable man descending into madness in a wartime prison 79 Lockout 2012 USA Newly convicted special agent rescues Presidents daughter from outta control outer space prison 80 Bronson 2009 UK Compelling portrait of Britains most violent prisoner as cabaret artist and monster 83 Jail 2009 India An innocent man struggles in prison Supposedly Indias answer to The Shawshank Redemption 84 My Six Convicts 1952 USA Decent flick of the Donald Powell Wilson autobiography a prison psychologist and his six inmate helpers 85 Deathrow 2000 Philippines Sentimental story in which an old hitman takes a young kid under his wing in Death Row 90 Holes 2003 USA Wholesome Disney comedy about a young detainee whose luck changes 92 Prison on Fire 1987 Hong Kong Surprisingly not about a prison on fire but about the bond between a greenhorn and an old hand 93 Captives 1994 UK Beautiful dentist falls for a bit of rough in the best British tradition 94 Stranger Inside 2001 USA Young prisoner seeks out her mother also in prison whom shes never met A bleak survival story with a twist 95 The Glass House 1972 USA Novice college professor and novice kid thrown to the wolves with pretty predictable results 96 Screwed 2011 UK A new Prison Officer tips the bucket on the Truth about Life as a Prison Officer 97 Midnight Express 1978 USA The film that made allusions to ending up in a Turkish prison so much more evocative than say a Swiss prison 98 The Quare Fellow 1962 UK Antihanging drama based around two prison officers one old one new the unseen man on death row and that mans wife 101 Scrubbers 1982 UK British borstal for girls a companion piece for Scum 102 McVicar 1980 UK First hand account of the prisonerturnedjournalists 1968 escape from Durham Prison 103 The Brig 1964 USA Harrowing fistintheguts depiction of a day in the life of a marine Corps brig 104 House of Numbers 1957 USA Two brothers do a bit of a switcheroo to allow the one whos in jail to escape 107 The Big House 1930 USA The Big House is the Big Daddy of prison movies arguably the first in the genre Can still hold its own too 109 The Criminal 1960 UK Classical film charting the demise of oldfashioned British gangsterism 110 Each Dawn I Die 1939 USA Cagney and Raft in one of the better if overengineered in dramatic content prewar prison flicks 111 Under the Gun 1951 USA New York gangster cops 20 years in a Deep South prison farm and sets out to scheme his way out 112 Silent Scream 1990 UK Biopic of convicted killer Larry Winters a journey through his public and private hells 113 Cell 213 2011 Canada Surprisingly absorbing flick of a supernatural cell and its lawyer inhabitant Not the horror movie it purports to be 118 Penitentiary 1938 USA Outofplace prisoner falls for the wardens daughter but when pushed sides with the cons 121 Get the Gringo 2012 USA Enjoyable action romp with an alliance between a career criminal and a 10yearold boy 124 Just Us 1986 Australia Mostly worthy portrait of a middle class journalist falling for a longserving prisoner 126 Prison 1988 USA Supernatural force is unleashed from an execution chamber in a super old prison 128 Short Eyes 1977 USA A child molester is dropped into the midst of selfrighteous inmates with predictable results 129 Maléfique 2002 France A selfrevealing black magic book takes over the lives of the four inhabitants of a shared cell 130 Ramchand Pakistani 2008 Pakistan Stunningly shot story of a Pakistani father and son held in an Indian jail for years after straying across the border 131 Convicted 1950 USA Aboveaverage tale of conflicting loyalties the criminal code and falling in love with the Wardens daughter 135 Vortex 2001 Germany A quick enjoyable 47minute voyage into a late 21st Century penal system 137 Teen Deewarein 3 Walls 2003 India A beautiful young filmmaker is at the centre of twists turns and coincidences galore in a maximum security prison 138 Shackles 2005 USA Prison movie genre meets teacherworkswithtoughdisadvantagedstudents movie genre 139 FastWalking 1982 USA Bent antihero guard faces big dilemma when two corrupt paths are in conflict with each other 140 The Experiment 2010 USA Wellmade remake of Das Experiment which in turn was a remake of the Stanford Prison Experiment 144 Le Party 1990 Canada Where would a prison concert be without drag queens strippers and an escape bid 145 Murder in the First 1994 USA Novice lawyer puts Alcatraz on trial after unreconstructed prisoner murders another on release from The Hole 147 Goodbye Bafana 2007 Belgium Ors Apartheidsupporting white guard and Nelson Mandela forge an enduring but unconvincing overstated bond 148 The Keeper 1995 USA Low budget tragedy involving a wellmeaning guard and a Haitian prisoner 150 El Presidio 1930 USA Spanishlanguage version of the granddaddy of all prison movies The Big House 1930 152 Offender 2012 UK Modern action flick with an angry young man avenging the wrongs done to him his girl and his unborn child 153 Zonzon 1998 France A gritty film about three very different cellmates with classic prison movie features 158 Felon 2008 USA Decent regular guy is forced to survive in brutal prison Now theres an idea for a new movie 161 Sense of Freedom 1979 UK Jimmy Boyle Glasgow standover man rails at the world Violently pointlessly 162 The Longest Yard 2005 USA The second Longest Yard or third if you count Mean Machine Who thought a remake might be a good idea 163 House of Women 1961 USA A great 50s womens prison movie from the 60s riots a warden falling in love with an inmate and lots of perfect hair 164 San Quentin 1937 USA Humphrey Bogart plays prisoner in a mediocre movie featuring an upright if awfully conflicted Captain of the Yard 166 Blonde Bait 1956 UK USA Entertaining flick of a prisoner being used as bait to catch her Nazi collaborator fiancé 167 Human Experiments 1979 USA A minor cult classic of the 70s an innocent woman is subjected to regression therapy in a corrupt prison 170 The Jericho Mile 1979 USA Includes the only prison warden on film to wear both a powder blue and an electric blue suit 171 Two Way Stretch 1960 UK Peter Sellers comedy that in many ways anticipates the betterknown Porridge series 172 The Slams 1973 USA Entertaining 70s action flick which asks us to hope that a 9time murderer gets away with the loot 173 Lilies 1996 Canada Brave but flawed story of a Bishop held hostage in prison and made to confront his past 174 I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang 1932 USA Prisoner escapes makes good gets caught goes back to jail escapes Cant go back in cant live outside 175 Girls in Prison 1956 USA A first time prisoner the chaplain who believes in her some missing loot and an earthquake 178 The Birdman of Alcatraz 1962 USA Factually and geographicallychallenged account of Robert Strouds famous selfrehabilitation program 180 Black August 2007 USA Interesting take on activist George Jacksons last 14 months in jail 181 Diamond Geezer 2005 UK Oldfashioned comedydrama involving an escape from prison to commit daring robbery and then a break back in 182 Fortress 1992 USA A futuristic prison and a harddoneby prisoner And the intestinator 187 Animal Factory 2000 USA Young boy is taken under the wing of shavenheaded hard man With only the purest of intent it must be said 189 Prison Song 2001 USA Depressing story highlighting the procession of African Americans wasting their lives in jail 192 Left to Die 2012 USA Unexceptional but inoffensive innocent woman in a harsh prison system film based on a true story 193 Johnny Holiday 1949 USA Optimistic tribute to an Indiana boys reformatory and the capacity of its staff to turn lives around 194 Lockdown 2000 USA Pretty standard but watchable innocentmanina toughprison flick 196 Brokedown Palace 1999 USA Two women accused of drug smuggling protest innocence but dont seem to want to find the real culprit If there is one Odd 199 Conviction 2001 USA Average offering based on the true story of Carl Upchurch prisoner turned defender of the downtrodden 200 Brute Force 1947 USA Tough guy bent on escape to see cancerridden girl is frustrated by bent tough guard 201 Go for Broke 2002 USA Some Like it Hot prisonstyle Well not really but you get the picture 202 So Evil So Young 1961 UK A wronged young woman is exculpated and a spiteful one gets her comeuppance in a girls borstal 207 Chicago 2002 USA Slick cynical musical with muchtooincidental prison bits 208 Caged 1949 USA Redeemable teenager is slowly sucked into the criminal milieu and towards a life of crime 209 Convict 99 1938 UK A sacked headmaster finds himself a convict and a prison Governor both by mistake 216 Betrayed Women 1955 USA Entertaining flick featuring three women each with a sad story each fighting for selfrespect 217 Way Back Home 2013 South Korea Korean patsy detained in a Martinican prison battles to prove herself stupid rather than criminal 218 6000 Enemies 1939 USA Framed DA in prison a different take on the 1931 flick The Criminal Codes take on a DA in prison 219 The Chair 1988 USA Enjoyable comedyhorror with eerie goings on years after the murder of a warden on his electric chair 223 Dante 01 2008 France Supernatural healer causes a stir in a spaceship prison specialising in scientific experimentation 224 The Big Guy 1939 USA A wardens dilemma keep some illgotten loot or exonerate an innocent man on Death Row 226 Instinct 1999 USA Familiar themes as anthropologist prisoner and prison psychiatrist go headtohead 227 Carbine Williams 1952 USA Solid telling of the true story of a prisoner inventing and producing a firearm in prison 229 Womens Prison 1955 USA Enjoyable 50s melodrama featuring a ruthless Superintendent and a good doctor 230 Pardon 2005 Turkey Gentle farce with three overaged innocent men accused of terrorism by overzealous police 231 Alien 3 1992 USA A day or two in the life of a lice and alieninfested prison planet 233 Kala Pani 1996 India Honourable freedomfighting Indian doctor vs brutal sadistic jailers in the British Raj 234 Cellmates 2011 USA Inoffensive offering in which a bigot finds redemption and love in prison Not with his cellmate 235 A Wardens Ransom 2014 Canada Action thriller with an heroic female warden a very rich prisoner and some very corruptible staff Unbelievable 236 Firelight 2012 USA Goodhearted but ludicrous story of a counsellor helping a young prisoner find her selfworth 237 Prison Farm 1938 USA Young woman goes to coed jail with her beau only to ditch him for the prison doctor 238 Unchained 1955 USA Unchained and unshirted prisoner battles temptation to escape 244 Prison Warden 1949 USA Wardens wife becomes the wardens wife because of her love for a prisoner in her husbands prison 247 The Evil Gene 2015 USA Troubled FBI agent investigates a suicide in a prison full of inmates with the evil gene 248 Undisputed 2002 USA A Mike Tysonesque boxing champ is challenged in the ring in prison 249 Yield to the Night 1956 UK Diana Dors in a tense wait to see if her execution will be stayed Its not She becomes past tense 252 Mickey B 2007 UK Worthy prison adaptation of Shakespeares Macbeth played by real prisoners in a real Northern Ireland jail 255 The Last Mile 1959 USA Remake of the 1932 film of the same name Death Row inmates revolt Mickey Rooney stars 257 K11 2012 USA Wasted rich man lands a frontrow seat as a spectator in a transgender jail unit 258 Get Hard 2015 USA Predictable comedy tall soft rich white man engages short black lawabiding man to school him in all things prison 259 Pros & Cons 1999 USA Average offering about two innocent men in prison With maybe more cons than pros 262 Release 2010 UK A defrocked gay priest and a Prison Officer get unfrocked together 266 Half Past Dead 2002 USA Undercover FBI agent fights scores of intruders into a hitech Alactraz and naturally wins 267 Weeds 1987 USA A troupe of excons from San Quentin take an amateurish prison production on the road Mahkum 268 Black Cat in Jail 2000 Hong Kong A womens bonding film featuring an assassin a wronglyimprisoned mother a starlet and a vengeful wife 270 Women in Chains 1972 USA Parole officer goes undercover in prison to expose corrupt Chief Matron But no chains 273 Pardon Us 1931 USA Uneven Laurel & Hardy effort in what is thought to be the first ever full length fulllength talkie prison comedy 274 Penitentiary 1979 USA Early parole on offer to the prisons best boxer Sounds reasonable 275 Convicts 4 1962 USA Soso 60s story of a 30s con who beats the chair in Sing Sing and through art finds his way out in the 40s 277 Papillon 1973 USA Long and largely uninspired rendering of a vibrant book 278 H3 2001 Ireland Onedimensional view of the Bobby Sands hunger strike era Maze Prison 1981 280 So Young So Bad 1950 USA Soso paintbynumbers story of a reformist psychiatrist and four notsobad girls 283 Civil Brand 2002 USA Shoot em up womens prison revolt drama masquerading as a film with something serious to say about the exploitation of prisoners 284 Escape Plan 2013 USA Prison security expert exports himself out of supersecure prison 285 The Rat Tamer 1995 Australia Prison psychogist tries to get her life back on track as unhinged prison officer goes off the rails 286 Hold Em Jail 1932 USA Wheeler & Woolsey find romance and a football match in prison anticipating The Longest Yard series 288 Redeemer 2002 USA Inoffensive story of a mans quest to be released after 20 years 290 Canon City 1948 USA Pretty uninspiring account of the real life escape of 12 men from Colorado State Prison in 1947 298 Crime School 1938 USA Strange lessons about accountability for the ‘Dead End Kids’ in a reform school 299 Ring of Death 2008 USA Excop goes undercover to expose lethal prison fight ring He does Surprise 300 Maximum Security 1984 USA Episodes of a TV series spliced into a movie of a prisoner struggling to deal with his relationship with his dying father 301 The Last Mile 1932 USA If you’re looking for a film that extols the virtues of the death penalty this ain’t that film 303 Con Air 1997 USA Ridiculous action flick in which squarehead prisoner saves all good people from all bad people 304 Half Past Dead 2 2007 USA Oddcouple heroes doublehandedly defeat half the jail in order to protect their loved ones 305 Last Light 1993 USA White prisoner looked after on death row by a black guard in a film that could have been much better 306 Tracks 2004 USA Unsatisfying story of an abused unlikeable teenager wrestles with his demons while in prison on a manslaughter charge 308 Convict 13 1921 USA 20 minutes of silent slapstick starring Buster Keaton as civilian prisoner and guard almost all at once 309 Prison of Secrets 1997 USA Brave fishoutofwater singlehandedly brings down a nasty corrupt regime in a womens prison 310 Up the River 1930 USA Gentle comedy drama teaming Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy for the only time 311 Guilt by Association 2001 USA A widow unwittingly gets involved in her boyfriends drug ring and cops 20 years under mandatory sentencing laws 312 Road Gang 1936 USA An innocent journalist fights for justice and against a corrupt politician 313 Love Child 1982 USA Young prisoner fights to keep the offspring from her affair with a prison guard 314 Red Heat 1985 USA Innocent girl abroad becomes imprisoned girl abroad in xenophobic thriller 315 Shadow Dead Riot 2006 USA Traditional WIP film meets traditional zombie film with a young prisoner the link between the two 319 Cadence 1990 USA Wonderful military cadence scenes steal the show in a mediocre military prison film 320 Vendetta 2015 USA Ludicrous action flick a cop seeks revenge for the killing of his wife by obliterating half the prison 321 Riot 2015 USA Preposterous film about a cop a Russian crime figure who killed the cops wife and their prison showdown 324 Animal 2 2007 USA Race riots fights double blackmail and Animal making a filmic return 328 Stir Crazy 1980 USA Limp comedy revolving around two first timers a rodeo and an escape plot 329 Furnace 2007 USA Lukewarm horror flick with ghouls let loose in an old brickedup section of an ageing prison 330 Thunderbolt 1929 USA Early talkie in which a gangster takes on his rival for his girls affections from his Death Row cell 339 Vendetta 1986 USA The sister of a murdered prisoner goes to jail to avenge her death Very 80s 340 Timelock 1996 USA Quaint but not very good action flick involving an escape from a supermax prison in space 341 Angry Planet 2009 USA Low budget scifi revenge thriller of sorts In different hues of yellow 342 Boys Behind Bars 2013 UK Ugly humiliation porn flick detailing the bastardisation of a young prisoner by three cellmates 345 Dogboys 1998 USA Nasty prison boss uses prison dogs nastily in a sort of nasty B Grade thriller 346 Spoiler 1998 USA Dad desperate to see his daughter keeps escaping from scifi prison Largely lame 347 Stoic 2009 USA Harrowing account of the torture and killing of a prisoner in a fourout cell 350 Boys Reformatory 1939 USA Honest kid and a prison doctor fight for all that is good The film itself is not so good 352 Life 1999 USA Two men spend 65 years in prison together for a crime they didnt commit Ho ho ho 355 Ladies of the Big House 1931 USA A love story involving an innocent newlywed couple who fight for their lives one sort of literally in prison 359 Hold Back Tomorrow 1955 USA A triplemurderer is joined by a suicidal prostitute to wait out his final hours ahead of the gallows and the majesty of death 362 Unshackled 2000 USA Racist white man finds redemption and tolerance through sharing a cell with a black adversary 365 Down Time 2001 USA Realistic look at prison life that forgets that real doesnt always equal interesting 369 In Hell 2003 USA An awful exercise in American chauvinism from a Chinese director and Belgian actor 372 Lets Go to Prison 2006 USA Lacklustre comedy about getting back at a judge by making his wrongly convicted sons time in jail more difficult 373 Buy & Cell 1988 USA Mediocre flick in which an innocent broker turns his prison into a moneymaking corporation 374 Back by Midnight 2002 USA Rodney Dangerfield as a private prison warden with a novel way of raising funds Just not very funny 375 Prison Nurse 1937 USA Prison nurse falls for prison doctor Only problem prison doctor is a prisoner 377 Condition Red 1995 USA Finland Correctional Officer breaks free from tawdry existence by having an affair with a prisoner and helping her escape 378 The Wrath of Cain 2010 USA Secondrate story of a dying father trying to find redemption for himself and his son 379 Inside 2012 USA The spirit of an executed mass murderer connects with the next occupant of his cell 380 Johnny Greyeyes 2000 Canada Secondrate pic of a Native Canadian prisoner in love with her cellmate and trying to keep her family together 381 Broken Bars 1995 USA Undercovercopinprison movie meets ponytailedactionman movie 382 Prison Mutiny 1943 USA Absurd prison reform flick where an exonerated playboy convict becomes a riotbusting guard 384 Chained Heat 1983 USA Unashamedly exploitative flick of a decent young woman in a very very corrupt jail 385 Death Warrant 1990 USA JeanClaude Van Damme plays an undercover cop in a maximumsecurity prison in a film with a maximum of ordinariness 386 Green Street Hooligans 2 2009 USA Patheticallyscripted drama about brawling rival British soccer hooligans in prison filmed in a Californian dustbowl 387 Ladies They Talk About 1932 USA Tough Barbara Stanwyck plays a tough gangster moll being tough in one of the earliest WomeninPrison movies 388 Rise 2014 Australia An unlikely alliance between a new prisoner and an old hand that fails to rise to expectations 389 Off the Wall 1983 USA Pretty unfunny comedy following two innocent men in prison and a mad Warden 390 Doing Life 1986 Canada Lowbudget mediocre vaguely true story about a cop killer who studies law in prison 398 Wrath of the Crows 2013 Italy Ponderous English language flick featuring one prisoner with special powers And gory bits galore 399 The Jailhouse 2009 USA Regular guy Deputy Sheriff becomes nastily possessed by a longdead irregular Deputy Sheriff 400 Locked Down 2010 USA Awful innocentcopinprisonfightmovie that borrows heavily from other awful prison fight movies 401 No Escape 1994 USA Silly saga of a decorated murderer dropped onto a dogeatdog island prison 405 Lust for Freedom 1987 USA Innocent excop prisoner exacts revenge on corrupt overthetop desert prison administrators 406 13 Dead Men 2003 USA Awful flick in which a corrupt warden tortures a Death Row inmate who has a secret stash of diamonds 407 Evasive Action 1998 USA Very mediocre rerun of Con Air this time on a train Not sure why they didnt call it Con Rail 409 Jailbait 2013 USA Awful WIP film of a teen cellist in a teen prison cell 410 7 Stones 2012 USA Two jailed political prisoners a rabbit and a stone cell = a bit of nonsense 411 Circuit 2 2003 USA Kickboxer deserts his dying fiancéetobe in hospital to fight her attacker in a prison fight club 412 Bad Girls The Musical 2009 UK Dont call me greedy cos these girls are needy sings the lecherous prison officer Enough said 415 The Wounded 2002 USA Cheesy lowbudget howler about prisoners their superhuman counsellor satanists and homeboys 416 Shapeshifter 2005 USA A Romanian prisoner turns into a flesheating beast Pretty beastly 417 Numbered Men 1930 USA Part love story part revenge story part honor system story And pretty feeble at that 421 Jacktown 1962 USA Lame 60s story of a wouldbe toughguys rocky path to redemption via the Warden and his daughter 426 Club Fed 1990 USA Woeful comedy about a luxurious minimum security prison for the wealthy 429 Con Games 2001 USA Banal prison thriller devoid of decent thrills and decent acting 430 Stuck 2009 USA Forgettable visual tribute to womeninprison films of a forgotten era 438 15 to Life 2002 USA Terrible documentarytype flick about the inevitability of African American imprisonment in New Orleans Other Movies The Mulberry Tree 2010 USA Excellent film of a prison guard his parolee son and a murderer dying of AIDS and the choices they make Chicken Run 2000 UK Whimsical animated comedy about chickens trying to escape a harsh chicken farm Too witty to be a prison comedy City Island 2009 USA Warm farce about a corrections officers acting ambition and other family secrets American Me 1992 USA Powerful story of an Hispanic crime boss and the damage gang culture wreaks on the potential of young Hispanic men Blackbird 2012 Canada Fine thoughtful film of a bullied teen jailed for planning a revenge massacre against his tormentors Monsters Ball 2001 USA White guard and black Death Row inmates wife both hurting find solace in each other On the Outs 2004 USA Misery porn Three girls on the outs And staying on the outs it seems Everyday 2012 UK Excellent study of a family trying to hold things together under the duress of separation Longford 2006 UK Devout trusting Lord Longford risks his reputation in supporting Moors murderer Myra Hindley Chopper 2000 Australia Journey around the life of Mark Brandon Read in and out of prison Some of it is even true True Story 2015 USA Excellent truelife story of a journalists encounters with a man accused of murdering his family Take the Money and Run 1969 USA Hitandmiss Woody Allen comedy classic with his inept criminal hero in some irresistibly funny prison scenes Inside 1996 USA Well scripted film about a South African interrogation in the apartheid era Get Santa 2014 UK Entertaining story of a dad and his sons bid to free Santa from jail to save Christmas Hard Choices 1985 USA Morally complex tale of a social worker who runs away with a teenager charged with murder Black Tuesday 1954 USA Terrific gangster film with two cashedup escapees from Death Row and plenty of Police The Defiant Ones 1958 USA Proud black man and racist white man escape handcuffed together and find some tolerance and respect Pour Elle For Her France 2008 Slowburning thriller in which a schoolteacher devotes himself to springing his innocent wife from prison Rosewater 2014 USA Solid film of an innocent journalist accused of spying and then tortured in an Iranian jail White Heat 1949 USA Oedipus schmoedipus Jimmy Cagney plays a gangster on the edge of madness who loves his mother just a little too much On the Job 2013 Philippines Opaque film in which prison compares favourably with the polite and powerful Manila society We are the Bus People 1979 Egypt Two men locked up for a fare transgression on a bus get mistaken for dissidents trying to overthrow the government Clash by Night 1964 UK Gentle oldfashioned story of prisoners trapped in a flammable barn after one of them is sprung Strange Cargo 1940 USA Christfigure spreads salvation amongst a group of prisoners escaping from Devils Island Spooky Sleepers 1996 USA Four horribly abused kids exact revenge on their tormentor years later Hold Your Man 1933 USA Teen with a tough exterior is smitten with a handsome con man and gets to see the prison interior Coldwater 2013 USA Yet another story of one mans fight against a brutal regime this time in an extrajudicial juvenile rehabilitation facility The Cracksman 1963 UK Gentle comedy about a trusting safecracker who lands in jail More safe than cracker Gideons Trumpet 1980 USA The true story of the landmark case guaranteeing US defendants the right to counsel Bound by Honour 1993 USA Long long saga charting different directions taken by three Hispanic kids with one proving himself in a prison gang Bandits 1997 Germany Four women escapees achieve rock star fame but somehow elude recapture on the run Lady Gangster 1942 USA Fastpaced wartime flick featuring an entertaining contest between an elegant heroine and some reviled stoolpigeons Кармен Carmen 2003 Russia A prison guard falls obsessively for a prisoner whom he lets escape and whose gang he then joins First Time Felon 1997 USA Twodimensional story of a firsttime offender being rehabilitated through a boot camp The Fence 1994 USA Old fashioned tragedy about an excon trying to survive on the outside My Cousin Vinny 1992 USA Two kids on murder raps are represented by a bumbling novice lawyer No prizes for guessing the result Jamesy Boy 2014 USA Young violent closet poet is redeemed by his contact with two unlikely fellow prisoners Todos a la Cárcel 1993 Spain A gala event held in a prison to celebrate former political prisoners serves as a backdrop for a patchy farce Forever Strong 2008 USA Sullen athlete gets a character transplant from a legendary rugby coach You may have seen it before Behind the High Wall 1956 USA Melodrama in which a warden keeps 100000 in loot that may result in an innocent man being executed Night Train 2007 China A female executioner looks for love in a cold drab provincial city in China Turkey Shoot 1982 Australia Contemporary satire of Thatcherite politics based around a prison camp for social deviates Prison Break 1938 USA Tuna fisherman takes the rap for brotherinlaw then gets a series of bad raps Fled 1996 USA Cheesy action flick which starts with two men fleeing a prison chain gang chained together Hammerlock 2001 USA Little known comedy a prison guard odd couple defy the odds by tracking down a couple of escaped crooks Letters from a Killer 1998 USA Cheap thriller about an exDeath Row inmate whose sharing of thrills between four women leads to more murders Last Dance 1996 USA Formulaic Death Row saga featuring Sharon Stone and nothing much of interest to say The Rock 1996 USA Two unlikely bedfellows thrust together in a crisis get to save the day Surprise Convict 762 1997 USA An allfemale crew lands on a twoperson prison planet but cant tell the goodie from the baddie Animal 2005 USA Violent African American has a political and social awakening in prison Skidoo 1968 USA Colourful groovy psychedelic but flaccid comedy about a hitman who cant hit no more The Hurricane 1937 USA French rigidity versus Pacific island freespiritedness played out in a prison and a tsunami Jailbirds 1940 UK Inoffensive slapstick comedy about some minor villains who break out of jail in drag And then back in not Breakout 1975 USA Unthrilling springaninnocentman from awful Mexican prison thriller Weary River 1929 USA Part silent film in which an exconvict tempted to return to the racket is saved by a good woman and a good warden Hells Kitchen 1939 USA The Dead End Kids a corrupt superintendent and a reforming crook all thrown in together Prison Shadows 1936 USA Six fightandalcoholrubbingyourcellmatepacked minutes dominate this cheesy story The Expert 1995 USA Aggrieved murder victims brother breaks into Death Row to exact revenge Inane Tango & Cash 1988 USA Ludicrous action flick featuring two framed maverick oddcouple cops who bust out of jail to find out who set them up Jailhouse Rock 1957 USA Ordinary Elvis film is there any other type built around one very good song An Innocent Man 1989 USA Innocent goodytwoshoes loses innocence and saves himself Cant save movie but Prison Train 1938 USA A potential hit on an Alcatrazbound gangster barely enlivens a dull train ride Impact 1963 UK Crime reporter is framed by serves time for and seeks revenge against crime boss The Condemned 2007 USA Ten Death Row inmates are dropped on to an island to fight to the death Luckily one is a decent American Untamed Youth 1957 USA Very 1950s very silly very Mamie Van Doren a rock n roll ranch alternative to prison Proximity 2001 USA Ludicrous action flick about high level corruption and murderers being bumped off in prison Gaolbreak 1962 UK Lame pic of a criminal family who spring one of their boys to do a jewellery heist The Bridge of Sighs 1936 USA Nice woman goes to an extremely nice prison to get evidence to free her wrongly convicted brother on Death Row Three Smart Saps 1942 USA The Three Stooges in a 16 minute short mostly set in a prison and about everything but prison Penitentiary II 1982 USA Terrible ludicrous film about an excon fighting for a world championship inside his old prison Girl on a Chain Gang 1965 USA Three Yankee friends are tormented in a small southern town One survives to spend no time on a chain gang New Alcatraz 2001 USA Ecological disaster forebodes cinematic disaster as prehistoric snake is released in Antarctic prison Alive 2002 Japan Tedious story of two condemned men used as bait for a virulent isomer Mercenaries 2014 USA Ludicrous action film Like The Expendables apparently but with women Samar 1962 USA Awful flick of dissidents in a Filipino penal colony escaping the tyranny of Spanish rule 9 Souls 2003 Japan Nine dangerous prisoners escape We follow them unfortunately Deathrow Gameshow 1987 USA Lame romantic comedy involving Death Row inmates playing for their lives on a TV game show Kala Pani 1958 India One mans earnest pursuit of his long lost adulterous alleged murderer father With singing Fugitive Rage 1996 USA Preposterous action thriller with an ungainly freed prisoner trying to avenge her sisters murder A shocker

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