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EBTV with host Evita Ochel httpwwwevitaochelcom and featured guest Jurgen Ziewe httpwwwmultidimensionalmancom in a dialogue about Jurgens


Get movie: Multi Dimensional Beings Through Photography

The film just super!
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Elegant series !!! Just 5 points!
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DOLPHINS WHALES. Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii, and with ... Dolphins, Whales, and multidimensional communication. Expand your telepathic skills, come to Kona Hawaii and join Joan's seminars for fun and adventure.

a multi-dimensional experience to share with new friends. DOLPHINS WHALES Multi Dimensional Beings Through Photography Swim with Dolphins in Hawaii and with whales Internationally a multidimensional experience to share with new friends FAMILY ALBUMS HumanDolphin Village SEMINARS PERSONAL DOLPHIN SWIM WITH JOAN Please visit Joans other website ETfriends com   Click image for video clip of Joan with Singer     LISTEN TO SOME RECENT RADIO INTERVIEWS Personal Dolphin Experienceswith Joanon an open Boat   For people who may not be able to attend a sixday program Joan offers a fourhour morning boat adventure to seek the wild dolphins and if invited swim among them The dolphins come to our boat and swim among us 97 of the time  Please include your email andor telephone number for us to contact you regarding the directions to the boat snorkel gear information suggestions of what to bring etc The cost for individual boat trips is US175 00 per person Available here onlinePayment by credit card Master Card or VISA onlyPayment by PayPal   Open Boat Prices One Person 175 00 USDTwo Persons 350 00 USD   Please contact the Dolphin Connection office for larger groups       A SIRIAN CONNECTION WITH JOHN AND TONI LILLY     Excerpts from Chapter 4 From Ron Morehead So how does quantum physics relate to spirituality and Bigfoot In my 45 years of researching this phenomenon I’ve heard several very strange reports A few of these reports from seemingly heartfelt people claimed that these creatures disappeared Is that even possible Can the laws of quantum physics actually answer that question Knowing what I know I’m compelled to delve in and see The accepted mathematics of quantum physics says that there is more going on than what we see with our threedimensional eyes Scientists now know through physics that empty space Dark Matter Dark Energy is not actually emptyhowever it is a dimension existing outside of the human light spectrum and the observable vibrational frequency It seems to me that classical science has restricted itself by its own disciplines and because of those disciplines will never grasp the big picture If we use the classical box to try and determine all that exists we would never begin to understand the cosmos e g the world of spirituality The math of quantum physics indicates that there are at least eleven dimensions in existencepossibly innumerable So could the laws of quantum physics be the answer to the Bigfoot mysteries If so how do we move forward in that possibilityON AMAZON     This is the latest information from Corey Goode A CALL FOR MASS MEDITATION on the August 21st ECLIPSE at 1111 AM FULL DISCLOSURE PROJECT On August 21st 2017 groups from all over the world will be  coming together for a Mass Meditation for Unity and Full Disclosure You can participate from any where in the world or in person at the  Eclipse of Disclosure Immersion & Summit in Mount Shasta CA         Corey Goode   More information about the special eclipse event athttpswww eclipseofdisclosure commassmeditation     CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTOS FROM THIS SPECIAL SEMINAR HERES COREYS VLOG FROM HIS TRIP       Lemuria Dreaming by JeanLuc     PS This new book will be available online on the Cetacean Academy website       John with Joan Estelle Meyers & Philip Bailey in 1997 October marked 15 years since the death of Dr John C Lilly the foundingFather of HumanCetacean communication Heres is an except from hislast public letter in 2001 that is more true than ever To save cetaceans it is painfully clear that we must save the humans change their mindson a grand scale Books and videos are no substitute for the experience of direct human dolphin interactionWe need millions of humans to become educated about cetaceans and understand how special they are Those who have encountered dolphins know how they were changed by them and know what Im talking about The forces against the cetaceans are very powerful and incomprehensibly wealthyIf divided conservationists oceanariums scientists government and other thinking people concerned about Cetacea have no chance against the true enemieswho are plenty happy that we stay dividedBut please dont limit the publics accesseducating them is the most important part Dr John C Lilly 2001     THE NINE in contact with Dr John C Lilly 19152001 An American physician neuroscientist psychoanalyst author and dolphin communicator studying the nature of consciousness     Podner Pics from 2017 Podner Pics from 2016       Dear Dolphin Connection friends I am glad you are looking at this website This page is new It is meant to be a source of inspiration and spiritual support during 2016 and beyond We have a good number of interstellar and cosmic friends and civilizations in Space who have been assisting us in many unseen and mostly unnoticed actions for decades read more here     Time Travel via Consciousness & The Theory of Everythinga new article by Joan Ocean In the beginning of 2013 the Humpback whales revealed that a new ‘hyperdimensional’ geometry would now be available on the Earth plane that would take us from 3rd and 4th density into expansive vast realms They sent me an acoustic image of it It looked like this with an infinite number of facets It appeared to be a ‘bridge’ between our known world and the multi worlds This symbol of advanced geometry becomes a homing device If you can stay with this new geometry in your mind it becomes a way of moving beyond the collective thinking to the pure state the state of illumination wisdom and peace It allows the mind to go deeply into the unconscious and draw forth information JeanLuc and I have been sharing this information and artwork since 2013 in our Seminars as we interact with it as part of our ‘time’ travel meditations A year later in 2014 I read about a newly discovered geometry on the Internet The physicists called it a jewellike geometric object relating to particle interactions that challenges our notion about the reality of space and time It is defined as a physics breakthrough of great significance rendering our existing worldview as irrelevant Some have called it the ‘Theory of Everything’ The golden grail of quantum physicists It supersedes the five platonic solids that are known in science and math today the Tetrahedron the Cube the Octahedron the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron It is beyond any mathematics that we know The incoming information is that space and time do not exist at least not in the way we now think What appears to be a visible universe with a clearly defined past present and future is not real The universe is actually a holographic projection of a single geometric form which has been named Amplituhedron the new geometry David Wilcock has described it in his seminal book The Synchronicity Key “The Synchronicity Key compellingly argues that time is cyclical not linear We also make the case that these cycles are powered by vast unseen geometric patterns in space ” David continues “The full proof of the geometry and how it functions will be laid out in my next book The Hidden Architecture of Time The Amplituhedron discovery proves that all of space all of time all of matter all of energy and all of consciousness is emanating from a single geometric form Like the “recursive” patterns within a fractal there are many subgeometries of this central pattern that we will find in space and in time Each of these geometric patterns act as holographic reflections of this one singular element which is forming the entire Cosmos a single universal geometry Consciousness is a universal phenomenon It is not constrained within biological life only That is the big secret The geometry itself acts as a consciousnessinfluencing structure that we orbit through in space As we orbit the entire geometric cluster we pass over the surfaces of these spheres These spheres and geometries are not hard solid objects they are energy patterns in space Multi Dimensional Beings Through Photography Consciousness is geometry Think about the key principle of holograms If you cut a holographic plate into smaller pieces and shine a laser into them you still see an image of the entire hologram not just a piece of it Like the principle of recursiveness each part of this geometry contains the image of the whole In the same way any event that occurs in one sphere or one domain automatically affects what will happen when we pass through the next one ” Our world consists of parallel realities all occurring now and at once   Join our Time Travel Seminars in Hawaii in February and March 2016 The dolphins and whales will be there too Interested in learning about dolphins and whales  Check out Joans 2 books available DOLPHIN CONNECTIONInterdimensional Ways of Living& DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE     Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis by  clif high pioneered in 1993                           October 2015 covering 2015 2029 Support for Mass Sightings and Visitations This process is based on an understanding that all humans are psychic although the vast majority do nothing to cultivate it as a skill and are likely unaware of it within themselves   However they ‘leak’ this prescient information out continuously in their choice of language intuitively predicting the future   Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories Predictive Linguistics uses emotional quantifiers for each and all wordsphrases discoveredfiltered in the aggregation process read more here Please enjoy this article on Joan from Mary Joyces website www skyshipsovercashiers com CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO ALBUM OF THE 2015 TRIPWITH THE HUMPBACK WHALES OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2015 D R HUMPBACK IMAGES FROM LISA DENNINGS PORTFOLIO TALKATIVE DOLPHINS OF HAWAII What are they telling us   TIMECAPSULES and the WingMakers An article by Joan In this extraordinarily touching and heartfelt book nineteen cetacean ambassadors visionaries communicators and facilitators of transformation share their personal stories of dolphin and whale encounters that changed their lives forever The unique connection they each share with cetaceans has become their personal doorway to transformation higher wisdom and the ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing within themselves and others   Let yourself be transported into the very depths of your soul as you journey along with the storytellers into the mystical magical realm of higher consciousness that is the home and playground of the dolphins and whales   DOLPHINS & WHALES FOREVER  Joans Recent Radio Interview with Joan Ocean MS and JeanLuc Bozzoli at Sky Island Ranch   Sound Language ET ships and Cetaceans New Articles from ETfriends com   Latest News about our DolphininspiredTime Travel Experiences on the Big Island Earth and Her Second Sun  Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars    Meet the Dolphins in Hawaii on an open boat trip with Joan     2016 SEMINARS POD PICS 2015 SEMINARS POD PICS      Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars    Lilous interview with Joan after the Dolphin Symposium 2011 Planet Shifter Magazine Interview with Joan Ocean 2010     Art Gallery of Teleportation   Our Intentions are to live in Harmony with Nature and people Come to Sky Island Ranch and explore sustainable gardening This is our Sacred Home 16 acres of fertile land overlooking the ocean Contact jeanluceyewithin com for the logistics STORIES AROUND SKY ISLAND RANCH     Here are pictures of underwater structures taken right here in Hawaii the Big Island After spending many weeks in Bimini and experiencing the ancient underwater remnants believed to be part of Atlantis I was intrigued by these photos of walls and portals underwater taken by JeanLuc at Puuhonua o Honaunau in August 2009     WHALES IN CRISIS IMPORTANT ESSAYS AND PICTURES &COPYLISA H DENNING   MESSAGES FROM THE WHALES         DOLPHINS & TIME TRAVEL WINDOW IN TIME Image by httpwww eyewithin com       Have a look at our new DVD film about the Humpback Whalesand their relationship to humanity This insightful film is narrated by Joan Ocean and filmed by Lisa Denning CLICK HERE TO VIEW A QUICKTIME CLIP       DVD AVAILABLE OF JOANS ORIGINAL VIDEOOPEN to the SEA    Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars  Lisa Dennings wonderful dolphin and whale images THE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY of LISA DENNING Click for lisas video clip from Bimini     The new DVD films by JeanLuc Bozzoli see the trailers httpwww eyewithin com TRANSMUTEO   VOYAGE to INFINITY     Click here to see aSPECIAL Hyperdimensional Plasma Ship Animation by JeanLuc Bozzoli   Visit the Online Dolphin Gift Shopfor all of Joans books videos & CDs      Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars      Joans Sasquatch Encounters PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE PART FOUR BIRDMAN PART FIVE PART SIX IN AUSTRALIA FOREST RETREAT 07 OCTOBER 2007APRIL 2008 WEEK ONE & WEEK TWO OCTOBER 2008 APRIL 2009 APRIL 2010    Check out the new bookThe Quantum Bigfoot       Click photo of Triangular craft for ETV story and click picture of symbol from Sasquatch for that story       UPCOMING Seminars   Photos from past Seminars             A Starry is born       Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars    In Loving Memory ofJack Davis               Visit Joans other websiteETfriends com     PHOTO ALBUMS SEMINAR POD PICS 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 20089 MY FAMILY POD PICS CARIBBEAN WHALES 2013 JUNE 2011 SYMPOSIUM PHOTOS TAHITI 2008 2009 2010 & 2011 CSETI conference AZ 2010 photos BIMINI 2010 PHOTOS of HUMPBACKS of POLYNESIA JOYFUL POD 2009 GIGIS REUNION Bimini 2009 BIMINI 2008 & 2009 NIUE ISLAND 2008 ONE & TWO PETER RUSSELL GROUP 2008 WHALES OF THE CARRIBEAN 2008 ET CONFERENCE PHOTOS 2006 E T CONTACT SEMINAR PHOTOS PLUS Seminar Pictures 20022005  Home on the Ranch Whales of the Caribbean 2004 Caribbean Whales 2003 Whales of the Caribbean 2002 Photo Album of Children Photo Album of Adventures Photo Album of Seminar Groups Photo Album of Joan with Dolphins & Whales MEET THE ANDROMEDANS SEMINAR PHOTOS PHOTOS FROM AZORES JULY 2005 WEEK ONE ~ WEEK TWO PHOTOS FROM ET CONTACT SEMINAR JUNE 2005 PHOTOS FROM CONFERENCE IN HAWAII PHOTOS FROM PETER RUSSELL SEMINAR APRIL 2005 PHOTOS FROM WHALES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2005 WEEK ONE ~ WEEK TWO PHOTOS FROM COSMIC CHOCOLATE CHANNELERS POD 2005 Conference Washington DC April 2004 The Atlantean Azores 2004 Azores Island 2003 2003 Portal Report STORIES AND DOLPHIN COMMUNICATION STORY Karas Web Report on Tsunami Cleanup Humpback Whale and Disabled Swimmer Navy Sonar and whales LFAS and Whales U S Navy Drones Matthews message about Cetaceans Joans Sasquatch Encounters Extraterrestial deep underwatercrafts Plasma Ships & Mysterious Ocean Lights Whales and Biological Infrasound Earth Changes Prophecies of the Hopi The Dolphins and the Power of Their Sound The Circular Underwater Disk August 12 2003 Portal Report Messages from the Whales Joans Whale Stories Spotted Dolphins Join Spinners Death of a Dolphin Friend People Helping Dolphins A Message of Hope from Joan Remembering John C Lilly M D 19152001 Bubbles Orbs and Probes Say YES to E T Contact India and extraterrestrial contacts Space Vehicles & Cloudships Jacks Breatharian Article    Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars      Welcome to the DOLPHIN CONNECTION South Kona Coast Big Island Hawaii Aerial photos Joe DAmore Hello everyone I am happy to have this opportunity to communicate with you on web wave lengths while I continue to live in the Hawaiian Islands I have been living in Hawaii for two decade spending many hours a day in the ocean learning from the dolphins who live here and being part of a humandolphin community I am fortunate to be able to swim regularly with the free swimming Hawaiian Spinner dolphins When the dolphin pods arrive in the morning their consciousness contacts me in my sleeping dream state and I wake up knowing they are here I then put on my bathing suit and immediately swim to meet them The ocean can be tumultuous or quiet but once I am among the dolphins I am in a world of peace and contentment Over the past twenty years the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins have welcomed me into their families and taught me about the ocean about swimming and diving healthy living in community serenity harmony with nature compassion and how to access multiple fascinating states of consciousness Since they are not limited by a culture immersed in belief systems of the past they freely evolve and develop many advanced aspects of their brain and mind I have published two books about my interactions with freeswimming dolphins and whales In these books I explain many of the behaviors and teachings of the dolphins The information and experiential encounters continue on a daily basis as I swim among 200 dolphins here in Hawaii I am glad to have this internet opportunity to share with you the latest teachings of the dolphins and whales In Hawaii I meet with the Pilot whales the Humpbacks the Spotted dolphins Bottlenose and Spinners of the Pacific all with a Lemurian heritage I am also in contact with the whales and dolphins of the Atlantian heritage Now I even meet the whales in the warm South Pacific waters after they migrate from the south As I swim among these very wise and gentle Guardians of our planet I learn more about their large brain holographics and the other civilizations they know These spiritual and benevolent civilizations from distant star systems are observing our planet and are in contact with the cetaceans On the mainland I have established contact with the Ancient Ones and Sasquatch that have opened me to other dimensions of time and space I invite you all to join me on my travels to these exotic places to explore these truly mystical marvels of our multiversal world With love Joan Ocean           Please visit Joans other websiteETFriends com   Contact Information Email Information Joanjoanocean comGraphics JeanLuc Bozzoli Toll free telephone in US only 8887557750 Telephone 8083238000 Postal address P O Box 102 Captain Cook Hawaii 96704 USA If you would like to support our research ofour HumanDolphin connection please feelfree to contribute below  Thanks  Home   About Joan  Photo Albums  Family Albums  HumanDolphin Village   Our Children   Seminars  Copyright &COPY 19912017 Dolphin ConnectionAll Rights Reserved   webstuff douglasdolphinville com