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Dead Girls | Full Horror Movie - YouTube Cabin of the dead (Horror Movie) Full Movie with English Subtitles 2016 I horror story I horor - Duration: 1:32:14. Watch Movies Now! 815,921 views

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so turn turn, even wept a little bit .. the farther away the more interesting)))
27.09.2017 | Comment
All parts of the revised several times. I feel that this, too, curled up holes)) As for the second time watch)
28.09.2017 | Comment
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Hammer Film Productions - Wikipedia Hammer Film Productions is a British film production company based in London. Founded in 1934, the company is best known for a series of Gothic "Hammer Horror" films ...

Hammer Film Productions - Wikipedia Hammer Horror redirects here Horror Classics V 14 For the song by Kate Bush see Hammer Horror song Hammer Film Productions is a British film production company based in London Founded in 1934 the company is best known for a series of Gothic Hammer Horror films made from the mid1950s until the 1970s Hammer also produced science fiction thrillers film noir and comedies and in later years television series During its most successful years Hammer dominated the horror film market enjoying worldwide distribution and considerable financial success This success was due in part to distribution partnerships with major United States studios such as Warner Bros During the late 1960s and 1970s the saturation of the horror film market by competitors and the loss of American funding forced changes to the previously lucrative Hammer formula with varying degrees of success The company eventually ceased production in the mid1980s In 2000 the studio was bought by a consortium including advertising executive and art collector Charles Saatchi and publishing millionaires Neil Mendoza and William Sieghart The company announced plans to begin making films again after this but none were produced In May 2007 the company was sold again this time to a consortium headed by Dutch media tycoon John de Mol who announced plans to spend some 50m £25m on new horror films The new owners also acquired the Hammer groups film library consisting of 295 movies Simon Oakes who took over as CEO of Hammer said Hammer is a great British brand we intend to take it back into production and develop its global potential The brand is still alive but no one has invested in it for a long time 2 Since then it has produced several films including Let Me In 2010 The Resident 2011 The Woman in Black 2012 and The Quiet Ones 2014 Contents 1 History 1 1 Early history 1935–37 – Hammer Productions 1 2 Resurrection 1938–55 – Hammer Film Productions 1 3 The birth of Hammer Horror 1955–59 2 Films 2 1 The Curse of Frankenstein 2 2 Dracula 2 3 The Mummy 2 4 Nonhorror films 3 Sequels 1958–74 3 1 Frankenstein 3 2 Dracula 3 3 The Mummy 3 4 Cave Girls 3 5 Psychological thrillers 3 6 Others 4 Market changes early 1970s 4 1 The Karnstein Trilogy 5 Later years of film production later 1970s 6 Revival 2007–present 6 1 Revival films 7 Critical response 8 Television series 8 1 Journey to the Unknown 8 2 Hammer House of Horror 8 3 Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense 9 Tribute and parody 10 See also 11 References 12 External links Historyedit Early history 1935–37 – Hammer Productionsedit In November 1934 William Hinds a comedian and businessman registered his film company Hammer Productions Ltd It was housed in a threeroom office suite at Imperial House Regent Street London The company name came from Hinds stage name Will Hammer which he had taken from the area of London in which he lived Hammersmith Work began almost immediately on the first film The Public Life of Henry the Ninth at the MGMATP studios with filming concluding on 2 January 1935 The film tells the story of Henry Henry an unemployed London street musician and the title was a playful tribute to Alexander Kordas The Private Life of Henry VIII which was Britains first Academy Award for Best Picture nominee in 1934 6 During this time Hinds met Spanish émigré Enrique Carreras a former cinema owner and on 10 May 1935 they formed a film distribution company Exclusive Films operating from an office at 6066 National House Wardour Street Hammer produced four films distributed by Exclusive The Bank Messenger Mystery 1936 The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Released in the USA as Phantom Ship 1935 featuring Bela Lugosi Song of Freedom 1936 featuring Paul Robeson Sporting Love 1937 A slump in the British film industry forced Hammer into bankruptcy and the company went into liquidation in 1937 Exclusive survived and on 20 July 1937 purchased the leasehold on 113117 Wardour Street and continued to distribute films made by other companies Resurrection 1938–55 – Hammer Film Productionsedit James Carreras joined Exclusive in 1938 closely followed by William Hinds son Anthony At the outbreak of World War II James Carreras and Anthony Hinds left to join the armed services and Exclusive continued to operate in a limited capacity In 1946 James Carreras rejoined the company after demobilisation He resurrected Hammer as the film production arm of Exclusive with a view to supplying quotaquickies cheaply made domestic films designed to fill gaps in cinema schedules and support more expensive features He convinced Anthony Hinds to rejoin the company and a revived Hammer Film Productions set to work on Death in High Heels The Dark Road and Crime Reporter Not able to afford top stars Hammer acquired the film rights to BBC radio series such as The Adventures of PC 49 and Dick Barton Special Agent an adaptation of the successful Dick Barton radio show 10 All were filmed at Marylebone Studios during 1947 During the production of Dick Barton Strikes Back 1948 it became apparent that the company could save a considerable amount of money by shooting in country houses instead of studios For the next production – Dr Morelle The Case of the Missing Heiress another radio adaptation – Hammer rented Dial Close a 23 bedroom mansion beside the River Thames at Cookham Dean Maidenhead 11 On 12 February 1949 Exclusive registered Hammer Film Productions as a company with Enrique and James Carreras and William and Tony Hinds as directors Hammer moved into the Exclusive offices in 113117 Wardour Street and the building was rechristened Hammer House In August 1949 complaints from locals about noise during night filming forced Hammer to leave Dial Close and move into another mansion Oakley Court also on the banks of the Thames between Windsor and Maidenhead Five films were produced there Man in Black 1949 Room to Let 1949 Someone at the Door 1949 What the Butler Saw 1950 The Lady Craved Excitement 1950 In 1950 Hammer moved again to Gilston Park a country club in Harlow Essex which hosted The Black Widow The Rossiter Case To Have and to Hold and The Dark Light all 1950 In 1951 Hammer began shooting at its bestremembered base Down Place on the banks of the Thames later known as Bray Studios The company signed a oneyear lease and began its 1951 production schedule with Cloudburst The house virtually derelict required substantial work but it did not have the construction restrictions that had prevented Hammer from customizing previous homes A decision was made to remodel Down Place into a substantial customfitte