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Get movie: R O D The TV Vol 3 The Past

great-filmets recommended for viewing, which has a lot to learn ....
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I look forward to each series would !!! series - super!
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Film) - TV Tropes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is the 2017 sequel to the 2014 superhero Space Opera/Space Western film Guardians of the Galaxy and the fifteenth entry in …

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Film) I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain never break the chain R O D The TV Vol 3 The Past Rocket So were saving the galaxy againPeter I guess Rocket Awesome Were really gonna be able to jack up our prices if were twotime galaxy savers Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is the 2017 sequel to the 2014 superhero Space OperaSpace Western film Guardians of the Galaxy and the fifteenth entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Like the first film it is directed by James Gunn It is based on the Marvel Comics line Guardians of the Galaxy Its two months after the defeat of the villainous Ronan the Accuser and Peter StarLord Quill and the Guardians are riding high on their newfound notoriety selling their services as heroes for hire Unfortunately when they take a job for a race called the Sovereign in exchange for their captive Ronans former Dragon Nebula the Guardians end up angering their easilyoffended clients and get put on the Sovereigns hitlist Now the Guardians are on the run from the Sovereign and the teams old Space Pirate enemies allies the Ravagers who have mutinied against their boss Yondu for his softness on his former apprentice Peter and are now leading the Sovereigns manhunt And just to complicate matters Peters Disappeared Dad has resurfaced along with a protégée of his own A third film was greenlit over a year before Vol 2s premiere with James Gunn being confirmed to return as writer and director shortly before the Vol 2s release Previews Sneak Peek Teaser Trailer Big Game Spot and a Full Trailer     openclose all folders      Tropes A  2D Space Averted while the Guardians fly into an asteroid field to avoid the Sovereign drones the majority of the enemy force just goes around the asteroid field to wait for them to come out 80s Hair Ego and Meredith have one in the flashback opening fitting for the time period Abusive Parents During Taserfaces mutiny Yondu mentions that his parents sold him off as a Child Soldier to the Kree Ego never cared about any of his other offspring upon finding out that none of them bore his powers as a Celestial their numerous remains are found haphazardly piled under the crust of his planet Even Peter he only cares for because he has inherited Egos powers When Peter refuses to willingly join Egos plans for universal destruction Ego quickly demotes him to the status of battery for the next thousand yearsmerely a useful power source to accomplish his own plans Accidental Misnaming Gamoras still trying to understand Earth culture and mispronounces David Hasselhoffs name as Zardu Hasselfrau Drax gets the technical name of the batteries wrong More than once Action Film Quiet Drama Scene Quite a few Nebula and Gamoras argument after their big duel where Nebula explains why she hates her sister to Gamora at length Yondu expertly deconstructing Rockets behavior on board the Ravager ship explaining how he and Rocket are Not So Different Mantis using her empathic abilities to telepathically learn about Draxs family Because the audience already knows Draxs backstory all we see is Mantis collapsing into tears while Drax stares beatifically into the distance Actually Pretty Funny When Baby Groot brings that guys eye and Rocket insists on keeping it just to mess with the guy Yondu just stares at him before letting out a slight chuckle The traitorous Ravagers laugh at Rocket mocking Taserface Adaptational Badass StarLord ends up being significantly stronger than in the comics In the climax he dukes it out with Ego Man of Steelstyle However following Egos death Peter loses his powers Adaptational Modesty Mantiss costume has leggings and no plunging Vneck in contrast to her original outfit from the comics Ayeshas robes are also a mite bit more conservative than the Leotard of Power she has in the comics Theres also Aletta whos dressed up to the collar like Mantis its safe to say this applies to anyone who isnt Drax Adaptational Villainy Ego in a similar manner as was done with Ronan in the previous movie Ego was regarded as something of the cosmic heros joke villain when anyone except Kirby was scripting him Up until 2017 with his appearance in Ultimates 2 fighting alongside Galactus most modern stories had silly plots like the Hulk fighting monstrous zits on his surface and him hiring RocketRaccoon to delouse his hair The movie version is not a joke being as dark and destructive as Ronan was Adaptation Species Change In the comics neither Ego nor StarLord were Celestials either completely or halfbreed In the movie they are Adapted Out In the comics Adam Warlock was created by a group of human scientists who collectively called themselves the Enclave In the film Adam is instead created by Ayesha The comics version of Taserface actually could fire energy from his face or at least from the face plate of the armor he wore In the film its just something Taserface himself thought would be an Awesome McCoolname but ends up being seen as an Atrocious Alias that Rocket mercilessly mocks Json of Spartax is Peters Arch Nemesis Dad in the comics instead of Ego though he seems to have inherited some of his personality Adult Fear Deals heavily in these though it falls primarily to Yondu who spends almost the entirety of the film dealing with people who are threatening to kill his adopted son Made especially obvious when Rocket tells him that Ego has Peter This is something hes been trying to avoid for 25 years and it shows Yondu is also Forced to Watch as his loyal crew are Thrown Out the Airlock one by one by the mutineers And then Taserface twists the knife by saying its Yondus fault for leading them astray Kraglin is also watching fully blaming himself for it Baby Groot early on he nearly falls off a skyscraper and later is nearly crushed by Ego He even starts to cry as the latter is happening Keep in mind that hes still in the midst of regrowing and has regressed back into a baby Ego an Abusive Parent who has killed thousands of his own kids just because they werent what he wanted Yondu was sold into slavery by his own parents when he was a baby Advertised Extra Although Sylvester Stallone is listed among the main cast members he only appears in three very brief scenes Aerith and Bob Lampshaded Being an alien Gamora thinks the name Zardu Hasselfrau sounds much more normal than David Hasselhoff Affectionate Nickname Yondu refers to Groot as Twig and Rocket as Rat Alien Geometries The support trusses inside Egos core are actually Mandelbulb fractals Aloof Big Sister Its revealed that part of the reason Nebula hates Gamora is because of this While we dont know who is actually older Nebula feels younger here When the two were pitted against each other Gamora never held back or showed any concern over Thanoss abuse Gamora was focused on survival As Nebula put it You were all I had