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Jesus - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jesus Christ also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is a Jewish teacher and reformer of religion who has become the central figure of Christianity.

Also Known As AKA De la crèche à la croix France Del pesebre a la cruz Spain Från krubban till korset Sweden Jesus of Nazareth USA


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Longish, but overall the film is good.
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Looked for the spectacle and spetseffektov.Spasibo))
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Jesus - Wikipedia Canonical gospels. The four canonical gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are the only substantial sources for the life and message of Jesus. Other parts of the ...

Jesus - Wikipedia This article is about Jesus of Nazareth The Life And Passion Of Jesus Christ From The Manger To The Cross For other uses see Jesus disambiguation Christ redirects here For the Christian theological concept of the Messiah see Christ title For other uses see Christ disambiguation Jesuse ˈdʒiːzəs JEEzuss c 4 BC – c 3033 AD also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christf was a Jewish preacher and religious leader 12 He is the central figure of Christianity Christians believe him to be the Son of God and the awaited Messiah Christ prophesied in the Old Testament 14 Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed historicallyg although the quest for the historical Jesus has produced little agreement on the historical reliability of the Gospels and on how closely the biblical Jesus reflects the historical Jesus hi Jesus was a Galilean Jew12 who was baptized by John the Baptist and subsequently began his own ministry preaching his message orally24 and often being referred to as rabbi 25 Jesus debated fellow Jews on how to best follow God engaged in healings taught in parables and gathered followers 27 He was arrested and tried by the Jewish authorities and turned over to the Roman government and was subsequently crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate the Roman prefect After his death his followers believed he rose from the dead and the community they formed eventually became the Christian Church His birth is celebrated annually on December 25 or various dates in January for some eastern churches as a holiday known as Christmas his crucifixion is honored on Good Friday and his resurrection is celebrated on Easter The widely used calendar era AD from the Latin anno Domini in the year of the Lord and the alternative CE are based on the approximate birth date of Jesus 30j Christian doctrines include the beliefs that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit was born of a virgin named Mary performed miracles founded the Church died by crucifixion as a sacrifice to achieve atonement rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven whence he will return Most Christians believe Jesus enables humans to be reconciled to God The Nicene Creed asserts that Jesus will judge the living and the dead33 either before or after their bodily resurrection343536 an event tied to the Second Coming of Jesus in Christian eschatology 37 The great majority of Christians worship Jesus as the incarnation of God the Son the second of three persons of a Divine Trinity A minority of Christian denominations reject Trinitarianism wholly or partly as nonscriptural In Islam Jesus commonly transliterated as Isa is considered one of Gods important prophets and the Messiah 383940Muslims believe Jesus was a bringer of scripture and was born of a virgin but was not the Son of God The Quran states that Jesus himself never claimed divinity 41 To most Muslims Jesus was not crucified but was physically raised into Heaven by God Judaism rejects the belief that Jesus was the awaited Messiah arguing that he did not fulfill Messianic prophecies and asserting that his resurrection is a Christian legend 42 Contents 1 Etymology 2 Life and teachings in the New Testament 2 1 Canonical gospels 2 2 Genealogy and nativity 2 3 Early life family and profession 2 4 Baptism and temptation 2 5 Public ministry 2 5 1 Disciples and followers 2 5 2 Teachings and miracles 2 5 3 Proclamation as Christ and Transfiguration 2 6 Passion Week 2 6 1 Activities in Jerusalem 2 6 2 Last Supper 2 6 3 Agony in the Garden betrayal and arrest 2 6 4 Trials by the Sanhedrin Herod and Pilate 2 6 5 Crucifixion and entombment 2 7 Resurrection and Ascension 3 Historical views 3 1 Judea and Galilee in the 1st century 3 2 Sources 3 3 Chronology 3 4 Historicity of events 3 4 1 Family 3 4 2 Baptism 3 4 3 Ministry in Galilee 3 4 4 Role 3 4 5 Passover and crucifixion in Jerusalem 3 4 6 After crucifixion 3 5 Portraits of Jesus 3 6 Language ethnicity and appearance 3 7 Christ myth theory 4 Perspectives 4 1 Christian 4 2 Jewish 4 3 Islamic 4 4 Baháí 4 5 Other 5 Artistic depictions 6 Associated relics 7 See also 8 Notes 9 References 9 1 Citations 9 2 Bibliography 10 External links Etymology Further information Jesus name Holy Name of Jesus Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament Names of God in Christianity Yeshua and Isa name Counterclockwise Hebrew Aramaic Greek Latin and English transcriptions of the name Jesus A typical Jew in Jesus time had only one name sometimes supplemented with the fathers name or the individuals hometown 43 Thus in the New Testament Jesus is commonly referred to as Jesus of Nazarethk e g Mark 1047 44 Jesus neighbors in Nazareth refer to him as the carpenter the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon Mark 6345 the carpenters son Matthew 135546 or Josephs son Luke 422 47 In John the disciple Philip refers to him as Jesus son of Joseph from Nazareth John 145 48 The name Jesus is derived from the Latin Iesus a transliteration of the Greek Ἰησοῦς Iesous 49 The Greek form is a rendering of the Hebrew ישוע‎ Yeshua a variant of the earlier name יהושע‎ Yehoshua in English Joshua 505152 The name Yeshua appears to have been in use in Judea at the time of the birth of Jesus 53 The 1st century works of historian Flavius Josephus who wrote in Koine Greek the same language as that of the New Testament54 refer to at least twenty different people with the name Jesus i e Ἰησοῦς The etymology of Jesus name in the context of the New Testament is generally given as Yahweh is salvation Since early Christianity Christians have commonly referred to Jesus as Jesus Christ The word Christ is derived from the Greek Χριστός Christos4958 which is a translation of the Hebrew משיח Meshiakh meaning the anointed and usually transliterated into English as Messiah 59 Christians designate Jesus as Christ because they believe he is the Messiah whose arrival is prophesied in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament In postbiblical usage Christ became viewed as a nameone part of Jesus Christbut originally it was a title 62 The term Christian meaning a follower of Christ has been in use since the 1st century 63 Life and teachings in the New Testament Main article Life of Jesus in the New Testament See also Gospel Gospel harmony Historical reliability of the Gospels and Internal consistency of the New Testament See also New Testament places associated with Jesus and Names and titles of Jesus in the New Testament A 3rd century Greek papyrus of the Gospel of Luke Canonical gospels The four canonical gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John are the only substantial sources for the life and message of Jesus 64 Other p