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Charlie Gard's parents see medics over ending life support ... Charlie Gard's parents will meet doctors to discuss the agonising decision to switch off terminally-ill baby's life support as medics say they are in 'no ...


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Charlie Gard's parents see medics over ending life support ... Charlie Gard's parents will meet doctors to discuss the agonising decision to switch off terminally-ill baby's life support as medics say they are in 'no ...

Charlie Gard's parents see medics over ending life support Charlie Gards utterly distraught parents will meet with his doctors today as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved son A Tremendous Life The Story Of Charlie Tremendous Jones European judges last night backed the British doctors who said it would be kinder to let the tenmonthold die Charlie who has a rare genetic condition will now die at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London once doctors have removed an artificial ventilator His parents Chris Gard and Connie Yates who spent all their time at their sons bedside are likely to speak with his clinical team about the next steps although doctors insist there is no rush to end his life Outside Great Ormond Street members of Charlies Army the group who raised £1 3million for US care denied to him have tied messages of hope ribbons and posters to trees Charlies parents and their supporters desperately wanted their son pictured to undergo treatment in America now his life will end after the legal battle ended Chris Gard and Connie Yates have been battling to save their son since he was diagnosed with a rare condition in September 2016  but must meet with doctors to discuss ending life support Outside Great Ormond Street members of Charlies Army the group who raised £1 3million for US care denied to him have tied ribbons and posters to trees Will Charlies life support  be switched off straight away Charlie Gards parents Connie Gard and Connie Yates have been forced to prepare themselves for the eventuality that their baby sons life would be ended by the courts   Great Ormond Street Hospital have said that although a deadline on continuing his care is in place it will not be followed to the letter Doctors say there is no rush to end his treatment and they have discussed what will happen with his parents The couple will have days rather than hours to say goodbye to their son A spokesman for the hospital said  At Great Ormond Street Hospital our priority in situations like this is to work closely with the family to discuss the next steps in their childs care In Charlies case we have been discussing for many months how the withdrawal of treatment may work   There would be no rush for any action to be taken immediately   Discussions and planning in these situations usually take some days – based on the experience of our clinical teams   A Great Ormond Street spokesman said the European Court decision marked the end of a difficult process But she said there would be no rush to change Charlies care She said there would be careful planning and discussion Our thoughts are with Charlies parents she added The decision by the European Court of Human Rights marks the end of what has been a very difficult process and our priority is to provide every possible support to Charlies parents as we prepare for the next steps There will be no rush by Great Ormond Street Hospital to change Charlies care and any future treatment plans will involve careful planning and discussion    His heartbroken parents have reached the very end of their journey in their legal fight a friend said His parents had battled to be allowed to take him to America to undergo experimental therapy but successive courts ruled in favour of Charlies British doctors Now the European Court of Human Rights has dashed their final hope and last night a friend of the family told the Mail Connie and Chris are absolutely distraught utterly heartbroken It has ripped their world apart The agony they have gone through is unimaginable Fortunately they have huge support from a very loving and close family but losing a child is every parents nightmare And for them the agony is more unbearable as they have fought so very hard for treatment they firmly believed would save Charlies life It is likely Charlies life support will be withdrawn in the next few days   Charlies parents pictured together after losing a Supreme Court case hoped that judges in France would come to their aid 10monthold Charlie Gard pictured suffers from a rare genetic condition and has brain damage Charlies bereft mother indicated donations will be used to save lives of other children Connie Yates 31 has indicated that the £1 3m raised for Charlie will be used to save other children and a foundation could be set up in his name    Miss Yates said in April A few people have asked us what well do if we dont win the court case   We have thought long and hard about it and we would set up a charity for mitochondrial depletion syndromes there are others that are more common than Charlies specific gene she said in a statement which was posted on the website but has now been taken down Wed like to save other babies and children because these medications have been proven to work and we honestly have so much belief in them If Charlie doesnt get this chance we will make sure that other innocent babies and children will be saved We would like some of it to go to research at the specific hospital that is willing to treat Charlie and the rest will be available to help other families to get the medication that their children desperately need We hope that you can all support us in making treatments available so that nobody else ever has to go through what we have GoFundMe said officials would also have discussions with Charlies parents about what would happen to money raised for treatment A Tremendous Life The Story Of Charlie Tremendous Jones The hospital made it clear there was no rush and that every possible support to Charlies parents would be provided   Miss Yates 31 and Mr Gard 32 of Bedfont South West London have previously lost battles in the High Court Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Their last chance was the European court based in Strasbourg France but its seven judges ruled the parents application inadmissible adding The decision is final Charlie who was born on August 4 last year has a type of mitochondrial disease so rare he is only the 16th sufferer worldwide The condition saps energy from organs and muscles and his lungs are too weak to function without the ventilator He is in intensive care at Great Ormond Street where doctors believe nothing can save him despite his parents finding a US specialist willing to try an experimental drug treatment The Supreme Court backed the High Court and Court of Appeal which had both accepted evidence that it would be futile for Charlie to have further treatment because he has irreversible brain damage and cannot see hear or move His parents are adamant he is growing stronger and showing signs of improvement They have raised £1 3 million from wellwishers who donated via an online fundraising page to fund the US treatment It is unclear what will happen to the money Wellwishers are continuing to donate to a fund set up by a couple who want to take their terminally ill baby son to the United States for treatment even though hopes have been dashed   The couple have raised nearly £1 4 million after launching an appeal to pay for treatment in American on a GoFundMe website four months ago and more than £300 has been donated since Strasbourg judges announced their decision One wellwisher donated £100 at about 7am on Wednesday and posted a message to Charlies parents saying My heart goes out to you during this crucial time Prayers are coming your way I pray God changes the hearts of the doctors to allow Charlie to get the care he needs and deserves Battle to save baby Charlie Gard European judges yesterday said that the parents of Charlie pictured could not take him to the US for treatment ending his parents legal battle August 4 2016 Charlie Gard was born a perfectly healthy baby September 2016 At just eight weeks old he was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition after he began to lose weight He became only the 16th person in the world to be diagnosed with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome The condition causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage   January 2017 Charlies mother finds an American doctor who is willing to offer her son a trial therapy She set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for the treatment called nucleoside April 2 2017 His parents set themselves a target of £1 2million the day before a High Court hearing into Charlies case began The money they raised which was thanks to donations from around the world including from celebrities was enough for Charlie to travel by air ambulance and to cover the cost of the experimental treatment April 3 2017 A judge in the High Court started to consider whether the babys life support machines should be turned off The judge also considered whether his parents should be allowed to take him to America for the treatment April 11 2017 A High Court judge ruled that doctors at Great Ormond Street are permitted to turn of his lifesupport machines His mother screamed no when the verdict was announced and the couple later descried themselves as devastated and vowed to appeal the decision April 22 2017 More than 110000 people signed a petition which urged people to write letters calling on the Prime Minister to release him from hospital May 25 2017 Three judges at the Court of Appeal upheld the High Courts ruling that Charlies life support treatment should end June 8 2017 Three Supreme Court justices rejected a fresh challenge by Charlies parents and his mother said How can they do this to us Doctors at Great Ormond Street were told to keep his life support on for another day so the European Court of Human Rights could consider his case June 13 2017 Judges in Strasbourg France said the life support should be kept on until Monday June 19 June 27 2017 Judges in the European Court of Human Rights rejected a plea from the parents of terminallyill baby Charlie Gard to intervene in the case