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Umbria & Tuscany Tours - Globus® Italy Tour Packages The name of this Italy tour—Gems of Umbria & Tuscany—says it all, as you’ll visit some of the medieval hill towns and see some of the beautiful gems that call ...

Tuscany the wonderful scenic landscape and the culturally rich region of Italy mesmerises anyone who drives through the valleys and explores the villages


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That's what I understand the author's cinema.
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All parts of the revised several times. I feel that this, too, curled up holes)) As for the second time watch)
17.09.2017 | Comment
Looks beautiful, spectacular, and yes, I even like the movie. 10!
16.09.2017 | Comment
Damn series is becoming more and more interesting.
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Tuscany Mapping out Tuscany: museums, culture, wine, food and best beaches - find it all on our great Tuscany maps. To keep you travel happily.

TUSCANY Im writing a book Tuscany Italy I know I said the same thing in my last post six months ago but rather annoyingly thats still what I do It takes an infuriating amount of time to get all these words onto the screen And once the words are on there they start just like my kids to behave unruly and look badly spelt spelled and it takes another infuriating used same word already above amount of time synonym for time to tease them into a an attractive form and lovely singsong that hopefully one day not too far you people may want to read On a less artistic level I also spend a lot of time running after the pages of the manuscript which once gone with the wind tend to get chewed up by our neighbours sheep Thats one more reason why the Map It Out Tuscany Siena and Montalcino blogs have turned into a sort of wasteland lately Luckily I planted a few sturdy succulents long ago which keep this blog alive even though I wasnt around here much already during the year before starting work on the manuscript I was far too busy then with living through the story the book will tell a story that focuses on the daily ups and downs of the workings of a refugee home in a Tuscan hilltop town and my experience in the midst of it    Migration and the so called refugee crisis and the impact of the two on a small village and an improvised shelter in the Tuscan hinterland are the main topics of the book If complicated intricate matters like these speak to you bear with me Im going to publish The Trouble with Helping working title in English in autumn 2016 and further down the lane also in Italian and German Tuscany Italy Drop me an email if youd like to be informed once the The Trouble with Helping is ready to roll Just write book news or something similar in the header and Ill add you to the mailing list I know there are clever apps out there that would make it easier for you to sign up to my book list but I havent had the nerves yet to figure them out  Because as I said Im sitting here typing away   UPDATE WINTER 2017 Across the Big Blue Sea Good Intentions and Hard Lessons in an Italian Refugee Home will be published in February 2017 More info on the book website www acrossthebigbluesea com If only they could write it for me