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Secrets of the Dead (TV Series 2000– ) - IMDb With Liev Schreiber, Jay O. Sanders, Salima Ikram, Piers Gibbon. Mysteries involving notable historical events, people and locations are scientifically examined.

Explores an amazing link between the Black Plague and HIV Partial or complete immunity through the Delta 32 mutation and how they tracked it down


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Such rzhaka probably since the Scary Movie is not seen)))
02.10.2017 | Comment
the farther the worse ... I do not know what's going on show. :(
01.10.2017 | Comment
pity that ended this season, the series super!)) waiting for new sezonchik)
30.09.2017 | Comment
Not bad.
29.09.2017 | Comment
Hahaha! LOL! I love these comedy !!
28.09.2017 | Comment
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Midsomer Murders (an Episode Guide) 4th Series 2000/2001 "Garden of Death" gs: Sarah Alexander [ Felicity Inkpen-Thomas ], Dean Batchelor [ Michael ], Anthony Bate [ Augustus Deverell ], Raymond Bowers ...

Midsomer Murders (an Episode Guide) Midsomer Murders an Episode Guide regulars John Nettles as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby Episodes 1 81 Neil Dudgeon as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby Episodes 82 Daniel Casey as Detective Sergeant Gavin Troy Episodes 1 29 John Hopkins as Detective Sergeant Dan Scott Episodes 30 43 Jason Hughes as Detective Constable Ben Jones Episodes 44 recurring characters Jane Wymark as Joyce Barnaby Episodes 1 81 Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby Episodes 1 13 24 64 70 77 & 81 Barry Jackson as Dr George Bullard Episodes 1 85 Neil Conrich as PC Angel Episodes 1 7 13 27 & 28 Kirsty Dillon as WPC Gail Stephens Episodes 56 81 Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby Episodes 83 Tamzin Malleson as Dr Kate Wilding Episodes 86 crew Brian TrueMay executive producer Episodes 1 7 9 11 89 Jo Wright executive producer Episodes 90 Betty Willingale producer Episodes 1 10 12 & 13 Peter Cregeen producer Episodes 10 11 Ian Strachan line producer and coproducer Episode 24 Delia Fine executive producer for A&E Pat Greenland associate producer Down toLatest TO TitleList IMDb ShareTV Wikipedia videos etc Secrets Of The Dead Mystery Of The Black Death Clicker ThemeTune FAQ SEARCHepguides& TV com Menus& Grids The Killings at Badgers Driftgs Renée Asherson Emily Simpson Rosalie Crutchley Lucy Bellringer Jonathan Firth Michael Lacey Emily Mortimer Katherine Lacey Julian Glover Henry Trace Selina Cadell Phyllis Cadell Christopher Villiers David Whitley Richard Cant Dennis Rainbird Elizabeth Spriggs Iris Rainbird Bill Wallis Dr Trevor Lessiter Diana Hardcastle Barbara Lessiter Jessica Stevenson Judith Lessiter Barbara Young Anna Quine Avril Elgar Mary Sharp Cory Pulman Terry Bazely Simon Godwin Giovanni Paul Putner Policeman Peter Jordan Counseller 1 Marlene Sidaway Counseller 2 Jonathan Oliver Counseller 3 Nigel Asbridge Vicar rc PC Angel Duty police officer The peace of the seemingly idyllic village of Badgers Drift is shattered by the inexplicable murder of an old lady Emily Simpson found dead in her cottage after witnessing something unsettling in the woods Her old friend Lucy Bellringer is convinced that Emilys death was not from natural causes She persuades DCI Barnaby & DS Troy of Causton CID to look into the matter and then hunt down the killer Their investigation uncovers a web of sinister events some long buried in the past b 23 Mar 97 w Anthony Horowitz s Caroline Graham d Jeremy Silberston Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Written in Bloodgs Jane Booker Laura Hutton Joanna David Amy Lyddiard Anna Massey Honoria Lyddiard Judith Scott Sue Clapper John Shrapnel Max Jennings Una Stubbs Selina Jennings Robert Swann Gerald Hadleigh David Troughton Brian Clapper Annoushka Le Gallois Barbara Neale Marlene Sidaway Mrs Bundy Nancy Lodder Edie Carter Daniel Newman Tom Carter Marcus Rogers Denzel Zoot Lynam Collar Mark Bagnall Boreham John Bardon Mr Belgrove Jacqueline Morgan Miss Panter Timothy Bateson James Jocelyne Jay Barrymore Liam Murray Ewan Liams father Paul Putner Policeman 2 David Maybrick Policeman 3 Brian Parr Mr Baker Bryan Burdon Barman rc PC Angel Gerald Hadleigh the secretary of the writers circle in the quiet village of Midsomer Worthy was never in favor of invitating the bestselling novelist Max Jennings to attend one of their meetings When Hadleigh is found dead the following morning brutally battered to death the other members of the circle wish they had heeded his reluctance Barnaby & Troy discover that Hadleigh was a man of mystery with no National Insurance number no relatives and no marriage certficate to match the wedding photo on display in his house When another body is found they have a double murder on their hands b 22 Mar 98 w Anthony Horowitz s Caroline Graham d Jeremy Silberston Death of a Hollow Mangs Sarah Badel Rosa Carmichael Janine Duvitski Deirdre Tibbs Bernard Hepton Harold Winstanley Geoffrey Hutchings Colin Smy Richard Huw Tim Young Nicholas Le Prevost Esslyn Carmichael Angela Pleasence Doris Winstanley Ed Waters Nicholas Nico Bentley Nick Woodeson Avery Phillips Denyse Alexander Agnes Gray Ian Fitzgibbon David Smy Debra Stephenson Kitty Carmichael Vivienne Moore Jenny Evers John Cater Mr Tibbs Hilary Crane Mrs Maddox Robert McIntosh Charles Makepeace Patricia Heneghan Peggy Marshall Michael Cronin Emperor Joseph Elizabeth Tyrrell Elderly lady Megan Fisher WPC Hitchens Eunice Roberts TV announcer Sonya Walger Becky Smith Alan Leith Mr Green Iain Fraser Constable Catherine Bott Solo voice rc PC Angel In the village of Ferne Basset an elderly resident is found drowned after a violent attack Meanwhile at the Corn Exchange in Causton a local amateur dramatic production of Amadeus reveals a backstage world of intrigue passion & gossip and a whole new meaning to the term “corpsing” when there is a second murder b 29 Mar 98 w Caroline Graham s Caroline Graham d Jeremy Silberston Faithful unto Deathgs Tessa PeakeJones Sarah Lawton Roger Allam Alan Hollingsworth Michele Dotrice Felicity Buckley Paul Brooke Nigel Anderson Rosalind Ayres Doreen Anderson Eleanor Summerfield Elfrida Molfrey Peter Jones Bunny Dawlish Paul Chapman Reg Buckley Sophie Stanton Brenda Buckley Mark Bazeley Gary Patterson Alwyne Taylor Dr Catherine Bullard Andrew Powell Vince Perry David Daker Harry Vellacott Tom Mullion Freddy Ann Queensberry Hermione Neville Phillips Richard Lesley Vickerage Simone Hollingsworth An investigation into the finances of a village community crafts center takes a sinister turn when the wife of the centers owner disappears and a neighbor is murdered b 22 Apr 98 w Douglas Watkinson s Caroline Graham d Baz Taylor Death in Disguisegs Miles Anderson Guy Gamelin Diane Bull Heather Beavers Judy Cornwell May Cuttle Colin Farrell Ken Beavers Michael Feast Ian Craigie Stephen Moyer Christopher Wainwright Susan Tracy Felicity Gamelin Charles Kay Arno Gibbs Robert Pickavance William Carter Daniel Hart Tim Riley Tilly Blackwood Trixie Channing Anna Bolt SuhamiSylvie Gamelin Mary Healey Mrs Cook Graham Turner Raymond Jennings Dolly Wells Ava Rokeby Ashley Artus Terry Lightfoot Caroline Lintott Researcher Jon Glover TV interviewer Geoffrey Beevers Newscaster Siobhan OCarroll Waitress rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard One of the founders of a newage commune The Lodge of the Golden Wind Horse dies in a fall down the stairs apparently accidentally But when the other founder is mysteriously murdered in front of a roomful of people the first death looks like it may have been deliberate too b 6 May 98 w Douglas Watkinson s Caroline Graham d Baz Taylor Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Deaths Shadowgs Richard Briers Rev Stephen Wentworth Anna Cropper Claire Williams Nick Dunning Ian Eastman Jessica Turner Barbara Eastman Dominic Jephcott Richard Bayly Judy Parfitt Angela Wentworth Vivian Pickles Agnes Sampson Mossie Smith Dr Barbara Henson Christopher Villiers David Whitley Julian Wadham Simon Fletcher Gordon Gostelow Reginald Williams Terence Corrigan Charles Jennings Nick Robinson Felix Bryce Eileen Davies Olive Beauvoisin Timothy Bateson James Jocelyne Marlene Sidaway Mrs Bundy rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard PC Angel A sucessful theatrical director Simon Fletcher arrives in the village of Badgers Drift his head filled with disturbing childhood memories Then soon after being diagnosed with a brain tumor a property developer in the village is savagely murdered with an Indian sword belonging to a vicar Barnaby & Troy investgate the crime trying to discover if it was motivated by illfeeling in the village about his plans for property development or some longer buried secrets b 20 Jan 99 w Anthony Horowitz s Caroline Graham d Jeremy Silberston Stranglers Woodgs Kathleen Byron Dorothea Pike Peter Eyre Leonard Pike Frank Windsor George Meakham Anne Stallybrass Emily Meakham Nick Farrell John Merrill Phyllis Logan Kate Merrill Jeremy Clyde Bill Mitchell Trudie Styler Liz Frances Tom Eilenberg David Merrill Debbie Chazen Anne Santarosa Betti Romani Carla Constanza Toby Jones Dan Peterson pathologist Cyril Shaps Sebastian Renwick Katy Brittain Gloria Bradley Frankie Carson Nick Anthony Howes Milkman Elizabeth Tyrrell Ticket seller Tara Hugo Ad woman George Lane Cooper Brazilian bandit Rebecca Charles Pathology laboratory assistant rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby PC Angel The body of a young Brazilian woman is found strangled with a tie in a wood where three similar murders occurred several years previously Barnaby & Troy visit George Meakham the nowretired police officer who was in charge of the investigation of the earlier crimes and who has since become obsessed with them The trail leads them to a local cigarette and tobacco company and two of its employees in particular The Portuguese aupair of one of them is then murdered Barnaby manages to solve both the new murders and the old ones though not before the murder of another person connected with it all b 3 Feb 99 w Anthony Horowitz d Jeremy Silberston Dead Mans Elevengs Robert Hardy Robert Cavendish Anthony Calf Stephen Cavendish Annabelle Apsion Jane Cavendish Felicity Dean Tara Cavendish Penelope Beaumont Mrs Wilson Duncan Preston Colin Cooper Imelda Staunton Christina Cooper Terence Rigby Ian Fraser Delia Lindsay Zelda Fraser Zoë Hart Patricia Smith Terence Corrigan Charles Jennings Toby Jones Dan Peterson pathologist Hilda Braid Doreen Beavis Susan Field Emily Beavis Eileen Davies Olive Beauvoisin Joss Gower Matthew Draper Ella Jones Young Trish Amanda Walker Edwina the rambler rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby DCI Barnabys plans to move to the village of Fletchers Cross are disrupted when the wife of a landowner is bludgeoned to death in the village of Midsomer Worthy with a cricket bat while out walking her dog The bat belongs to the landowners son but has no fingerprints on it Barnaby & Troy gradually find themselves caught up in a succession of sinister murders b 12 Sep 99 w Anthony Horowitz d Jeremy Silberston Blood Will Outgs Rowena Cooper Tilly Dinsdale John Duttine Will Saxby Elizabeth Garvie Muriel Saxby Tricia George Jenny Bridges Paul Jesson Hector Bridges Phyllida Law Felicity Dinsdale Kevin McNally Orville Trudway Honeysuckle Weeks Fleur Bridges Ian Thompson Peter Fairfax Daniel Betts Steffan Miller Jerome Willis John Smith Nick Moran Michael Smith Elizabeth Thomas Rachel Smith David Allister Major Henry Tomkinson Francis Lee Shop assistant rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard When an unpleasant and unpopular local magistrate Hector Bridges is found shot dead in his house investigations uncover that his wife was married to one of their neighbours Will Saxby and Saxbys current wife used to be Mrs Bridges his daughter Fleur is really Saxbys daughter and a newage traveller Orville Trudway who has recently moved into the village was an old army comrade with a grude against him Things are complicated still further by the presence of a group of travelers on the village common who proceed to hold a horserace b 19 Sep 99 w Douglas Watkinson d Moira Armstrong Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Death of a Strangergs Richard Johnson James Fitzroy Jennifer Hilary Sarah Fitzroy Dominic Mafham Grahame Tranter Diane Fletcher Marcia Tranter Sarah Winman Kate Tranter James Bolam Ronald Pringle Janet Dale Betty Pringle Jeanne Hepple Linda Wagstaff Peter Bayliss Tramp Jane Wood Cathy Gurdie Toby Jones Dan Peterson pathologist Simon McBurney Henry Carstairs Fred Ridgeway Ben Gurdie Tom Smith Billy Gurdie Jonie Broom Dave Hedges Patricia Valentine Sandra Arlene Cockburn Charlotte David Maybrick Policeman Shenagh Govan Matron Frank Mills Fred Rodale Eve Pearce Lady Bracknell Grant Gillespie Jack Worthing Simon Greiff Director rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby DCI Barnaby returns from a holiday in France to discover an unidentified tramp has been beaten to death in the woods near the village of Marshwood While he was away Supt Ronald Pringle just before his retirement quickly arrested a local young man But Barnaby suspects that he is innocent which is only reinforced when there is an apparent suicide at the same spot and tries to uncover the connection before there can be further a further murder b 31 Dec 99 w Douglas Livingstone d Peter Cregeen Blue Herringsgs Phyllis Calvert Alice Bly Nigel Davenport William Smithers Geoffrey Bayldon Arthur Prewitt Mary Wimbush Marjorie George Watson Gudrun Ure Celia Armstrong Angela Down Pru Bennett Colin Tiernay Mungo Mortimer Clive Wood Dr Clive Warnford Deborah Findlay Hilary Richards Carolyn Pickles Sister Lovelace Miranda Kingsley Nurse Bartlett Mali Harries Nurse OCasey Sam Beazley Cyril Toft Matyelok Gibbs Muriel Harrap Georgine Anderson Madge Fielding Daphne Goddard Miss Laybourne Arthur Cox Landlord Cyril Shaps Jeweller Caroline John Florist Sarah Ball Shop assistant Katherine Tozer Hotel receptionist David Killick Waiter rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby With a week off work to redecorate part of his house DCI Barnaby also visits his elderly aunt Alice Bly who is convalescing in the Lawnside residential nursing home for the elderly in Aspern Tallow and she prompts him to investigate a series of suspicious deaths there after people have changed their wills b 22 Jan 00 w Hugh Whitemore d Peter Smith Judgement Daygs Timothy West Marcus Devere Hannah Gordon Bella Devere Richard Hope Gordon Brierly Marsha Fitzalan Laura Brierly Maggie Steed Rosemary Furman Nickolas Grace Frank Mannion Josephine Tewson Samantha Johnstone Barbara Jefford Barbara Drinkwater Moray Watson Edward Allardice Shelagh Fraser Jane Rochelle Orlando Bloom Peter Drinkwater Chloe Tucker Caroline Devere Bill Thomas Ray Dorset Tobias Menzies Jack Dorset Toby Jones Dan Peterson pathologist Caroline Faber Ruth Weston Richard Trinder Michael Weston Emily CanforDumas Annabel Weston Marlene Sidaway Mrs Foster Robert Goodale Dr Sellers Malcolm Rennie Alderman rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby The residents of the village of Midsomer Mallow fear for their chances of winning the Perfect Village competition when a local thief and womaniser is brutally killed with a pitchfork Worse still there is no shortage of suspects And then two of the judges are murdered b 29 Jan 00 w Anthony Horowitz d Jeremy Silberston Beyond the Gravegs Patricia Brake Anne Quarritch Cheryl Campbell Sandra McKillop James Laurenson James Tate Sylvestra Le Touzel Linda Marquis David Robb Charles McKillop Prunella Scales Eleanor Bunsall Charles Simon Marcus Lowrie Malcolm Sinclair Alan Bradford Roger Sloman Ralph Bailey Ed Waters Nicholas Nico Bentley Alwyne Taylor Dr Catherine Bullard Chris Stanton Vicar rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard PC Angel The slashing of a 17thcentury painting in Aspern Tallow museum appears to herald the start of a series of ghostly manifestations by the ghost of Jonathan Lowrie Cullys boyfriend Nico has just been given a part in a soap opera as a Detective Sergeant and asks DCI Barnaby if he can shadow DS Troy to learn more about how to play the role b 5 Feb 00 w Douglas Watkinson d Moira Armstrong Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Garden of Deathgs Sarah Alexander Felicity InkpenThomas Dean Batchelor Michael Anthony Bate Augustus Deverell Raymond Bowers Desmond Cox Anna CalderMarshall Susan Milland Tom Chadbon Charles King Simon Chandler Richard Deverell Elaine Donnelly Elaine Kate Duchene Jane Bennett Neil Dudgeon Daniel Bolt Victoria Hamilton Hilary InkpenThomas Shirley King Marie Widger Belinda Lang Elspeth InkpenThomas Valerie Minifie Cynthia Neville Phillips Archie Craddock David Ross Rodney Widger Katherine Stark Mary Frederick Treves Gerald Bennett Michael Tucek Dean Margaret Tyzack Naomi Inkpen rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard In the village of Midsomer Deverell the proposal of the InkpenThomas family who have regained the ownership of their ancestral home Inkpen Manor to turn the village Memorial Garden in their grounds into a tearoom have upset the community One family is particularly incensed the Bennetts who owned the manor for a few years and founded the Memorial Garden One of the young Inkpens is then found murdered in the Memorial Garden with a scrap of paper beside her Barnarby & Troys suspicions are aroused further when they learn that Mrs Bennett disappeared mysteriously some years before b 10 Sep 00 w Christopher Russell d Peter Smith Destroying Angelgs Philip Bowen Gregory Chambers Samantha Bond Suzanna Chambers Robert Lang Woody Pope Rosemary Leach Evelyn Pope Tom Ward Tristan Goodfellow Abigail McKern Julia Gooders Jonathan Coy Kenneth Gooders Adie Allen Annie Tyson Tony Haygarth Matthew Tyson Madeleine Worrall Clarice Opperman Roger Frost Colin Slater Edward Jewesbury Karl Wainwright Glen Berry Ben Niamh Daly Denise Daly Caroline Holdaway Florence Gordon LangfordRowe Peter Maggie McCarthy Hilda Richard Syms Mr Bream Julia West Mrs Bream Nigel Betts Sergeant Lisa Ellis Junior cook Ben MacLeod Boy Jon Rake Builder Shuna Snow Nurse rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard Karl Wainwright the owner of Easterly Grange Hotel has recently died and left the establishment to four people One of them is also the local Punch & Judy man who goes missing shortly afterwards When his severed hand is discovered in a nearby wood a murder enquiry is launched There is soon a surfeit of deaths for Barnaby & Troy to investigate b 26 Aug 01 w David Hoskins d David Tucker The Electric Vendettags Kenneth Colley Lloyd Kirby Amanda Mealing Sally Boulter John Woodvine Sir Harry Chatwyn Alison Fiske Lady Beatrice Chatwyn Alec McCowen Sir Christian Aubrey Ursula Howells Lady Isabel Aubrey Daisy Bates Lucy Ramsey Patrick Baladi Steve Ramsey Michael Bertenshaw Michael Rycroft Donald Gee Rev Ellis Nigel Harrison Dave Ripert Merelina Kendall Alice Leonard Charmian May Marian Leonard Eleanor Moriarty Lynn Peter PenryJones Peter Rhodes Marquis of Ross Laurence PenryJones Young Peter Rhodes Simon Quarterman Young Christian Aubrey Amy Darcy Young Isabel Graham Bill Chauffeur Jonie Broom Dave Hedges rc Joyce Barnaby A series of murders starts with the discovery of the naked body of a man in the center of a mysterious crop circle in a field owned by Sir Harry Chatwyn in the village of Midsomer Parva Rumours abound in the village that it could be the work of some alien force when extraterrestrial expert Lloyd Kirby interests himself in events But Barnaby has other ideas particularly when another body is found under very similar circumstances b 2 Sep 01 w Terry Hodgkinson d Peter Smith Who Killed Cock Robings Larry Lamb Melvyn Stockard Ian McNeice Dr Oliver Burgess Jane Lapotaire Mary Mohan Noah Huntley Noel Wooliscroft Patrick Drury Robin Wooliscroft Mick Ford Frank Lightbourne Jonathan Hackett Rev Thorne Yolanda Vazquez Francesca Ward Sean McGinley Sean OConnell Polly Hemingway Bubbles Stockard George Innes Jackie Marsh Gabrielle Lloyd Valerie Megson Polly Maberly Julie Stockard Linda Marlowe Bridget Wooliscroft Robert Oates Bill Pitman Toni Palmer Lily Marsh Mel Raido Chris Megson Malcolm Storry Joe Megson rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard A pub owner calls on Barnaby when the local doctor Oliver Burgess thinks he may have hit someone while driving home and an Irish stranger apparently vanishes at the same time Barnaby identifies the stranger as Sean OConnell and then meets an old criminal acquaintance Melvyn Stockard who is now the squire of Newton Magna Stockard claims to be a reformed man but he disapproves of his daughters impending marriage and one of the wedding party is then found dead in a local well b 9 Sep 01 w Jeremy Paul d David Tucker Dark Autumngs Celia Imrie Louise August Alan Howard Owen August Gillian Kearney WPC Jay Nash Nicky Henson Simon Reason Kim Thomson Janet Reason Robert Glenister John Field Philip Whitchurch Ade Jessell Fleur Bennett Debbie Shortlands Adam Blackwood Keith Shortlands Marian McLoughlin Barbara Judd Prue Clarke Mary Yeatman Del Henney Mike Yeatman Morris Perry Ben Barrow Kate Maberly Holly Reid Neville Phillips Priest Rachel Woolrich Tammie Peter Whitear Dog trainer Rupert Walz Dave Cutler rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard In the village of Goodmans Land postman Dave Cutler is murdered while on an early morning round With the help of local community WPC Jay Nash Barnaby & Troys investigations reveal that he was the local Romeo having seduced a number of women in the locality but would any of the jealous husbands or jilted lovers have wanted to murder him Then another body is found Troy is happy to stay as long as possible as the longer it takes to solve the murders the more time he has to pursue his growing friendship with Nash b 16 Sep 01 w Peter J Hammond d Jeremy Silberston Tainted Fruitgs Lucy Punch Melissa Townsend Terence Harvey Archie Townsend Benjamin Whitrow Hugo Balcombe Ann Bell Cherrie Balcombe Eleanor David Georgina Canning Claire Price Sally Rickworth Ellie Haddington Joan Farley Miles Richardson Frederick BentineBrown John McGlynn Raif Canning Adrian Rawlins Adam Keyne Sara MairThomas Liz Keyne Charles Collingwood Lord Hislop Pamela Miles Lady Hislop Amanda Walker Gwen Brian Poyser Derek Richard Clothier Postman Terry OBrien Dog owner rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard The beautiful but arrogant and spoilt daughter of the manor of the village of Midsomer Malham Melissa Townsend receives death threats Drugs and syringes are discovered stolen from the local veterinary surgery of Raif & Georgina Canning and a local district nurse Sally is found at the wheel of her crashed car in a confused state Fearing for Melissa Townsends life Barnaby & Troy race to Malham Manor but it is too late they find her dead by the swimming pool b 23 Sep 01 w David Hoskins d Peter Smith Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Market for Murdergs Jesse Birdsall Harry Painter Serena Gordon Ginny Sharp Caroline Harker Tamsin Proctor Barbara LeighHunt Marjorie Empson Christopher Ravenscroft Dr Rupert Bradshaw Anton Rodgers Lord James Chetwood Angela Thorne Lady Lavinia Chetwood Rupert Vansittart Selwyn Proctor Dilys Laye Vera Hopkins Gerda Stevenson Sandra Bradshaw Eamon Geoghegan Barman Jay Smith Police technician Catherine Bott Solo voice rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard In the village of Midsomer Market five local women meet up for their reading club which is really a cover for an investment club that they want to shield from their husbands When the leader is found battered to death in her own home the clubs secret activities are exposed along with many of its members longheld secrets and desires b 16 Jun 02 w Andrew Payne d Sarah Hellings A Worm in the Budgs Gillian Barge Hannah Harrington Rosie Cavaliero Denise Fielding Wendy Craig Victoria Bartlett Janie Dee Caroline Harrington Ian Driver Edmund Nelson Charlie Hicks Sean Fielding Ian Hogg Jonah Bloxham Clarista Hoult Julie Fielding Emily Joyce Bernadette Sullivan Adam Kotz James Harrington Paul Venables Simon Bartlett Chris Walker Sam Fielding Jeffrey Wickham Judge Andy Capie Fireman Jeremy Peters Bus driver rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard When Susan Bartletts body is discovered in Setwale Wood local villagers assume she killed herself because she could not have children However when it comes to light that her suicide note in the form of an email was sent too late Barnaby & Troy soon finds themselves in the midst of witchcraft ancient potions infidelity and land feuds b 23 Jun 02 w Michael Russell d David Tucker Ring out Your Deadgs Gwen Taylor Frances Le Bon Graham Crowden Reggie Barton Hugh Bonneville Hugh Barton Gemma Jones Maisie Gooch Adrian Scarborough Peter Fogden Lyndsey Marshal Emma Tysoe Dugald BruceLockhart Greg Tutt Jamie de Courcey Marcus Steadman Seamus Whitty Liam Brooker Clare Holman Sue Tutt Carmen du Sautoy Rosalind Parr Julia Swift Angie Blunstone Harry Burton Dennis Ebbrell Caroline Lintott Jen Ebbrell Steven Pimlott Judge rc Joyce Barnaby In Midsomer Wellow the village church bellringers are being murdered one by one The group is led by Peter Fogden who is ambitious to win the upcoming competition to make his generation of Fogdens mark on Midsomer Wellows campanological history As each is murdered the killer leaves a line from a nursery rhyme by the body except that one of the notes has been altered to allude to an longdistant incident in Midsomer Wellows past Barnaby & Troy have to solve the riddle of the connection with the past to stop the killers progress Meanwhile Troys attention is being distracted by a seductive lady of the manor b 15 Sep 02 w Christopher Russell d Sarah Hellings Murder on St Malleys Daygs Desmond Barrit Jonathan EckersleyHyde Peter Wight Ludlow Jeremy Child Anthony Talbot Anna MaxwellMartin Arabella Heywood Patrick Godfrey Dudley Carew Thom Fell Charley Meynell Sam Crane Daniel Talbot Bob Mason Dennis Carter Tom Beard Martin Fulmer Victoria Shalet Julia Carter Nicholas Audsley Marcus Heywood Jane How Miranda Talbot Luke de Woolfson Paul Starkey Eamon Boland Ray Starkey Paula Jacobs Mrs Bosworth Roger Martin George Woodard Janet Maw Sylvia Woodard Roger Brierley Doctor rc Joyce Barnaby While visiting a sports event at a private boys school Devington College in Midsomer Parva Barnaby witnesses one of the boys collapse and die in front of him from stab wounds he received on the run through the woods Barnaby & Troys investigations encounter an elite Mafialike sect at the school called the Pudding Club whose members are very tightknit about its activities b 22 Sep 02 w Andrew Payne d Peter Smith Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList A Talent for Lifegs Honor Blackman Isobel Hewitt Philip Franks Quentin Roka Jane Downs Dixie Goff Richard Durden Dr Duncan Goff Alison Rose Angela Goff John Warnaby Keith Scholey Amanda Root Ruth Scholey Jonathan Cullen Melrose Plunkett Suzanne Burden Rebecca Plunkett Jeff Rawle Derrick Seagrove Susan Wooldridge Margaret Seagrove Will Knightley Andrew Turner James Hazeldine Leo Bantock Eileen Page Beatrice June Barrie Gwen Dobson Robert Putt Oyster man Peter Cellier Peregrine Slade Malcolm Raeburn Steve Ian Peck James Tapsell Sidney Livingstone BarmanLandlord Roger Swaine Customer rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard In the village of Malham Bridge Barnaby and Troy have to solve a double murder when a feisty former socialite Isobel Hewitt and a local Casanova Dr Duncan Goff are found bludgeoned to death together by the nearby fishing river after Hewitt has been accused of assault by fellow flyfisher Margaret Seagrove However the motives for the murders seem disparate and there are several people who are suspected of involvement Then one of the suspects is found dead in his restaurants walkin freezer another murder or suicide and why b 3 Jan 03 w David Hoskins d Sarah Hellings Death and Dreamsgs Isla Blair Dr Jane Moore Perdita Weeks Hannah Moore ark Richards Guy Moore Anna Maguire Ettie Moore Jan Ravens Sarah Wroath Phillip Fox Gordon Leesmith Stuart Bunce Tony Parish Jonty Stephens Jeff Haskin Paul Brennan Dean Hunniset June Watson Mary May John Branwell Mick May Jon Rake Ron Susan Porrett Sonia rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Martin Wroath a man in the process of divorce and unliked by anyone not least because of his habit of not paying his debts is found in his cottage apparently having committed suicide in an unnecessarily complex manner Barnabys suspicions are aroused further when the man is found to have had such a large amount of an antidepressant in his body that he would have been unconscious at the time His investigations into the mans background lead him to the nearby Mercy Park cottage hospital which is run by an old acquaintance Dr Jane Moore Then one of its staff is found dead and before Barnaby & Troy can get to the bottom of whats going on another person in the village is murdered Indeed Barnabys own life is threatened before he realises the links between the deaths b 10 Jan 03 w w Peter J Hammond d Peter Smith Painted in Bloodgs Leslie Phillips Godfrey Teal John Sessions Barrett Filby Denise Black Ann Carter Barbara Durkin Linda Tyrell Matthew Marsh Tony Carter Clive Merrison Colin Hawksley Dinah Stabb Tessa Hawksley David Mallinson Alan Pinkney Andrew Lancel Det Const Simon Backley Nigel Lindsay Det Sgt James Noland Anna Northam Ruth Fairfax Sheila Reid Mrs Metcalfe Eamon Geoghegan Mike Weatherby Jean Challis Mrs Bainbridge Colin Higgins Mr Miller Hilary Crane Mrs Partridge Michael Tucek Jason Hurst rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard Joyce Barnaby finds a dead woman while watercolor painting in Midsomer Florey with a group of amateur painters organised by local artist Barrett Filby She quickly realises that it was one of their number Ruth Fairfax who was killed but the more that Barnaby & Troy look into her background the more mysterious she seems Barnaby is soon taken off the case because his wife was part of the group but he retains an interest in its proceedings Meanwhile a bag containing a valuable document and some incriminating photos is stolen in a mugging nearby but the victim is reluctant to report the crime b 17 Jan 03 w Andrew Payne s Caroline Graham d Sarah Hellings A Tale of Two Hamletsgs Ronald Pickup Rupert SmytheWebster Beth Goddard Wendy SmytheWebster Christopher Good Simon SmytheWebster Phoebe Nicholls Laura SmytheWebster Jonathan Hyde Frank Webster Leo Bill Darren Jo StoneFewings Danny Pinchel Tim Preece Jack Wilson Anne Reid Sarah Proudle Alex Lowe Phil Harrison Charlie Beall Larry Smith Rebecca Johnson Anne Danielle Tilley Emily Katy Murphy Helen Jack Chissick Murdoch rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard PC Angel The death of a young film star at the opening of a satanic experience at his familys ancestral home brings Barnaby and Troy to the feuding villages of Upper and Lower Warden Here the SmytheWebsters are exploiting the work of celebrated House of Satan author Ellis Bell but is there more to his legacy b 24 Jan 03 w Alan Plater d Peter Smith Birds of Preygs Kate Buffery Mallory Edmonton David Calder Maj George Hamilton Alexandra Gilbreath Dr Naomi Sinclair Robert Morgan Julian Shepherd Rosalind Knight Eleanor Macpherson Sheila Shand Gibbs Jane Macpherson Anton Lesser Eddie Darwin Candida Benson PC Sarah Pearce Janet Maw Eileen Hamilton Trevor Cooper Sean Moorcroft Richard Todd Charles Edmonton Kenneth Gilbert Hilary Carlton Bernard Gallagher Vernon Surtees Jemma Churchill Maisie Cullen Harry Gostelow Dr James Robertshaw Nicholas Pritchard Solicitor Neville Phillips Vicar Edward Clayton Mr Pilger the Butcher Tim Treloar Thames Valley constable rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard PC Angel When Julian Shepherd is found drowned it seems as though he committed suicide because he couldnt access any of his money which was all tied up in Midsomer Magna millionaire inventor Charles Edmontons latest invention of a fuelless transport system But when another man dies after trying to steal peregrine eggs from the birds of Edmontons wife Mallory at the Edmontons mansion Casement Hall Barnaby suspects foul play b 31 Jan 03 w Michael Russell d Jeremy Silberston Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList The Green Mangs David Bradley Tom John Carlisle Lord Fitzgibbon Tim Woodward Timothy Webster Cherie Lunghi Lillian Webster Marc Buchner Daniel Webster Henry Cavill Simon Mayfield Jamie King Steven Curtis Fred Pearson Charlie Birkett Andrew Dunn Const Crabbe Terence Beesley Jerry Curtis Nicola King Eleanor Curtis Paul Thornley Sgt Gill Sally Mates Helen Cartwright rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Troy wins promotion to Inspector but before he can decide on his future a local canal tunnel collapses while undergoing restoration revealing ancient human bones with a recent skeleton hidden among them As Barnaby investigates this suspicious death Troy is sent to the woods near Midsomer Worthy where a wild man called Tom has been attacked by a group of youths Then one of the teenagers is caught in a mantrap and shot dead Immediate suspicions fall on Tom b 2 Nov 03 w Michael Russell d Sarah Hellings Bad Tidingsgs Daniel Crowder Noel Woods Helen Grace Lynn Spearman Esther Hall Cassie Woods Ruth Jones Rachael Rose Helen Lindsay Mary Pierce Christine Moore Shirley Bennett John Normington Donald Tew John Standing Dr Charles Rust Hilton McRae Matthew Spearman Nina Marc Fiona Thompson Michael Simkins Gary Thompson Paul Thornley Sgt Gill Chris Barnes Pub landord Elaine Donnelly Receptionist Alex Belcourt WPC Julie rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Sergeant Dan Scott arrives from London to work with Barnaby expecting an easy time on a rural beat but is thrown straight into a murder investigation in Midsomer Mallow A noise heard near the scene of Fiona Thompsons bloodstained body leads police to suspect an oddjob man But when the murder toll rises Barnaby becomes concerned for his daughter Cully who is organising a 10year school reunion b 4 Jan 04 w Peter J Hammond d Peter Smith The Fisher Kinggs Lynda Bellingham Jane Willows Jim Carter Nathan Green Diana Kent Anne Heldman Henry Ian Cusick Gareth Heldman Nicholas Rowe David HartleyReade Rebecca Saire Miriam HartleyReade Terrence Hardiman Dr James Lavery Susannah Doyle Vanessa Stone Nick Barber Harry Green Malcolm Tierney Per Hansen Tim Treloar Uniformed police officer rc Joyce Barnaby Thirty years ago Roger Heldman notorious in the locality as a womaniser died one night at the site of an archeological dig on the ancient mound of Midsomer Barrow on his land Now his only legitimate child Gareth Heldman is killed by a violent blow from a Celtic spear that was taken from the mounds central chamber Local antiquities author David HartleyReade who is widely known to be an illegitimate son of Heldmans asks his widow for permission to hold a midsummer ceremony on the mound invoking the possibility of an inheritance claim on the land to persuade her As the reasons for wanting to hold the ceremony start to be realised he is shot in the back with an arrow in front of the large crowd gathered there Barnaby and Scotts investigation stirs up a maze of twisted relationships professional jealousies and lies festering within the picturesque village community as they discover other illegitimate children of Heldmans b 11 Jan 04 w Isabelle Grey d Richard Holthouse Sins of Commissiongs Stella Gonet Grace Maplin Tom Mannion Sam Callaghan Emma Buckley Jezebel Tripp Robert Whitelock John Denton Michael N Harbour Harry Poulson Margot Leicester Kay Settingfield Donald Sumpter Tim Settingfield Susan Engel Camilla Crofton Rachel Bell Mrs Hunnicutt Mark Umbers Neville Williams Damien Lyne David Lowry Victoria Wicks Helen Callaghan Caroline Lintott Travel agent Alex Belcourt WPC Julie rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard A prizewinning author is murdered on the eve of the 12th Annual Midsomer St Michael Literary Festival but despite the tragedy sponsor Sam Callaghan is determined that the event should go ahead The organisers have persuaded a bestselling chicklit author Jezebel Tripp to attend and be part of the judging panel for the Festivals lucrative literary prize though she rapidly begins to have second thoughts about being there When a blackout at the reception event creates an opportunity for a second murder Barnaby begins an investigation that uncovers a hotbed of corruption sexual scandal and financial mismanagement Barnaby is also concerned that Cully is dating a man with a criminal past who may be involved with the events at Midsomer St Michael b 18 Jan 04 w ElizabethAnne Wheal d Peter Smith The Maid in Splendourgs William Gaunt Michael Bannerman Sophie Hunter Bella Monday Alan Cox Stephen Bannerman Rachel Power Lorna Bannerman Frances Tomelty Audrey Monday Freddie Jones Benbow Dave Hill Clive Cruickshank Raymond Coulthard Lawrence Haggard PeterHugo Daly Wesley Leon Ockenden Jamie Cruickshank Stephen Beresford Marcus Poole Elaine Donnelly Maureen Cruickshank Siobhan Hewlett Amanda John Sackville Architect rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Bartender Jamie Cruickshank lusts after Bella Monday a colleague at The Maid in Splendour pub in Midsomer Worthy but the feeling is unrequited Thinking she is seeing someone else he follows her one night to a ruined cottage only to find a doublebarrelled shotgun pointed at him b 25 Jan 04 w Andrew Payne d Richard Holthouse The Straw Womangs Keith Barron Alan Clifford Richenda Carey Margaret Hopkins Richard Cordery Dr John Cole Maggie ONeill Agnes Waterhouse Jonathan Hackett Rev Jim Hale Kelly Hunter Kate Malpas Daniel Weyman Matthew Cole Jemima Rooper Jo Clifford Susannah Wise Liz Francis Martin Herdman Jed Fox Caroline Lintott Sally Middleton Sarah Ball Denise Jenkins Madeleine RakicPlatt Lucy Middleton Alex Belcourt WPC Julie rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard The revival of a traditional festival at Midsomer Parva ends in tragedy when the curate the Rev Alex Dakin is burned alive inside a straw effigy of a woman Then his gay lover the priest the Rev Jim Hale dies too Amid rumors of witchcraft some villagers blame manor owner and orgy host Alan Clifford who has a secret of his own some blame the teacher Liz Francis who restarted the straw woman tradition and some blame the local herbalist Kate Malpas who has a connection to events of previous centuries in the village b 29 Feb 04 w Jeff Dodds d Sarah Hellings Ghosts of Christmas Pastgs John Burgess Douglas Daphne Oxenford Muriel Kevin Doyle Ferdy Villiers Margery Mason Lydia Villiers Haydn Gwynne Jennifer Carter Alice Patten Emily Hyde Dominic Colenso Aidan Carter William Chubb Digby Frears Mel Martin Kate Frears Lydia Leonard Phoebe Frears Philip Quast Ross Villiers Bruce Alexander Dominic Jones Claire Carrie Claire English Bryan Matheson Vicar Harry Gostelow Doctor Rory Copus Howard Frears Charles Millham Detective Tim Treloar Drinker in pub Laura Jeffree Girl Christopher Sutton Aiden aged 11 Gemma Martin Phoebe aged 12 Luke Foster Howard aged 4 rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard The Barnabys entertain Joyces family for Christmas and he is almost anxious for Sgt Scott to call him out as a diversion Meanwhile at the rundown historic home of the Villiers the family gather for their Christmas some 9 years after the suicide of one of their members Ferdy Villiers The atmosphere becomes more and more tense as the family tries to keep its dark secrets hidden When elderly aunt Lydia Villiers dies after a fall the apparent accident is discovered to have been murder and Barnaby & Scott are called in to investigate Despite their warnings to the other family members to be on their guard another soon dies in an apparent accident b 25 Dec 04 w David Hoskins d Renny Rye Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList Things that Go Bump in the Nightgs Dearbhla Molloy Elizabeth Key Mary Jo Randle Janet Pennyman Liza Sadovy Rosetta Price Jonathan Slinger Thomas Marr Cathryn Bradshaw Anne Marr Philip Martin Brown John Whittle Garry Cooper James Griss Julian Curry Ronald Burgess Linda Spurrier Sylvia Burgess Kathryn Pogson Eve Whittle Victoria Lennoxa Woman in audience Alex Belcourt WPS Julie rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Barnabys suspicions center on a local spiritualist group headed by medium Rosetta Price when a series of grisly murders rocks the village of Fletchers Cross starting with that of undertaker Patrick Pennyman When Joyces friend Elizabeth Key also dies Barnaby & Scott suspect a link between the funeral parlour and the spiritualists b 10 Oct 04 w Peter J Hammond d Peter Smith Dead in the Watergs Adrian Lukis Philip Trent William ScottMasson John Parkway Benedick Blythe Guy Sweetman Diana Quick Clare Bonavita Clemmie BurtonHill Hettie Trent Mark Frost Vic Lynton Owain Yeoman Henry Charlton Sean Baker Ivan Hawkins Janet Brown Mrs Sharp Jack Klaff Freddie Bonavita Joe Armstrong David Cooke Christopher Mellows Mr Stevens Sandra Duncan Mrs Stevens Emma Amos Sandra Tate Sir Steve Redgrave Scout rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard A body is found in the River Thames during the annual Midsomer Regatta ladies man Guy Sweetman appears to have been killed after arguing with his friends Philip Trent and John Parkway from the rowing club When Barnaby & Scott dig into the luxury lifestyles of the members they discover a tangled network of money problems and sexual jealousy Then the dead mans girlfriend is attacked in her own home b 17 Oct 04 w Douglas Watkinson d Renny Rye Orchis Fatalisgs Marty Cruickshank Madeline Villiers Stuart Ong Jimmy Fong Harriet Walter Margaret Winstanley Richard Atlee Henry Plummer Amanda Harris Deborah Plummer John Nettleton Munro Hilliard Helen Ryan Mrs Hilliard Richard Simpson Feather Geoffrey Streatfeild Jonathan Makepeace Matt Bardock Harry Rose Geoffrey Chater Brother Robert Anthony Smee Captain Tucker Victoria Lennox Mrs Maitland Timothy Bateson Mr Jocelyn Chooi Beh Wey Tu Ho Mo Zainal Boy rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Midsomer Malham has a significant orchid growing community including a retired teacher Madeline Villiers who goes on distant collecting trips who is found murdered at her home Barnaby discovers her notebook written in Latin which records all the illegal sales of her collected specimens including one nicknamed the Yellow Roth to a local of an extreme rarity for £125000 as well as some imaginative details of sexual exploits Then a series of other people who have owned the orchid are also murdered Suspects include local handyman and excon Harry Rose who seems to be involved with many of the people of the village and Jimmy Fong Madeline Villiers collecting associate who is a wanted man in several countries for smuggling that contravenes CITES regulations b 9 Jan 05 w Terry Hodgkinson d Peter Smith Bantling Boygs Caroline Blakiston Angela Hartley Philip McGough Geoffrey Bantling Simon Kunz Bruce Hartley Anna WilsonJones Marianna Hartley Barnaby Kay Dr John Osgood Charlie Condou Jake Foley Julia Ford Joanna Craxton Shane Attwool Ray Craxton Thomas Grant Peter Craxton Geoffrey Freshwater Sam Tate Richard OCallaghan Trevor Machin Hugh Dickson Maj Dickson Paul Viragh Vicar Stewart Harwood Bookie rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard A successful racehorse Bantling Boy has been left to a syndicate of four people in the will of its owner Hartley of Bantling Hall his son Bruce Hartley his doctor John Osgood his nurse Joanna Craxton and his former gardener Trevor Machin When local businessman Sam Tate offers them £500000 for the horse Bruce Hartley stops them selling it later that night he is found dead Then onebyone the others die in almost identical attacks and the horse sickens Barnaby dismisses the idea that it is groom Jake Foley even though he has been accused of horsedoping in the past and concentrates his enquiries on the inhabitants of Bantling Hall b 16 Jan 05 w Steve Trafford d Sarah Hellings Second Sightgs Owen Teale Little Mal Kirby Will Keen Preaching Pete Joe Anderson Max Ransom Geoffrey Whitehead Dr Gregory Ransom Tom Frederic Ben Kirkby Bill Stewart Lucky Lol Tanner Wanda Ventham Romany Rose Sean Chapman Jimmy Kirby Alexandra Moen Emma Kirby James Hoare John Ransom rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard John Ransom is found dead in Midsomer Mere his head covered in scorch marks Barnaby and Scott find that the villagers seem to have the ability to predict future events Was Ransoms death the result of his brother Maxs research into second sight or was it caused in a pub brawl with his brotherinlaw Ben Kirby over plans for a baptism or was he a casualty of some strange psychical experiment In the battle between faith and science even Barnaby thinks he has seen one of the villagers somewhere before and he has to delve deep into the villages history in his investigations b 23 Jan 05 w Tony Etchells d Richard Holthouse Hidden Depthsgs Lucy Russell Felicity Turner James Weber Brown Nick Turner Nancy Carroll Antonia Wilmot Oliver Ford Davies Otto Benham Sara Kestelman Bernie Benham Robert Daws Mike Spicer Matthew Flynn Jack Wilmot Rebecca Charles Jane Hampton Simon Armstrong Viv Marshall Caroline Laskowska Zara Ian Talbot George Philip Bird Jeff Martin Robin Soans Mr Perkins Charles Millham Peter Blagdon Eileen Davies Estate agent David Hampshire Cabbie Nicky Lilley Princess Diana rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard When a local solicitor falls to his death from his house roof it is not clear whether it was murder or suicide His death is followed by the bizarre death of a neighbor Otto Benham known for his involvement in various scams Barnaby discovers some faked vintage wine labels in Benhams safe and begins to suspect that an elaborate fraud underlies the two killings which are soon followed by another bizarre murder b 13 Mar 05 w David Hoskins d Sarah Hellings Sauce for the Goosegs Annette Crosbie Amelia Plummer John Quayle Mr Judd Jasper Britton Anselm Plummer Rod Hallett Dexter Lockwood David Ross Sam Hardwick Lizzy McInnerny Caroline Plummer James Fleet Ralph Plummer Ann Beach Sonia Hardwick Geraldine Alexander Helen Plummer Benedict Sandiford Alan Hardwick Tom Bowles Milner Steve Speirs Keith Carter Pauline Whitaker Jackie Carter Karl Johnson Derek Lockwood David Driver Driver Vivienne Ritchie Dr Stannard LucyAnn Holmes Factory worker rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard A visitor on a tour of the famous Plummers relish factory disappears and his naked body is discovered dumped in a vat having been crushed to death It is realised that he was an executive with the rival company Fieldway Foods Barnaby & Scotts investigations concentrate on the Plummer family and which of them might want to sell out to their rival b 3 Apr 05 w Andrew Payne d Renny Rye Midsomer Rhapsodygs June Whitfield Peggy Alder Trevor Peacock Charlie Speight Belinda Sinclair Melody Thorpe David Lyon Alan Thorpe Nicholas Amer Arthur Leggott David Burke John Farrow Hedge Frank Middlemass Noah Farrow Oliver Cotton Michael Maybury Clare Higgins Laura Crawford Christopher Benjamin Harvey Crane Stephen Boxer Owen Swinscoe Richard Vanstone Joe Smeeton Julia Deakin Valerie Smeeton Tom Ellis Lee Smeeton Kate Fleetwood Sarah Douglas Malcolm Raeburn Auctioneer rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr George Bullard Joan Alder the local composer of a very successful piece of music Midsomer Rhapsody died twenty years ago leaving bitternesses among her family Barnaby and his wife know her mother Peggy Alder who is about to remarry A local man is murdered and Barnaby realises that he was her music teacher Then a valuable manuscript shows up among the murdered mans effects that appears to be an early draft of the work as a collaboration by two hands but Barnaby suspects it is a forgery by someone who hopes to gain a share in the continuing royalties Then Joans longlost daughter Sarah Douglas appears followed by the revelation that her boyfriend who was thought to be dead is living close by As the number of people with an interest in Joan Alders work increases the number of those interested in her work decreases as further murders occur b 2 Oct 05 w Richard Cameron d Richard Holthouse Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList The House in the Woodsgs George Baker Charlie Magwood & Jack Magwood Ruth Gemmell Anne Merrick Anita Carey Barbara Flux Gawn Grainger Lesley Flux Rebecca Egan Harriet Davis David Westhead Gerry Moore Andrée Evans Grace Woodhall Michael Elwyn Giles Cato Katy Brittain Miss Owen Ben Meyjes Alan Harcourt Caroline Faber Caroline Cave Richard Trinder Peter Cave Greg Sheffield Philip Merick Charlie Lucas Danny Merrick Jack McIntosh Brian LilyMay Anson Tracey Abigail Williamson Kylie Alex Matten Jason Jared Garfield Sean Francis Lee Roman Pauline Whitaker Hotel receptionist Adam Fair PC rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard A couple who have been searching the Midsomer area for a suitable property to renovate Peter & Caroline Cave are found brutally garrotted in their car outside a supposedly haunted dilapidated old cottage in the woods near Midsomer Newton There are several other people interested in buying the house but are they desperate enough to murder potential rivals Barnaby investigates with the assistance of PC Ben Jones who he temporarily appoints Detective Constable in the absence of DS Scott Joyce Barnaby is helping a local group of conservationists identify architecturally important buildings in the area and is asked to investigate the same cottage potentially putting her in danger Barnaby then discovers that there is something odd about the person selling the cottage b 9 Oct 05 w Barry Simner d Peter Smith Dead Lettersgs Claire Askam Marion Slade Tom Bennett Rob Pride Elizabeth Spriggs Ursula Gooding David Bamber John Starkey Jenny Jackson Vicki Richard Cant Alistair Gooding Tom Georgeson Ron Chalk Tracy Brabin Ruth Chalk Simon Callow Dr Wellow Caroline Goodall Grace Starkey Sophie Thompson April Gooding Paul Ireland Mark Castle Louise BreckonRichards Helen Castle Cally Hamilton Sadie Castle Clemmie Hooton Phoebe Alice Knight Queen of Hearts Josef Lindsay Robin Hood Sarah Pritchard Bella Slade rc Joyce Barnaby Dr George Bullard The village of Midsomer Barton is celebrating Oak Apple Week when a local single mother Marion Slade is found drowned in the village stream It looks like suicide and that she was driven to it by grief over the death eight years before of her daughter Bella a local beauty pageant winner Barnaby investigates and is shaken by two villagers who look like murder victims from his past Then another body is discovered and it appears that the festivities have stirred up a cocktail of adultery contempt unrequited love and revenge in the village And it all appears to center around Bella Slade b 26 Feb 06 w Peter J Hammond d Renny Rye Vixens Rungs Joss Ackland Sir Freddy Butler Sian Phillips Lady Annabel Butler Sheila Ruskin Lady Lucinda Butler Annabel Mullion Lady Tara Butler David Beames Richard Butler Joanna Riding Sandra Butler Matthew Tennyson Michael Butler John FranklynRobbins Teddy Butler Richard Clothier Simon Oliver Carol MacReady Hatty Down Rebecca Johnson Jenny Down Leslie Schofield Amos Brown Charles Kay Henry York Victoria Lennox Doris Maple David ShawParker Bert Delling Ian Barritt Finch Neville Phillips Vicar Naomi Hill Young woman Andrew Keelan Young man Ian Knight Bagpiper rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby The elderly Sir Freddy Butler has invited both his exwives Annabel & Lucinda to stay with him and his current wife Tara When he dies suddenly of a heart attack the bitter rivalry between the three and Sandra the wife of his heir comes to the surface with murderous consequences To solve the mystery Barnaby must unravel paternity questions about some of the residents of the hall and find the legendary missing emeralds b 5 Mar 06 w Michael Aitkens d Peter Smith NOTE In the opening scenes which are set after the Coronation June 1953 there are two pheasants hanging on the wall of the keepers cottage The pheasant season is well over by then so they would either have dropped off the nail or there was an error in the set dressing Down among the Dead Mengs Grant Masters Martin Barrett Charlotte Emmerson Hayley Redfern Sam Kelly Jack Fothergill Julia McKenzie Ruby Wilmott Rob Edwards Richard Florian Christine Kavanagh Margaret Florian Derek Hutchinson Reg Paul Freeman Sir John Waverley Arthur Kohn Billy Dermot Crowley Peter Hatchard Frank Mills Ted Rebecca Lamb Staff nurse Duncan Clyde Policeman rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr Bullard Barnaby and Jones investigate the shooting of a blackmailer Martin Barrett But he had so many victims they are spoiled for choice for a suspect Then one of his victims Sir John Waverley gets another demand The trail leads them to the seaside and diving for treasure on an uncataloged wreck b 12 Mar 06 w Douglas Watkinson d Renny Rye Four Funerals and A Weddinggs Sian Thomas Peggy Aynscombe Jessica Brooks Fiona Aynscombe Dominic Jephcott Henry Marwood Joseph Kennedy Roland Marwood Struan Roger Dr ODowd Daphne Oxenford Muriel Richard McCabe Rev Anthony Gant Shaughan Seymour Archdeacon Able Andrew Hawkins Alan Lloyd McGuire Bob LucyAnne Holmes Polly Ann Morrish Mildred Danvers Sandra Voe Lorna Hastings Hattie Ladbury Deacon Cathy Hewlett rc Joyce Barnaby Cully Barnaby Dr Bullard Barnabys motherinlaw comes to visit and insists on being taken to the village of Broughton which has seen a war between the sexes for decades During this years traditional fair elderly womens campaigner Mildred Danvers is murdered And then the misogynist vicar the Rev Anthony Gant is murdered during a bizarre traditional event that forms part of the proceedings Is this an evening of the score or is another longstanding feud