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Alex is not just an ordinary school going boy He is much more than that was this trailer to know more


Get movie: Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker Full Screen Edition

How could invent such a story?
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As anyone, but I look more comfortable here than in the movies to go
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Billing Displacement - TV Tropes The Billing Displacement trope as used in popular culture. The tendency of a film to be retroactively linked in the public mind with the biggest name in ...

Billing Displacement - TV Tropes That guy in the back Yeah thats the lead Alex Rider Operation Stormbreaker Full Screen Edition When released Warwick Davis of Willow and third Ewok from the left fame was the closest thing Leprechaun had to an actual celebrity Less than a year later their token eye candy actress Jennifer Aniston made good and landed a network sitcom The show was kind of a hit and by the final season of Friends Aniston was earning the entire budget of Leprechaun per episode On the new DVD cover she finally got cobilling with the midget in scare makeup and tights Cracked 5 Ways Hollywood Tricks You Into Seeing Bad Movies The tendency of a film to be retroactively linked in the public mind with the biggest name in the film or be marketed as starring the biggest name even if that actor is not the main character at least from the filmmakers point of view and occasionally even if his or her character is very minor indeed There are several reasons why this might happen drumming up a newly famous actor to help advertise the movie a famous actor given a supporting role Stunt Casting to help sell the movie or a secondary or supporting role gaining more hype than the main role which requires a change in publicity Ensemble Dark Horse Sometimes the actual lead actor gets an And Starring credit In extreme cases the actor playing the principal character isnt even mentioned on the poster A variation is caused by the repackaging of an older movie with a then obscure now famous actor prominently advertised This happened to Satisfaction 1988 which after Pretty Woman made her famous was repackaged as Girls Of Summer starring Julia Roberts and featuring a small appearance by Justine Bateman who for those who dont get Sarcasm Mode was in 1988 a major figure as a costar in Family Ties but is today better known as Jasons sister as the lead character Seeing as this is becoming very common only include examples of where the role is substantially smaller than the actors billing would suggest not just where theyre not the main protagonist In an Ensemble feature this is partially justified provided they are part of the main ensemble and not just a cameo In music it is not uncommon for certain songs to be more associated with a featured guest singer than its official lead artist Common causes for this include the lead artist being a producer or instrumentalist whereas the guest is providing vocals a rap song whose chorus is sung by a superstar guest or just the guest artist being so much more famous than the lead Compare Billed Above the Title SpotlightStealing Title and Wolverine Publicity where a popular character is deliberately added for the sole purpose of selling a product whether or not the character is actually relevant to the story Also compare Award Category Fraud where a minor role is given an award for a major one or vice versa     openclose all folders      Anime  In the Dragon Ball Z movie Lord Slug Slugs henchman Zeeun appears in most of the posters and promotion material although in the actual movie he only appears in one scene near the beginning where he appears during a meeting with his boss and he accidentally insults his age causing Slug to kill him with an energy blast Cammy is shown alongside Ryu Ken and ChunLi on most of the promotional imagery for Street Fighter II The Animated Movie including the Japanese flyer despite the fact that she has a total screentime of less than five minutes Her only notable scene in the entire movie involves her assassinating a British politician while under the influence of mind control     Comic Books  One of the covers for Convergence 3 has Thomas Wayne in desperate combat with several Bat villains including a prominently displayed Una Nemo who looks about to stab him She is so prominent that she and Wayne are the only characters who appear on the smaller banner ads for the issue on Comixology In the issue itself she is part of the gang that attack Wayne and is presumably killed when he blows himself up but has no lines no close up and the only way the reader can even tell it is her because of her unique look When NYX was released X23 was an Ensemble Dark Horse on XMen Evolution but otherwise largely unknown outside that fandom She became a Canon Immigrant with this series as a minor character she doesnt appear until the third issue and her total lines of dialog could be counted on one hand and her popularity exploded from there Later when NYX was collected in trade paperback guess who was prominently displayed on the cover at the expense of the seriess actual protagonist Kiden Nixon The same thing happened with the Models Inc limited series The actual series is a murder mystery starring Marvels various model characters like Mary Jane Watson and Patsy Walker but theyre omitted from the cover in favor of Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame In the actual series Gunn only appears in a single backup story that has nothing to do with the actual plot In general many instances of Wolverine Publicity fall under this trope Its extremely common for comic covers to prominently feature an image of a popular gueststarring hero even if said heros role in the issue is extremely minor     Film  Star Wars In the original trilogy Peter Cushing Grand Moff Tarkin and Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian get billed after the main stars Mark Hamill Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher David Prowse and James Earl Jones meanwhile who played and voiced Darth Vader respectively are listed under the costars as are a few other actors of pivotal characters such as Frank Oz Yoda and Ian McDiarmid Emperor Palpatinenote in Return of the Jedi the hologram in The Empire Strikes Back wasnt him originally In the prequel trilogy both of Anakin Skywalkers portrayers Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen were billed below Ewan McGregor ObiWan Kenobi and Natalie Portman Padmé Amidala in all three films despite Anakin being the main focus of the series Episode I gave top billing to Liam Neeson QuiGon Jinn who didnt make it to the end of the movie and never appeared in another official Star Wars film The Force Awakens gives top billing to the original trilogys leads Harrison Ford Han Solo Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher Leia Organa While Ford does have a significant role the latter two both have supporting roles and in Hamills case a glorified cameo Hamill has no dialogue and less than a minutes worth of screentime and Fisher does not appear until about two thirds into the movie Daisy Ridley Rey and John Boyega Finn who portray the protagonists of the film are also placed below Adam Driver Kylo Ren who plays the antagonist Whether or not the subsequent films in the sequel trilogy will continue to put Ridley and Boyega beneath the original stars and the antago