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Jacob - Wikipedia As a result of a severe drought in Canaan, Jacob and his sons moved to Egypt at the time when his son Joseph was viceroy. After 17 years in Egypt, Jacob died, and the ...


Get movie: Israel A Journey Through Time What Time Is It Vol 6

The series is great! I like the story, and a great selection of the cast! Great game aktrёrov! I enjoy the show! Who knows when there will be a new series?
13.09.2017 | Comment
Thank you, the film just super!
12.09.2017 | Comment
Simply stunning cartoon !!!! I'm even a little tearful at one point) probably will be a 4 piece as many hints were)) zhdems
11.09.2017 | Comment
Good bovik
10.09.2017 | Comment
In the middle of boring, as well as the rules!
09.09.2017 | Comment
Ofiget already cant wait for the next episode! Really fascinating show!
08.09.2017 | Comment
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Jerusalem - Wikipedia From upper left: Jerusalem skyline looking north from St. Elijah Monastery, a souq in the Old City, Mamilla Mall, the Knesset, the Dome of the Rock dominating the Old ...

Jerusalem - Wikipedia For other uses see Jerusalem disambiguation Israel A Journey Through Time What Time Is It Vol 6 AlQuds and Bayt alMaqdis redirect here For other uses see AlQuds disambiguation and Bayt alMaqdis disambiguation Jerusalem dʒəˈruːsələm Hebrew יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎  Yerushalayim jeruʃaˈlajim Arabic القُدس‎‎  alQuds alˈqʊdsi is a city in the Middle East located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem as their capital as the State of Israel maintains its primary governmental institutions there while the State of Palestine ultimately foresees the city as its seat of power however neither claim is widely recognized internationally One of the oldest cities in the world Jerusalem was named as Urusalima on ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets probably meaning City of Shalem after a Canaanite deity during the early Canaanite period approximately 2400 BCE During the Israelite period significant construction activity in Jerusalem began in the 9th century BCE Iron Age II and in the 8th century the city developed into the religious and administrative center of the Kingdom of Ju