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Universal Monsters - Wikipedia Universal has promoted a number of its films in the horror genre and included the logo of Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein monster on reissued sets of DVD films.

A doctor who keeps an ape for medical studies dies and his daughter inherits his estate Family and friends visit the old dark house on a stormy night and are


Get movie: The Monster Walks 1932

And when it will lay out a new series, she left already? And then straight to wait until there is no power)))
09.10.2017 | Comment
a very interesting turn of events, I here there are plenty to sculpt an exciting continuation :-)
08.10.2017 | Comment
The cast is really cool, I do not care that this short film, you still should check out
07.10.2017 | Comment
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The Ghost Walks - Wikipedia The Ghost Walks; Directed by: Frank R. Strayer: Produced by: Maury M. Cohen: Written by ... The Ghost Walks is a 1934 horror film, directed by Frank R. Strayer