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The Phantom Blu-ray The Phantom Blu-ray delivers great video and superb audio, but overall it's a mediocre Blu-ray release Kit Walker discovers that he's the 21st in a line of ...

The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Carl Laemmle Lon Chaney


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A great movie. I watched with pleasure. The effects are impressive.
16.09.2017 | Comment
Thank you, the film just super!
15.09.2017 | Comment
Thank you. laughed
14.09.2017 | Comment
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The Phantom Blu-ray The Phantom Blu-ray delivers great video and superb audio, but overall it's a mediocre Blu-ray release Kit Walker discovers that he's the 21st in a line of ...

The Phantom Blu-ray Deals        Reviews     Releases         Top lists       Database        Community      By genre   59688  47666  13752  9150  6504  44791  9827  3206  29389  6068  7310  71223  7916  2098  18444  27936  1785  13281  2506  8841  1736  23672  1287  5410  3560  14313  5838  17578  2123  861  11520  4962  24371  31364  749  4345  7545  2383  5086  50330  8420  3833 By studio               About    Lionsgate Films 1996 100 min Rated PG Feb 09 2010 Large Front Back Add to collection Set price tracking Become a fan VideoCodec MPEG4 AVC 22 The Phantom Of The Opera 1929 Re Release 99 MbpsResolution 1080pAspect ratio 2 391Original aspect ratio 2 391 Audio English DTSHD Master Audio 7 1 48kHz 24bit English DTSHD Master Audio 7 1 48kHz 24bitless SubtitlesEnglish Spanish English Spanish less DiscsBluray DiscSingle disc 1 BD50 PlaybackRegion A locked PriceList price 14 99New from 80 99Buy new from marketplace PriceBuy on Movie rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 6 1 143 ratings My rating 0 Delete Bluray reviewMovie 2 5 Video 4 0 Audio 4 5 Extras 0 5 Overall 5 0 5 2 5 77popularity 1203collections 14fans The Phantom Bluray Review Crossing paths with a purplesuited rider on a white stallion in the middle of the jungle should be enough to scare just about anyone Reviewed by Dustin Somner February 17 2010 Four years before XMen touched off the triumphant return of the comic book film adaptation Lee Falks The Phantom received an unsuccessful introduction to a new generation of comic book fans Unable to fully recoup the films budget during the theatrical run Paramount unceremoniously dumped the film onto DVD where it generated newfound respect among the home theater community I cant honestly say the film deserves a cult following but when you accept the vintage of the original comic series 1936 and the intentional use of campy elements in the cinematic adaptation it becomes easier to forgive the deficiencies on display After all how do you make a hero look tough while wearing purple spandex and riding around on a white horse Notice the look on the childs face as he evaluates the costume choice As the film opens we witness a young boy wash ashore on the remote island of Bengalla Orphaned and alone the boy is taken in by local natives who bestow a ring on him and raise the child as their own Flash forward to the present day and were introduced to a group of treasure hunters in the employment of a criminal businessman named Xander Drax Treat Williams The four goons are successful in tracking down a silver skull for their employer but before they can make a clean getaway a purple suited figure emerges from the jungle with twin pistols blazing After a failed attempt to acquire the relic from the graverobbers The Phantom Billy Zane researches the history of the silver skull and discovers the collective power of three artifacts known as the Skulls of Touganda which hold the key to world domination Fearing the consequences if the skulls fall into the wrong hands The Phantom travels to the United States in search of the remaining two pieces Along the way he crosses paths with his college sweetheart Diana Palmer Kristy Swanson and encounters a seductive air pirate named Sala Catherine ZetaJones who join in the hunt for the remaining skulls With the fate of the world in his hands The Phantom begins a globetrotting journey to prevent a psychotic businessman from wielding the ultimate power Some comic book series simply dont translate well to the big screen For every successful adaptation The Crow Sin City Dark Knight there are equally disappointing entries Daredevil Elektra The Spirit Unfortunately The Phantom falls into the latter category with an overwhelming goofiness Ive never been able to get past Perhaps it can be attributed to the hokey look of a hero dressed in purple tights but Id wager it has more to do with the overall production Australian director Simon Wincer spent the years leading up to The Phantom making films geared toward children Free Willy Lightning Jack Operation Dumbo Drop but he never manages to settle on a target audience for this outing A portion of the film is geared toward children who find it easier to accept unrealistic action plotholes around every bend and the overall campy nature of the film However just when you think the production is firmly planted in juvenile entertainment something entirely adult is thrown into the mix a business associate of Drax is impaled with a spear someones shot across a cave by a cannon ball and the beautiful Sala has dialogue loaded with sexual innuendo Designing a film thats geared toward a wide audience is never a bad idea but The Phantom accomplishes the ironic task of remaining unappealing to most age groups Im assuming Wincer planned his superhero debut with the intention of mixing the best aspects of Indiana Jones with Richard Donners Superman adaptation but the end result is a bit messy I wish I could say matters improve with the acting and production values but those elements seem to mirror the uneven aspects of the film itself Billy Zane probably wishes he hadnt lobbied extensively for the leading role and instead followed the career path hed established in Dead Calm If you remove a handful of bad choices from his resume Id imagine hed be standing among Hollywoods elite rather than settling for one straighttovideo production after another Kristy Swanson and Treat Williams suffered the same fate as Zane watching their careers take a dramatic turn in the years surrounding the release of The Phantom but unlike Swansons forgettable performance as Diana Palmer I can at least offer lukewarm praise for Williams overthetop performance as Xander Drax We never doubt his vicious nature yet theres something oddly charming about the powerhungry businessman Rounding out the main cast is Catherine ZetaJones who managed to use The Phantom as a springboard for future looker roles in The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment Theres no denying the sexy element she brings to the character of Sala though my cinematic heart still belongs to Kristy Swanson Moving along to the production values of the feature Ive always been impressed with the scope of the various sets that are utilized in the film Paramount delivered an adequate budget to give viewers everything they desired out of a superhero blockbuster and in most cases the end product is worth a visit However its still important to note there are several areas where the special effects look horribly dated even by 1996 standards Adding to the diminished coolfactor of the film the fight choreography appears to be one step up from ballet theatre with bad guys that move extremely slow and a complete lack of realistic contact Heck the dancefighting in West Side Story looked tougher than this   Presented in 1080p utilizing the AVC codec at an average bitrate of 21Mbps The Phantom looks surprisingly good on this highdefinition release Detail remains above average in all but a handful of scenes revealing fine textures in the fabric of clothing and every individual leaf in the jungle canopy Closeup shots fair the best as intricate facial features lend plenty of opportunity for the transfer to truly shine Lionsgate occasionally falls prey to the use of DNR in films of this vintage but the presence of occasional grain coupled with the wellrendered textures left me with the impression this was not tampered material Alas there are a handful of instances where mild edge enhancement rears its head but the occurrences are limited to medium distance shots and wont likely be noticeable by those with an averagesized display and normal viewing distance Adding to the proficiency of the visual presentation I was struck by the beauty of the color palette in the film which encompasses several stunning tropical locations In particular the volcanic island in the latter portion reveals lush greens and deep blues which contrast nicely with the crimson red of Salas seaplane Likewise black levels never ascend into grayish territory allowing contrast adequate differentiation between various shades and adding to the overall depth of the image The Phantom Of The Opera 1929 Re Release There are still several lowlit indoor sequences that struggle to produce a proficient level of contrast but it appears those scenes are more a byproduct of photography in the original print and not the fault of the transfer If anything Id rather witness those scenes as director Simon Wincer intended rather than suffer through unnatural brightness boosting In the end this is a substantial improvement over the prior standard definition offering and should please any fans of film   Adding to the above average technical presentation Lionsgate has once again delivered an aweinspiring lossless 7 1 mix that youll need to hear to fully appreciate Out of all the studios Lionsgate ranks at the head of the pack when it comes to delivering valueadded audio presentations on their budget catalog titles In this particular case the result is much better than I expected and elevates the onscreen action beyond its campy roots I dont recall the audio presentation incorporating such an epic feel so listening to the rousing musical score almost made me reconsider my attitude toward the film itself Composer David Newman certainly knows his way around a comedy production but in the case of The Phantom hes able to draw on the sense of adventure found in the best of John Williams work to infuse a sense of style that fits the setting Adding to the robust nature of the track I found the separation among various channels quite extensive pulling the viewer into the overthetop action In many cases the effects are just as cheesy as the story itself but I dont count that as a negative since it complements the personality of the film Lastly I never discovered a single element in the sound design that seemed overpowering or out of balance with the rest of the nuances in the track Dialog was crisp and clear emerging almost exclusively from the center channel which never appeared problematic when considering the amount of material sent to the surround channels All in all this is a wonderful valueadded audio experience and Lionsgate deserves kudos for their continued dedication to 7 1 sound design   In the end The Phantom is only a worthwhile purchase if you have a nostalgic attraction to the film From day one Ive been underwhelmed by the outlandish nature of the comic book character and the cinematic adaptation hasnt done much to reverse that opinion For those that disagree with my level of enthusiasm for Billy Zane in purple tights this is a substantial improvement from a technical standpoint and wellworth the attractively low retail price Bluray bundles with The Phantom 1 bundle Show more titles « Show less titlesSimilar titles suggested by members The Phantom Bluray News and Updates Today on Bluray February 9th February 9 2010 Making his fulllength feature directorial debut Peter Billingsley who will forever be known as Ralphie from A Christmas Story couldnt have hopped for a better supporting team On writing detail was popular funnyman Vince Vaughn and the driving force behind Lionsgate Brings Four Classic Action Films to Bluray November 20 2009 Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced that they will bring the classic action films The Running Man Hard Rain Drop Zone and The Phantom to Bluray on February 9th All four films which feature performances by such action stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger The Phantom Bluray Forum Discussions Topic Replies Last post Show more forum discussions for The Phantom Bluray   Get Daily Bluray Deals We do not share your email and you may opt out at any time Top Bluray Deals   The best Bluray deals online Dont miss out on these great deals See Todays Deals Latest Deals  The latest deals on Bluray moviesat Amazon Show new deals Trending in Theaters 1   Ghost in the Shell9 99 Save 50 2   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 219 99 Save 50 3 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