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Get movie: Frosty S Winter Wonderland Twas The Night Before Christmas

10/10 crazy film. 5 masterpiece uniquely erotic scenes that's great unpredictable plot great music actors coped too well done and pleased very original murder anywhere had ever seen judging by the end of the series of cannibals is gaining momentum!
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The film is quite good. Watch worth it.
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We have no positive gizmos)
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not regret the time spent
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Christmas Specials - TVparty "I'd love to see more information on lost Christmas specials from the 1960's and 1970's that the networks don't run anymore. Some of the ones that I ...

Christmas Specials Another TVparty by YOU the TVparty viewer Id love to see more information on lost Christmas specials from the 1960s and 1970s that the networks dont run anymore Frosty S Winter Wonderland Twas The Night Before Christmas Some of the ones that I remember are The Littlest Angel this was an adaptation of the book broadcast on the Hallmark Hall of Fame starring Johnny Whitaker of Family Affair and Fred Gwynne of The Munsters I vaguely remember a scene where all the angels are flying around talking about what its like to fly to the little angel that hadnt earned his wings yet The Little Drummer Boy this was shown for years until sometime in the mid1980s That was when most religious Christmas specials seemed to disappear It was produced by RankinBass the same people who did Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer It had the same animation style a combination of marionette work traditional puppetry and stopmotion filming Rodgers and Hammersteins Cinderella on NBC in 1965 I think it was the only Rodgers and Hammerstein production developed especially for television It starred Leslie Ann Warren as Cinderella I can still hear the songs In My Own Little Corner and Ten Minutes Ago ORDER CINDERELLA NOW ON DVD The House Without a Christmas Tree starred Jason Robards as a father who had recently lost his wife so he didnt want a tree in the house at Christmas but he had a young daughter who desperately wanted one Late 70s vintage They also had a similar special for Thanksgiving and of course that ones not shown anymore either Id also love to see the old Peanuts specials for Halloween and Thanksgiving again too Year Without a Santa Claus I never actually saw it but a lot of people remember it fondly Shirley Booth aka Hazel was the voice of Mother Nature It featured the Heat Miser and Snow Miser Im Mister Heat Miser Im mister one hundred and one ORDER YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS NOW ON DVD Now were stuck with dreck like The Night Before Christmas which has the absolutely lovely message for children that it isnt Christmas unless Santa comes and brings you lots of presents Blech At least they still show How the Grinch Stole Christmas Sharon First of all I am SO glad that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas are still being enjoyed by new generations These are classics that should not be tampered with in other words dont try to make liveaction movie versions of them whoops too late on the Grinch This websites story of finding lost footage from Rudolph was fascinating My sister and I planned our TV viewing around the specials We watched just about every RankinBass special there was We really liked The Year Without a Santa Claus the battles between Heat Miser Snow Miser and their mom Mother Nature were hilarious I got teary eyed when the little lamb was run over by the chariot in The Little Drummer Boy I was glad to see someone mention The Littlest Angel I quite distinctly remember the scene when he goes back down to Earth to get his gift for Jesus and kisses and hugs his parents who cant see him of course but feel something It would be nice to see this again on TV I also remember watching all those Bing Crosby Christmas shows My mom and dad would inevitably make a comment about having to listen to Bings untalented kids sing Along with Norelco shaver Santa Claus who can forget the Give him British Sterling ads with the Renaissance music and the woman riding the beautiful white horse Kraft sponsored shows where all their commercials were recipes to make that clam dip special use Phillybrand cream cheese and the Coke Like to teach the world to sing jingle Susan Rosko For all my life I have watched the 1965 special A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS every year at this time There is something about this special that I have always wondered about During the closing credits when the Peanuts gang is singing Hark The Herald Angels Sing the song abruptly fades out before the kids finish singing it and the picture jump cuts to the THE END title I understand the reason for this is because the censors are eliminating the original sponsor reference I hear that in the early broadcasts the program was sponsored by Coca Cola It is also my understanding that originally the Peanuts gang DID sing Hark all the way to the end and that on screen it said something like Seasons Greetings From your Coca Cola Bottler Do you know anything about this Chris Heres the WGBH Boston Holiday Greeting something I always looked forward to seeing because it was so opposite their usual very serious identification The year it was recorded was 1985 The voice is David Yvesformer general manager of WGBH for many many years Daniel Ferriera Aside from the usual classics like Rudolph and Frosty one of my fondest childhood Christmas memories was an animated version of A Christmas Carol produced in 1971 that aired for a few years thereafter and featured the voices of Alistair Sim and Michael Redgrave This was a superbly animated and very creepy version with a very unique Victorian animation style and I believe it won an Oscar For years I sought it out on VHS before happening upon it on a Christmas compilation video put out by Good Times of public domain Christmas cartoons Now its a staple once again of my yearly holiday viewing Its not on DVD yet as far as I know but the VHS is worth seeking out Peter McCulloch During the earlysixties Christmas seasons there were two specials that used to be shown before Peanuts and the Grinch came along They were done with marionettes and were always shown back to back One was the story of the birth of Jesus and the other was The Night Before Christmas I looked forward to these presentations every season I got a bonus one year at the TWA kids Christmas party my dad worked for TWA they showed those films on a 16mm movie projector for our entertainment Does anyone else remember these programs and are they available on video tape Ed Justice The story of the birth of Jesus was called THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS featuring the Mable Beaton Marionettes In Philadelphia it was broadcast annually and sponsored by Bell Telephone As my father worked for Bell Tel I proudly watched it every time it was on The local PBS station WHYY tracked it down years ago and broadcasts it several times each holiday season John L Get The Spirit of Christmas now on DVD I can still vividly remember that version of Twas The Night Before Christmas which was produced by Bell Systems the old telephone monopoly starring the Mabel Beaton marionettes I could be totally confused but I recall it being shown at school when I was a wee lad Anyway heres the film thanks to You Tube   One of my favorite cartoons was titled Christmas Comes But Once A Year I believe it was from the Max Fleischer studio which did Popeye Frosty S Winter Wonderland Twas The Night Before Christmas An old man visited an orphanage whos kids had no presents He made toys from dishes and other housewares and a Christmas tree from umbrellas Also the Our Gang Little Rascals short titled A Tough Winter Not really a Christmas story but since the Hal Roach Studios were in LA they produced very few snowy winter shorts The WPIX Yule log in NY The King Family Little Lulu and of course Santa Claus Conquers The Martians with Pia Zadora Somebody STOP me Happy holidays to all Mike B in Deal NJ Fleischer and Van Beuren cartoons portrayed the opposite of the happygolucky Disney world view Produced for the children of the great depression these oddball shorts like Jack Frost 1934 The Shanty Where Santa Claus Lives 1933 and Christmas Comes but Once a Year 1936 looked weirdly disturbing in the boom era of the fifties and earlysixties when they began showing up on local childrens programs In Fleischer toons orphans and downtrodden ragamuffins were always magically and morally superior to everyone else My favorite Christmas special is 1969s J T from the CBS Childrens Hour Its the story about a sensitive young boy Kevin Hooks in a Harlem ghetto who befriends a sickly oneeyed cat brilliantly written by Jane Wagner Im sure anyone who has seen this will remember shedding a tear when J T s cat is hit by a car CBS repeated this amazing heartfelt drama on Christmas mornings in the 80sbut it hasnt been seen since and is unavailable on video MQ I was born in 1949 and I was telling my kids about the black and white cartoons that came on at Christmas that I wish I could get copies of They were cartoonlike in length one was Frosty the Snowman now all these are the original black & white ones not the new ones in color one was Suzy Snowflake one was Rudolph TRNR and MY favorite HARDROCK COCO AND JOE Santas 3 elves If anyone knows where I can get a copy of these PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Ill be forever grateful B&W My kids cant even imagine LOL Susan Mitchell Hadley tells us Well as it happens the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago has now digitally remastered them and has them available at their website a wonderful resource by the way for classic TV fans I have my own web site called the Electric Shaver Page With the holidays approaching I would like to suggest that you bring back the beloved Norelco Santa riding on a set of floating heads by uploading a classic Norelco electric shaver commercial featuring the stop motion animated Norelco Santa This endearing ad campaign was created by American advertising executive David McCall Tragically on April 18 of 2000 the 71 year old McCall was killed along with his 57 year old wife Penny in an automobile accident in Albania where they were helping refugees from Kosovo As I mentioned he created the memorable Norelco Santa advertising campaign in which a stopmotion animated Santa Claus rides on a set of Norelco Philishave heads while we hear floating heads floating heads to the tune of Jingle Bells He also created the memorable animated educational series from the 1970s Schoolhouse Rock Well miss him Gary Flinn THE 1960s NORELCO SANTA I wanted to ask a question about a couple Christmas specials I cant seem to find out much about The first was titled Simple Gifts it aired in the early 80s on PBS was an hour long and had about 7 or 8 short stories each done by a different animator I have found that R O Blechman is given credit on IMDB some of the other segments were truly beautiful especially the part named The Great Frost a few scenes from Virginia Wolfs Orlando The segment looked like Vogue covers from the 20s just beautiful Which reminds of another special The Selfish Giant done in a very similar style airing around Thanksgiving Finally The Night the Animals Talked maybe ran a few years in the early 70s would love any more information on that one if its out there Thank you so much Kurt Walters I dont know if anyone mentioned these as Christmas specials but my faves aside from Charlie Brown and Rudolph were Mr Magoos Christmas Carol and the Jackie Gleason Christmas Special The latter I remember only airing once or twice unlike the others which have been running every year since time immemorial I remember the Jackie Gleason special was just enchanting the Poor Soul goes through all these fairy tales and nursery rhymes I especially remember Little Bo Peep and the lambs tails hanging on a clothesline I havent seen it in years no one seems to broadcast it anymore What a shame I loved the Jackie Gleason show as a kid but that special was just our favorite Marlene Blanshay Mr Magoos Christmas Carol is one cartoon that had the quality of any Broadway show ever written As a matter of fact I bet it could go direct to the Legitimate Theater using the very same book and music that was used in the cartoon The plot and songs stand up very well Still trying to find out how to make RazzleBerry Dressing though Steven L Paul I cant believe nobodys mentioned the Andre Cold Duck ads featuring the clinking of the glasses to Carol of the Bells ring dingaling clink dingaling ring dingaling etc Also Perry Comos Christmas in fill in the blank series where he always seemed to be surrounded by happy singing local children no matter what their living conditions Dave Beeman The King Familystarred in yearlyChristmas specials   Weve compiled a catalog of classic TV holiday specials on DVD This is a wonderful animated CBS Network Christmas Greeting from the early seventies do you remember it It ran for a couple of years and a sequel was produced in 1974 Would a network give over 60 seconds of ad time for a holiday greeting today I think not   NEXT PART TWOMore fantastic nostalgic moments from Christmas pastRare clips