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The Da Vinci Code Documentaries and DVDs - Priory of Sion Last Updated 15 July 2017 Currently 204 entries The Da Vinci Code Documentaries And DVDs 1961-2017 (56 Years) Paul Smith. The various Documentaries, DVDs, Motion ...

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Get movie: Dan Burstein S Secrets Of Angels Demons Masons

It seems that many first time saw a short film at all. Nothing out of the ordinary there is no
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The Da Vinci Code Documentaries and DVDs - Priory of Sion Last Updated 15 July 2017 Currently 204 entries The Da Vinci Code Documentaries And DVDs 1961-2017 (56 Years) Paul Smith. The various Documentaries, DVDs, Motion ...

The Da Vinci Code Documentaries and DVDs The Bibliography of Fantastic BeliefsPriory of Sion BibliographyRennesleChateau TimelineRennesleCh�teau MisconceptionsB�renger Sauni�re�s SermonsRennesleCh�teau Researchers & Hoaxsters Last Updated 15 July 2017 Currently 204 entries The Da Vinci Code Documentaries And DVDs19612017 56 Years Paul Smith The various Documentaries DVDs Motion Pictures and Television News Interviews about The Da Vinci Code RennesleCh�teau The Priory of Sion Rosslyn Chapel Shugborough Hall The Knights Templar etc have all been been made differently specifically aimed at different categories of audiences thus making generalisation impossible Dan Burstein S Secrets Of Angels Demons Masons The Documentaries DVDs Motion Picture Releases and Television News Interviews listed below have been designated the following way For A Wide Audience Made to inform the audience about a conspiracy theory � generally providing critical analysis and showing material evidence exposing it to be popular mythology 61 Entries Religious Audience Made for religious congregations for spiritual reassurance � showing that a conspiracy theory does not affect their Faith 29 Entries For Mystery Buffs A wellintended documentary that lacks sufficient realistic analysis or a documentary with a Conspiracy Theory Agenda to promote popular mythology as historical fact 113 Entries Erotic Parody Adult Entertainment 1 Entry For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDForbidden Knowledge Aliens Templars and Sacred MonolithsSector Five FilmsBayview Entertainment 2017 The Merovingians were descended from an ancient race of fallen angels that spanned the globe taking wisdom and knowledge with them as Atlantis sank The Merovingians also held a dark secret and are the true ruling power on Earth For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryInside Secret Societies The Priory of Sion 1 June 2016American Heroes Channel Season 1 Episode 5Executive Producer Henry ScottSeries Director Bruce BurgessNarrated by Huey MorganLike A Shot Entertainment LtdAHC Featured Chris Hodapp Rob Howells Alice Von Kannon Andrew Gough Gino Sandri JeanLuc Chaumeil Lynn Picknett Nicolas Haywood Began by repeating all the longdebunked and longdiscredited claims associated with the subject matter for the umpteenth time adding bits of criticisms during the middle and concluding with the canard that the �Priory of Sion possibly knew about the marriage of Jesus Christ to Mary Magdalene and their burial in the region of RennesleCh�teau� For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDDa Vincis Darkest SecretDirected Written and Narrated by Philip GardinerProduced by Warren CroyleReality EntertainmentGravitas Ventures 2015 Starring Paul Hughes Simon Oliver The Holy Grail is inextricably linked with the mysterious family known to the ruling elite as the Merovingians a name used in The Da Vinci Code The Matrix and others due to the undeniable power it holds For Mystery Buffs DocumentarySecrets of The Bible The Holy GrailAmerican Heroes Channel Season 1 Episode 12 8 March 2015Yesterday Channel UK Season 1 Episode 4 6 October 2015Produced and Directed by Stuart StricksonNarrated by Alisdair SimpsonWorld Media Rights LimitedZDF Enterprises Featured Graham Phillips Lionel Fanthorpe Dr Dominic Selwood Dr Juliette Wood Tim WallaceMurphy Father Nicholas Schofield Joseph Campbell archive footage Dr Simon Wilson Ean Begg Weak presentation of �HolyGrailasKnightsTemplarrelic� that in fact was wisdom hidden in Chartres Cathedral that contains three Black Madonnas a code for hidden secret � linked to Freemasonry � and repeating the falsehood invented by Pierre Plantard that the founder of the Knights Templar married a Scottish woman Hugues de Payen first married Emeline de Touillon then Elisabeth de Chappes not Catherine SaintClair For A Wide Audience DocumentaryMyth Hunters The Holy Grail and Royal Blood Season 3 Episode 10History Channel 26 April 2015Previously shown entitled The Priest His Lover and The Holy GrailDirected and Produced by Joshua WhiteheadNarrated by Beau WeaverWMR ProductionsIMG in association with Yesterday UK TV Featured Lionel Fanthorpe Clive Prince Jean Brunelin JeanJacques Bedu Antoine Captier Claire Corbu Henry Lincoln archive footage Christian Doumergue Peter McCrohon B�renger Sauni�re Ben Craze Bishop Beaus�jour Imola G�sp�r old Marie Denarnaud Leanne Johnson young Marie Denarnaud Jim Glaister No�l Corbu Stephen Parker Robert Charroux Initially repeating many of the post1950s sensational myths rumours and canards associated with this subject matter � the documentary at the end revealed the banal and mediocre fact that B�renger Sauni�re was �a highly enterprising crook� who obtained his wealth through trafficking in masses For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Gospel of Mary Magdalene 5 April 2015�Finding Jesus Faith Fact Fiction� Season One Episode SixProduced and Directed by Gary JohnstoneNarrated by Corey JohnsonNutopia for Cable News Network CNN Time Warner Featured David Gibson Professor Elaine Pagels Professor Ben Witherington III Professor Candida Moss Professor Mark Goodacre Professor Byron R McCane Father James Martin SJ Rabbi Dr Joshua Garroway Dr Nicola Denzey Lewis Professor Kate Cooper Dr Obery Hendricks Dr Tim Gray Reverend Paul Raushenbush Erwin McManus Adam Bond as Jesus Anna Shaffer as Mary Magdalene For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryAmerica Unearthed The Templars Deadliest Secret Evidence Exposed Season 3 Episode 13H2 A & E Networks 31 January 2015Series Producer Maria AwesDirectors Andy Awes Josh ThackerExecutive Producers Andy Awes Maria AwesHosted by Scott Wolter �The history that we�re all taught is wrong� Featured Steve St Clair Alan Butler unnamed individual in Tomar Portugal David Christiana Two more examples of the Hooked X are found on an inscription on one of the columns in the church of Tomar Portugal � and on the �carving of the Westford Knight� in Massachusetts For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryBiblical Conspiracies 1 Secrets of The SculptureThe Discovery Channel UK 25 January 2015Originally shown on The Science Channel USDirected by Graeme BallExecutive Producer Simcha JacoboviciNarrated by Ron WhiteScience Channel and VisionTVZoomerMediaAP Codebreakers Productions Ltd Featured Dr Loredana Di Marzio Roy Doliner Professor William E Wallace Dr Francesco Stante Tomaso Emaldi Dr Lisa Hillier Roberto Saponelli Dr Cinzia Chiari Professor Paul Gwynne Margaret Starbird Silvano Vinceti Michelangelo hid a dangerous secret about Jesus Christ embedded within his works of art Based on the book by Benjamin Blech & Roy Doliner The Sistine Secrets Michelangelos Forbidden Messages In The Heart of The Vatican foreword by Enrico Bruschini HarperCollins 2008 For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryAmerica Unearthed The Templars Deadliest Secret The Chase Season 3 Episode 12H2 A & E Networks 24 January 2015Series Producer Maria AwesDirectors Andy Awes Josh ThackerExecutive Producers Andy Awes Maria AwesHosted by Scott Wolter �The history that we�re all taught is wrong� Featured Bill Carney Butch Laney Steve St Clair Alan Butler Recapping all the old chestnuts about how the Knights Templar took the secret of the Jesus Bloodline to America adding that it was linked to Leonardo da Vinci Religious paintings and sculptures in the Templar Commanderie dArville bear unnatural Mshaped hand gestures that are coded symbols representing the secret A traditional statue of Virgin Mary and Child is really that of Mary Magdalene and Jesus child A sculpture in the French church of SaintRemi depicts a pregnant Mary Magdalene For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryBiblical Conspiracies 4 Bride of GodThe Discovery Channel UK 8 January 2015Originally shown on The Science Channel USDirector and Executive Producer Simcha JacoboviciNarrated by Ron WhiteScience Channel and VisionTVZoomerMediaAP Codebreakers Productions Ltd Featured Simcha Jacobovici Professor Tony Burke Michael B Toth Dr Kristian Heal Professor James Tabor Professor Elaine Pagels Dr Bill ChristensBarry Professor Barrie A Wilson Dr Rami Arav Professor James H Charlesworth Dr Luke Dixon Dr Nava PanitzCohen Dr Guy Bloch Professor H Gregory Snyder Jesus Christ was portrayed as the Sun God Helios he was married to Mary Magdalene a fact encoded within the text of the Historia Miscellanea PseudoZacharias Rhetor that is a lost gospel Mary Magdalene was a gentile Phoenician priestess perceived as the Goddess Artemis Jesus Christs biological father was the Roman soldier Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera a Phoenician implying it was the same person as the Roman soldier Panthera mentioned by the Greek philosopher Celsus during the second century The Virgin Mary could be buried with her son Maximus in a cemetery located by a 6th century monastery in Beth Shean Galilee Based on the book by Simcha Jacobovici & Barrie Wilson The Lost Gospel Decoding The Ancient Text That Reveals Jesus Marriage To Mary The Magdalene Pegasus Books LLC 2014 For Mystery Buffs Documentary clips of archive footage NTSC DVDLegacy of Jesus The Bloodline of The NazareneReality Entertainment 2014 Compilation of clips from Philip Gardiners TalkShow �Gardiners World� Edge Media Television Ltd shown on Controversial TV 20082013 NTSC DVD Version for the United States For A Wide Audience DocumentaryMyth Hunters The Priest His Lover and The Holy Grail Season 3 Episode 3History Channel December 2014Raiders of The Lost Past Episode 10 30 January 2015Directed and Produced by Joshua WhiteheadNarrated by Alisdair SimpsonWMR ProductionsIMG in association with Yesterday UK TV Featured Lionel Fanthorpe Clive Prince Jean Brunelin JeanJacques Bedu Antoine Captier Claire Corbu Henry Lincoln archive footage Christian Doumergue Peter McCrohon B�renger Sauni�re Ben Craze Bishop Beaus�jour Imola G�sp�r old Marie Denarnaud Leanne Johnson young Marie Denarnaud Jim Glaister No�l Corbu Stephen Parker Robert Charroux Initially repeating many of the post1950s sensational myths rumours and canards associated with this subject matter � the documentary at the end revealed the banal and mediocre fact that B�renger Sauni�re was �a highly enterprising crook� who obtained his wealth through trafficking in masses For Mystery Buffs RealityTV DocumentaryThe Trail of The Templars 16 December 2014�The Curse of Oak Island� Season 2 Episode 7Executive Producer Kevin BurnsNarrator Robert ClotworthyHistory ChannelPrometheus EntertainmentA&E Television Featured Rick Lagina Jack Begley Charles Barkhouse Dave Blankenship Dan Henskee Kathleen McGowan Alan Butler Alex Lagina Marty Lagina Dan Blankenship Drake Tester Craig Tester Jim Meagher Fiona Rogan The Cathars The Knights Templar Kilwinning the Tironensian Order of Monks Rosslyn Chapel William and Henry Sinclair Micmac Indians the Masonic �Royal Arch of Enoch� developed in France during the mid1700s and translated into English in 1821 � all form part of a jigsaw puzzle that solves the mystery of the Oak Island �Money Pit� � that in all probability is a natural sinkhole that was used as storage for something far more mundane than The Holy Grail � and was emptied again before being discovered in 1795 American War of Independence 17751783 For Mystery Buffs RealityTV DocumentarySeven Must Dye 9 December 2014�The Curse of Oak Island� Season 2 Episode 6Executive Producer Kevin BurnsNarrator Robert ClotworthyHistory ChannelPrometheus EntertainmentA&E Television Featured Rick Lagina Dave Blankenship Dan Blankenship Tony Sampson Alex Lagina Marty Lagina Kathleen McGowan Tobi Dobler Charles Barkhouse Jack Begley Dan Henskee Daniel Ronnstam Fred Shuman Ideas that the Ark of the Covenant andor The Holy Grail were held at Montsegur then moved to RennesleCh�teau then to Scotland then to Oak Island were supported by Kathleen McGowan and Tobi Dobler Knights Templar historian Helen Nicholson has pointed out that such theories have no basis in fact The earliest Oak Island �Money Pit� theory was the treasure of Captain Kidd 1857 The much later Knights Templar theory was first advanced by Fred Nolan with his discovery of a megalithic �Templar� cross 1981 � and later by Michael Bradley 1988 and Andrew Sinclair 1992 For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryForbidden History 22 The Real Holy GrailYesterday Channel 12 November 2014Written and Directed by Bruce BurgessPresented by Jamie TheakstonHSP Ltd ProductionLike A Shot Entertainment LtdUKTV Featured Alan Butler Andrew Gough Lionel Fanthorpe Clive Prince Graham Phillips Lynn Picknett Gerald Morgan Nigel Jones Fiona Mirylees Rob Howells Brett Harrison Canon Jaime Sancho Thomas Wrights small stone vessel the Hawkstone Grail The Nanteos Cup Shugborough Halls Shepherds Monument The Santo Caliz in Valencia Spain are each considered to be The Holy Grail � despite it originating within fiction within Medieval Romance Religious Audience Conference Eight DVDsThe Ancient of Days DaVinci Coda Conference 2006Michael S HeiserProduced by Guy MaloneCreatespace Amazon Part 1 Introducing Gnosticism Understanding The Worldview Behind The DaVinci Code 2013Part 2 Manuscripts of The New Testament vs The Gnostic Gospels From Nag Hammadi 2013Part 3 Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married 2013Part 4 Enlightened Gnostics and Misogynistic Christians The New Testament Attitude Toward Women 2013Part 5 Neither Lord Nor Christ The Belief in Jesus as God Before Nicea and The Exalted Christ of Gnosticism 2013Part 6 What Really Happened at Nicea 2013Part 7 The Conspiratorial Logic of The DaVinci Code and Jesus Bloodline Theorists 2013Part 8 Jumping The Shark From The Newsroom To The Ivory Tower Assessing The Gospel of Judas Frenzy 2013 For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Da Vinci Code The True StoryChannel 5 13 October 2013Blink FilmsLOOKS production for Channel 5 in collaboration with Smithsonian Channel Discovery Europe ZDF in collaboration with Arte and BBC WorldwideDirected and Produced by Paul NelsonExecutive Producers Dan Chambers Andra HeritageNarrated by Mark Bazeley Featured Todd Hallowell The Revd Robin GriffithJones Professor Elaine Pagels Mario Taddei Cecilia Frosinini Professor John Langdon Professor Maryanne Wolf JeanLuc Chaumeil Nick Boyes Stuart Mitchell John Stuart Reid For Mystery Buffs Novel Motion PictureThe American Templars 12 October 2013Adaptation of the 2009 Novel by David S Brody Cabal of The Westford Knight Templars At The Newport Tower Martin & Lawrence PressDirected by Michael CarrProduced by David S BrodyWritten by David S Brody Michael Carr9 Hill Productions Morristown New Jersey Starring Nick Apostolides Kevin Cirone Carlyne Fournier Paul J Held Danielle Kellerman Mattias Lupri Amanda Rae Troisi For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryForbidden History 13 The Bloodline of ChristYesterday Channel September 2013Written and Directed by Bruce BurgessPresented by Jamie TheakstonForbidden History Productions Ltd in Association with UKTV Featured Lynn Picknett Andrew Gough Lionel Fanthorpe Robert Howells Pat Jokl Corjan de Raaf Clive Prince Hugh Montgomery Made by the Fringe Community for the Fringe Community uncritically repeating all the usual conspiracy theories and ignoring the welldocumented life of the priest B�renger Sauni�re that would discredit the entire documentary For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryForbidden History 11 The Lost Treasure of The TemplarsYesterday Channel September 2013Written and Directed by Bruce BurgessPresented by Jamie TheakstonForbidden History Productions Ltd in Association with UKTV Featured Robert Howells Clive Prince Lionel Fanthorpe Shimon Gibson Lynn Picknett Andrew Gough Andrew Sinclair Ian Gardner Anne McNeil Dan Blankenship Sylvia Beamon More presentday fantasybased conspiracy theories than toughminded serious historical research based on documentary evidence more TreasureHunting Templars than Banker Templars � enter the lost treasure of Jerusalem the Copper Scroll Gnosticism Freemasonry Rosslyn Chapel the Oak Island Money Pit and Royston Cave For Mystery Buffs DVDRennesleCh�teau Les Zones D�Ombre �Documentaire Exclusif� 23 June 2013Directed by David GalleyVia Media Production SPIC R�gie Tourisme RennesleCh�teau Featured Claire Corbu Antoine Captier Laurent Buchholtzer Germain BlancDelmas Christian Doumergue Jean Fouri� Andr� Galaup Andr� Goudonnet Henry Lincoln Philippe Marlin Philippe Miecret Jean Patrick Pourtal Paul Rouelle Paul Saussez Bonus FeaturesL�Affaire du Meurtre de l�Abb� G�lis by JeanPatrick PourtalHenri Boudet Un Livre Mysterieux by Andr� GoudonnetRecontre avec Andr� Galaup Interview sur Henri Boudet Originally intended to be released on July 2012 Another �Official Release� DVD acting as Public Relations Exercise promoting the �mystery� to attract more tourists to the village of RennesleCh�teau � another propaganda machine without a single critical researcher invited to participate For Mystery Buffs Novel 2 Part Television MiniSeriesLabyrinth 3031 March 2013Channel 4 TelevisionDirected by Christopher SmithProduced by Moritz PolterCreative Producer Christopher HallExecutive Producers Ridley Scott Tony ScottWritten by Adrian Hodges Kate MosseAdaptation of the Novel of the same name by Kate Mosse published in 2005 OrionTandem CommunicationsFilm Afrika CoProduction with Scott Free FilmsSat 1 Germany Starring John Hurt Sebastian Stan Jessica Brown Findlay Vanessa Kirby Janet Suzman Katie McGrath Claudia Gerini Emun Elliott Danny Keogh Bernard Schir Lena Dorrie Erica Wessels Patrick Rapold Matthew Beard Gawn Grainger Paul Hilton Tony Curran Tom Hilton cameo appearance by Kate Mosse Category Slow Melodrama For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDAmerica Unearthed Hunt For The Holy Grail Season 1 Episode 13H2 Committee Films Inc A & E Networks 15 March 2013Series Producer Maria AwesDirector Andy AwesHosted by Scott Wolter �The history that we�re all taught is wrong� Featured Steve St Clair Den Parada Brett Brown Kem Parada Ryan Trymbiski Patrick Whelan Mike Thompson James Trymbiski Knights Templar Treasure Conspiracy Theories on Oak Island Hobson Island and unsuccessful excavations in New Ross Nova Scotia For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDAmerica Unearthed America�s Oldest Secret Season 1 Episode 12H2 Committee Films Inc A & E Networks 8 March 2013Series Producer Maria AwesDirector Andy AwesHosted by Scott Wolter �The history that we�re all taught is wrong� Featured Jim Egan Paul Roberti Jim Miller The Newport Tower in Rhode Island was built by the Knights Templar and was used by them as an astronomical marker for the alignments of the planet Venus featuring a failed experiment For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDAmerica Unearthed Tracking The Templars Season 1 Episode 11H2 Committee Films Inc A & E Networks 1 March 2013Series Producer Maria AwesDirector Andy AwesHosted by Scott Wolter �The history that we�re all taught is wrong� Featured Paul Roberti Darwin Ohman Jerry Lutgen Joe Rose Alan Butler A version of the �Hooked X� is found on The Talpiot Tomb For Mystery Buffs TwoPart Talking Head DocumentaryThe Jesus Wife Papyrus December 2012Narrated and Presented by Simcha JacoboviciAssociated Producers Simcha Jacobovici explains that mainstream scholars have succeeded in rubbishing the authenticity of The Jesus Wife Papyrus � representing a process of censorship that has lasted since the origin of Christianity For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryTreasures Decoded Jesus�s WifeDiscovery Channel 2012Originally shown on Smithsonian Channel 30 September 2012Directed by Andy WebbExecutive Producers Dan Oliver Janice Tufford Dan Chambers Laszlo BarnaNarrated by Corey JohnsonBlink FilmsTreasures Investigations Production in Association with Smithsonian Channel Shaw Media Discovery Networks Europe SBSTV Australia and Historia Featured Professor Karen L King Professor AnneMarie Luijendijk Professor Roger Bagnall Father Henry Wansbrough The Reverend Robin GriffithJones Dr Verena Lepper Dr Dirk Obbink Professor Giovanni Maria Vian Dr James McCullagh Professor Alberto Camplani For A Wide Audience DocumentaryTemplars Lost Treasure 29 July 2012National Geographic ChannelDirected and Written by David GalleyUK Version Directed and Written by Tim VersteegenNarrator Trevor NicholsVia Media Production Featured Sean Martin Helen Nicholson Aymeric Kurzawinski Jean Patrick Pourtal Gino Sandri Lionel Fanthorpe Richard Kemp Joel Doucet Danny Hannigar Nobody knows who commissioned Nicolas Poussin to paint the version of Les Bergers dArcadie that is in the Louvre � the documentary was wrong claiming otherwise For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryAncient XFiles Mary Magdalene Mystery Season 2 Episode 10National Geographic ChannelWAG TV Ltd 3 July 2012Producer Director Rory GriffinNarrated by Chris Porter Featured Margaret Starbird Sabine Affre Paul Sanda presented as a Cathar Archbishop Professor Barrie Wilson Humanities and Religious Studies York University Toronto Dr Helen Bond School of Divinity University of Edinburgh Jeremy Pine Brother Thomas Chapel of St Mary Magdalene StBaume Shot in St Maximin B�ziers CordessurCiel Jerusalem Megiddo Caesarea Marseilles California SainteBaume and SaintesMariesdelaMer � the documentary is a vehicle of Margaret Starbird who can see a pregnant Mary Magdalene everywhere the clues are all around her For Mystery Buffs DVDRennesleCh�teau Le Secret des Blanchefort June 2012P�gaseM�dia Objectif 1 Jean Pellet Cinquante ans de recherches �Je sais a� est cach� le tr�sor� Interview with Jean Pellet who uncritically repeats the story of RennesleCh�teau 2 Henri Buthion Le secret des Blanchefort Comment l�abb� Sauni�re a �t� financ� par les Habsbourg archive footage dating from 1985 of Henri Buthion giving one of his lectures in Sauni�re�s estate 3 19071970 RennesleCh�teau de l�abb� Sauni�re � nos jours early archive photographs and film footage of RennesleCh�teau In Memorian Henri Buthion 8 ao�t 192415 mars 2002 Thanks to Andr� Galaup Jean Pellet Michel Azens Robert Charroux JeanLuc Chaumeil Claire and Antoine CorbuCaptier Patrick Mensior Sonia Moreu Jean & Micheline Ribi�re G�rard de S�de Reissued in 2012 with a booklet entitled Henri Buthion Les secrets de l��glise de RennesleCh�teau transcript of a lecture dating from May 1985 Although aimed at believers in the treasure of RennesleCh�teau this is a very useful DVD to acquire for its archive footage of the subject matter For A Wide Audience DocumentaryJesus Conspiracies Jesus The Rebel Season 1 Episode 1Discovery ChannelKarga 7 Pictures Inc 19 April 2012Executive Producer Jeanne C BegleyNarrated by J V Martin Featured Bart Ehrman University of North Carolina John Dominic Crossan DePaul University Chicago Father John Wauck Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Rome James D Tabor University of North Carolina Marcus Borg Oregon State University Yardenna Alexandre Israel Antiquities Authority Eric Meyers Duke University Durham North Carolina Joseph Raymond author Herodian Messiah Case For Jesus As Grandson of Herod Shimon Gibson University of the Holy Land Jerusalem Holger Kersten author Jesus Lived In India His Unknown Life Before and After the Crucifixion Placing the existence of Jesus Christ within the historical context of the Roman occupation of Judaea and its relationship to Apocalyptic theology � assuming Qumran was inhabited by the Essenes � and that the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in nearby caves in 1947 were written by the Essenes � and that John the Baptist could have been an Essene For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryThe Resurrection Tomb Mystery 12 April 2012Discovery Channel Talpiot Productions LtdAssociated Producers LtdWritten and Directed by Simcha JacoboviciNarrated by Ron WhiteIn Memory of Revital Antman Raz 19652011 Featured Professor James D Tabor Simcha Jacobovici Felix Golubev Professor Rami Arav Walter Klassen Professor Robin Jensen Bill Tarant Dr James Charlesworth Documentary examined another first century Talpiot Tomb discovered in 1981 using maneuverable robotic arms holding cameras One of the ossuaries contained the image of a whale spittng out Jonah surrounded by images of fishes interpreted as �the earliest Jesusrelated symbol ever found� Another ossuary contained a Greek inscription that was translated as either �God Jehovah Raise Up Raise Up� or �Lord Jesus Rise Up Rise Up� It was claimed Talpiot was an estate that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea James Tabor regarded the discovery as convincing him the Tomb was the last resting place of Jesus and His Family For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryThe Da Vinci Conspiracy 6 April 2012H2 Ancient Aliens Season 4 Episode 8Executive Producer Kevin BurnsProducer W Scott GoldieNarrated by Robert ClotworthyPrometheus Entertainment For H2 NetworkA&E Television Networks LLC Featured Michael Dennin Physicist Jonathan Young Joseph Campbell Archives Betty Ann Brown Professor of Art History Martin Kemp Professor History of Art Godfrey Harris SeanDavid Morton William Wallace Professor Art History Philip Coppens Sean Roberts Professor Art History Giorgio A Tsoukalos David Childress Terrence Masson John Rodgers William Henry For Mystery Buffs Documentary clips of archive footage Three Disc DVDThe Real Jesus Legacy of DeceptionWorld Wide Multi Media 2011 Compilation of clips from Philip Gardiners TalkShow �Gardiners World� Edge Media Television Ltd shown on Controversial TV 20082013 For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryI Nuovi Misteri di RennesleCh�teau 2011Directed by Enrichetto LincolniPresented by Enrico Ubaldo LoreleiMisterium Team Featured Mirko Iliade Adelgardo Adone Adelmo Plutonni Galina Vladimirovna Tarkovskaja For Mystery Buffs 3 DVD setThe Da Vinci Code Exposed What They Dont Want You To Know 18 October 2011Reality Entertainment Comprises material covering the death of Mary Magdalene Dan GreenCallum Jensen the theories of Professor Hugh Montgomery and an interview with Timothy WallaceMurphy For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryTerritoires Territoire � RennesleCh�teau September 2011TV Sud FranceDirected by Fr�d�ric CillerPresented by Marl�ne Laroche Featured Alexandre Painco Mayor of RennesleCh�teau Elo�se Moulin Sauni�re Museum Nicolas Miecret Atelier Empreinte Bookshop JeanPaul Raymond Glass artist in RennesleCh�teau Eric Fille Ch�teau de Queribus David Bailey Pianist RennesleCh�teau For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryAncient Aliens Aliens and Temples of Gold 18 August 2011History Channel Ancient Aliens Season 3 Episode 4Executive Producer Kevin BurnsWriter Beata ZielNarrated by Robert ClotworthyPrometheus Entertainment for History A & E Television Networks Segment about RennesleCh�teau and Rosslyn Chapel featured Kathleen McGowan David Childress Josef Dobler Philip Coppens William Henry John Ritchie Giorgio A Tsoukalos �RennesleCh�teau could be the stargate to another world� and �The Knights Templar took their treasure to Scotland and buried it at Rosslyn Chapel� � �Could gold actually be the ultimate link between humans and otherworldly beings� For A Wide Audience DocumentaryRosslyn Chapel A Treasure In StoneBBC Four BBC CymruWales 4 October 2010Directed and Produced by Wayne DerrickExecutive Producer Ludo GrahamPresented by Lady Helen Rosslyn Featured Nicolas Boyes Julian Russell Brian Park Marcus Paine Greg Siddells Professor Richard Fawcett coauthor Melrose Abbey Philippe Giraud Commendable Documentary exploring reasonable historic origins of the construction of Rosslyn Chapel For A Wide Audience Quiz ShowMastermind Champion of Champions Episode 3BBC 2 4 August 2010Director Derek HallworthProducer Jon KellyQuestion Master John Humphrys Contestant David Edwards Retired Teacher former Winner 1990Specialist Subject Matter The Mystery of RennesleCh�teau For Mystery Buffs DVDRennesleCh�teau Le Documentaire Exclusif 19 June 2010Directed by David GalleyVia Media Production SPIC R�gie Tourisme RennesleCh�teau Featured Germain BlancDelmas Jean Brunelin Antoine Captier Claire Corbu Jean Fouri� Philippe Goloubenko Joseph Huillet Henry Lincoln Henri Mariou Alexandre Painco Bonus FeaturesInterview Henry LincolnLe Ch�teau MysterieuxLes Lieux Secrets �Official Release� DVD acting as Public Relations Exercise promoting the �mystery� to attract more tourists to the village of RennesleCh�teau � propaganda machine Dedicated to JeanLuc Robin 19492008 For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Murder Of Mary Magdalene Genocide Of The Holy Bloodline 30 March 2010Written by �Dan Green� Callum JensenNarrated by O H KrillDirected by Philip GardinerReality Entertainment Religious Audience DVD 2 DVD SetRevealing The Da Vinci Code Deception 2010Dr Joe Van Koevering Lectures delivered at the 23rd Annual God’s News Behind the News International Prophecy Conference held in St Petersburg Florida For Mystery Buffs DVDIn Search of The Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Connection A Travel Video 2009Frank M KlicarTravelVideoStore For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryMystical Legends 2009Produced Directed and Edited by Carrie KirkpatrickIntroduced and hosted by Carrie KirkpatrickDivine Productions Featured Andrew Gough Patrice Chaplin Assumpcion Hosta Luis �The Wolf� Cabbalists Caroline Robertson David V Barrett Gareth Medway Jon Randall Carole Hart Debbie Gallagher About Patrice Chaplin�s 2007 book City of Secrets that has been dismissed as a work of fiction by Enric Mirambell the official historian of Girona For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Holy Grail Bloodlines And Secrets 2009World Wide Multi Media Featuring Rat Scabies Chris Millar Andrew Gough Philip Gardiner Philip Coppens Product manufactured on demand using DVDR recordable media For Mystery Buffs DVDMythos RennesleChateau Das Geheimnis ein Priesters 26 October 2009Directed by Erik BornerNarrated by Helmut WinkelmannBlue Screen Entertainment For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryTempliers De lHistoire � La L�gende September 2009English Title The Knights Templar From History To LegendDirected by David GalleyNarrated by Bernard LanneauEnglish Narrator Graeme KirkFrance 3 Lorraine ChampagneArdenneViaMedia Production Featured Fr�d�ric Lenoir Jean Markale Thierry Leroy Aymeric Kurzawinski JeanPatrick Pourtal Gino Sandri Lionel Fanthorpe Richard Kemp Joel Doucet Danny Hennigar Bernard Delacourt Dedicated To JeanLuc Robin 19492008 For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDHoly Grail In AmericaThe History Channel Produced by Committee Films LLC for History A&E Television Networks 20 September 2009Directed and Edited by Andy AwesWritten by Maria AwesNarrated by James Lurie Featured Dr Alice Kehoe Dr Anatoly Liberman Darwin Ohman Scott Wolter Tom Trow Florian Ledermann Dr James Scherz Alan Butler Simon Brighton Erling Haagensen Steven Sora Ashley Cowie Evan Pritchard Niven Sinclair Carmen Legge David Brody Dr Virginia Kimball Dr Bruce Bourque Roslyn Strong Dr William Penhallow Suzanne Carlson Akram Elias An Epic of PseudoHistory assortment of discredited modern myths � involving The Kensington Rune Stone The Spirit Pond Rune Stones The Westford Knight The Newport Tower The Templars discovering America The Templar Treasure Fleet at La Rochelle The Templars excavating Solomon’s Temple The Templars and Astronomical Alignments The Templars holding the Secrets of Moses The Templars and Robert The Bruce The Templars and Freemasonry The Oak Island Money Pit �Prince� Henry Sinclair discovering America The Zeno Brothers and �Prince� Henry Sinclair That Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover America is not a disputed fact among academic historians as repeatedly claimed on this documentary The success of Holy Grail In America inspired the series America Unearthed that premiered on 21 December 2012 produced by Committee Films of Chaska Minnesota For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDThe Descendants of Jesus Tracing The Family of Christ Through The AgesWorld Wide Multi Media 3 September 2009 Jesus married Mary Magdalene and they had children Those children became the rulers of Europe and fought to regain their Holy birthright � Jerusalem Professor Hugh Montgomery sets the record straight For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Lincoln Da Vinci Code and Jesus Didnt Exist 24 July 2009World Wide Multi Media Featuring Dan Green Callum Jensen and Ken Humphreys For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Rosslyn Frequency Uncovering The Hidden World of the Knights Templar 15 June 2009Directed by Philip GardinerWritten by Brian AllanReality Films For Mystery Buffs Documentary DVDAngels vs Demons fact or fictionThe Discovery Channel Lone Wolf Documentary Group 15 May 2009Directed by Will EhbrechtExecutive Producers Kirk Wolfinger Rocky Collins Thomas Quinn Will EhbrechtWritten by Thomas Quinn Rob BlumensteinNarrated by Mike New Featured Mino Carboni David Barney Jeffrey Hangst William Messenger Maurice Finocchairo James Underdown Caterina Volpi For Mystery Buffs Novel Television MiniSeries DVDThe Last Templar 5 May 2009Directed by Paolo BarzmanWritten by Suzette Couture Raymond KhouryAdaptation of the novel of the same name by Raymond Khoury published in 2006 DuttonGenius Products TVN Television miniseries shown 26 January 2009 Muse Entertainment Enterprises Zak Productions 170 mins Starring Mira Sorvino Scott Foley Victor Garber Omar Sharif 19322015 For Mystery Buffs DVDGod Kings The Descendants Of Jesus � Featuring Professor Hugh Montgomery 28 April 2009Directed by Philip GardinerReality Films Production For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Nativity DecodedCarbon for Channel Four Television 25 December 2008Written and Produced by Mike SmithPresented by Dr Robert Beckford Featured Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Birmingham Helen Bond Edinburgh University James Tabor University of North Carolina Dr Richard Chartres Bishop of London A N Wilson Author Jesus A Life Geza Vermes Author The Nativity History & Legend Shimon Gibson Archaeologist Richard Burridge Dean of King’s College London Israel Knohl Hebrew University of Jerusalem Marianne Sawicki Author Crossing Galilee Abdal Hakim Murad Muslim Academic Trust Tekleab Nigussie Curator Axum Museum Sister Wendy Beckett Art Historian Father Justin Librarian St Catherine’s Monastery Father Girgis St George’s Church Heliopolis Juliana Rahmatalla After repeating facts familiar to most researchers of Christian origins Dr Robert Beckford proposed as a serious suggestion that Mary was raped by a Roman soldier named Ben Pantera cited by Celsus and mentioned in 2nd century Jewish texts in the town of Sepphoris of which Jesus Christ became the offspring For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryJesus In India 22 December 2008Directed Produced and Written by Paul DavidsYellow Hat Productions Featured Professor Elaine Pagels Professor Anthony Tambasco Edward T Martin Aziz Kashmiri Marie Witcher Elvis Fisher Robbis Storm Professor Alan Mitchell Dr Paul Fleischman Brother Chidananda Michael Hesemann Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein Suzanne Olsson Arif Khan Unnamed Head Priest Meenakshi Temple Father Baptiste Daniel Entin unnamed Iskcon Priest His Holiness The Shankaracharya Monsignor Corrado Balducci Unnamed Hemis Monastery Monk James Deardorff Dr Ramesh Bajpai Unnamed India Security Advisor His Holiness The Dalai Lama Based on the book by Edward T Martin King of Travellers Jesus Lost Years In India Jonah Publishing Company 1999 For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDSecrets of The Cross Trial of The Knights TemplarChannel Five Television CTVC 28 September 2008Directed by David BartlettSeries Producer John FothergillNarrated by Colin Tierney Featured Dr Shimon Gibson W F Albright Institute Jerusalem Dr Adrian Boas University of Haifa Israel Sean Martin Author The Knights Templar Dr Barbara Frale Vatican School of Palaeography Professor Alain Demurger University of Paris Panth�onSorbonne Not so much a �history� of the Knights Templar but rather the myths of the Knights Templar � the Shroud the Grail the Templar �treasure fleet� at La Rochelle � with Barbara Frale giving another misrepresentation of the historical significance of �The Chinon Parchment� For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDSecrets of The Cross Mary Magdalene – Saint or SinnerChannel Five Television CTVC 21 September 2008Written and Directed by Martin KempSeries Producer John FothergillNarrated by Colin Tierney Featured Professor James D Tabor Mother Catherine St Mary Magdalene Convent Dr Esther de Boer Professor Bart Ehrman Dr Samantha Riches Cultural Historian Lancaster University Professor Tal Ilan Institute for Jewish Studies Freie University Berlin Stephen Langfur Writer and Guide Dr Rami Arav Archaeologist University of Nebraska Veronique Flayol Secretary L�Association Santo Madeleno Monseigneur JeanPierre Ravotti Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume Brother Thomas Michelet Couvent des Dominicains Yotam Tepper Archaeologist IAA Quoting Professor Bart Ehrman �Some people say the fact Jesus Christ is kissing Mary Magdalene � doesn�t that show that they had an intimate relationship � and one would think that unless one read the rest of The Gospel of Philip � because as it turns out kissing is referred to elsewhere in The Gospel of Philip � and the way it is referred to elsewhere is in relationship to the Christian Ritual that happened during Christian Worship Services in the Early Church where Christians would welcome one another with a kiss � and The Gospel of Philip asks �why is it that you welcome one another with a kiss� The reason is because by kissing you are showing that Revelation has been given God gives His Revelation by delivering His Word � words are delivered by the mouth and so Christians kiss one another to show that they are giving Revelation to one another� For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDSecrets of The Cross Secrets of The Jesus TombChannel Five Television CTVC 2 September 2008Directed by Sean SmithSeries Producer John FothergillNarrated by Colin Tierney Featured Professor Bart Ehrman University of North Carolina Dr Shimon Gibson W F Albright Institute Jerusalem Professor Amos Kloner BarIlan University Israel Professor James D Tabor Author �Jesus Family Dynasty� David Horovitz Editor The Jerusalem Post Professor Jonathan Price Tel Aviv University Dr Carney Matheson Lakehead University Canada Professor Tal Ilan Freie University Berlin Dr Camil Fuchs Tel Aviv University Excellent documentary about the 1980 Talpiot Tomb discovery � first devoting a considerable amount of time to the recently generated conspiracy theory before towards the end providing a more sober conclusion emphasising a more realistic interpretation to this archaeological discovery Repeated on 27 December 2008 For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDBeyond The Da Vinci Code 26 May 20088 DVD Box Set comprising Documentaries shown on The History Channel Disc 1 The Bible Code � Predicting Armageddon Historys Mysteries 2003Disc 2 The Bible Code II � Apocalypse and Beyond Decoding The Past 2004Disc 3 The Unknown Jesus Biography 1995Disc 4 Mary Magdalene � The Hidden Apostle Biography 1995Disc 5 The Holy Grail In Search of History 1997Disc 6 The Templar Code Decoding The Past 2005Disc 7 Opus Dei Unveiled Decoding The Past 2006Disc 8 Da Vinci & The Code He Lived By TV Movie Documentary directed by Robert H Gardner 2005 For A Wide Audience Television News InterviewNightline ABC News 9 May 2008 Introduced by Terry Moran Elizabeth Vargas interviewed Bruce Burgess Umberto Eco and Darrell Bock about the documentary �Bloodline� For Mystery Buffs Cinema Release Documentary and DVDBloodlineCinema Libre Studio 9 May 2008 DVD released on 20 July 2008Written Directed and Narrated by Bruce BurgessExecutive Producers William Billingsley Ren� Barnett Bruce BurgessEdited by Daniel E Brown Featured Margaret Starbird Tracy Twyman Robert Howells Guy Patton Gino Sandri Tim WallaceMurphy Dr Steve Mizrach telephone voice Nicolas Haywood JeanFran�ois Lhuillier the then Mayor of RennesleCh�teau Alain Feral Gerard Thom �Ben Hammott� Bill Wilkinson Sandra Hamblett Bill Kersey Dr Gabriel Barkay BarIlan University Jerusalem Rev Lionel Fanthorpe Aidan Dodson University of Bristol Prof Robert Eisenman California State University Rt Rev John Shelby Spong D D Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark Ret �Anonymous Vatican contact� telephone voice Assortment of pseudohistorical claims hoax treasure discoveries and motley charlatans Totally uncritical �documentary� giving the benefit of the doubt to the extremely ludicrous For Mystery Buffs Television News InterviewGood Morning America Discussing Bloodline � The Movie 4 May 2008ABC News Featured �Good Morning America� presenter George Stephanopoulos talking to Bruce Burgess maker of Bloodline � The Movie about the alleged tomb of Mary Magdalene located in RennesleCh�teau and the descendants of Jesus Christ The tomb has since been revealed as a hoax by its perpetrator �Ben Hammott� on Podcast Interview with Ren� Barnett executive producer of Bloodline dated 21 March 2012 on L A Talk Radio NightVision Radio For A Wide Audience Discussion ProgrammeRennesleCh�teau la chiesa del misteroRebus � Questioni di conoscenza Television seriesOdeon TV Italy 29 February 2008Directed by Luca ValtortaExecutive Producer Anna Disabato Presented by Maurizio Decollanz who served as a questionmaster on the subject matter of RennesleCh�teau the programme looked for answers from invited guests Mariano Tomatis critical researcher and Giorgio Baietti defending the existence of the mystery The programme showed clips from the DVD about B�renger Sauni�re and RennesleCh�teau by Francesco Garufi author of the 2004 book RennesleCh�teau uninchiesta Erotic Parody TV MovieThe Da Vinci CoEd 2007Directed and Written by H R Blueberry Jim WynorskyGlorioski ProductionsAlbatros Film Featured Julie K Smith Lucia Santos Desiree Carey Arthur Roberts as Dr Knowitall Monica Mayhem Delia Sheppard Marlie Moore For A Wide Audience Documentary DVDLooking For A Grail Legend 2007Written & Directed by William Sansom John DragnellNarrated by Tim HealeyNew Park Films Episode One Joseph of Arimatheas GlastonburyFeatured Ronald Hutton Father John Sumner Professor Roland Rotherham Ana Adnan Maria Jude Currivan Episode Two King ArthurFeatured Nikolai Tolstoy Maddy Prior Roger Toy Mike Ashley Professor Roland Rotherham John Matthews Gillian Bradshaw Gandalph Chris Gidlow Dan Shadrake Episode Three The Knights TemplarFeatured Karen Ralls Professor Roland Rotherham Robert Brydon John Matthews Episode Four Pilgrimage To Rosslyn ChapelFeatured Professor Roland Rotherham Stuart Beattie Karen Ralls John Matthews Robert Brydon Father John Sumner Jude Currivan One criticism at times modern fabricated beliefs fanciful speculations dating from the 1970s and the 1980s are described as �legends� and presented as being indistinguishable from medieval legends For Mystery Buffs DVDRennesleCh�teau Grand secret d�voil� 2007Directed by Malgorzata DebowskaDebowska Productions RenneslesBains Featured Jean Blum Malgorzata Debowska For Mystery Buffs DVDLapis Exillis 2007Directed by Gavin WinceNarrated by Gerald WinstanleyFire Stone Documentaries Louis Buff Parry deciphers the 250yearold encoded inscription on The Shepherds Monument in Staffordshire England Winner Seventh Annual The Garden State Film Festival 2007 Feature Length International Documentary Asbury Park New Jersey USA For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Real Bloodline The Sacred Teachings of Tim WallaceMurphy � The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code 2007An exclusive interview by Philip GardinerDirected by Philip GardinerReality Films Production Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code The Church Responds 2007Janson Media DVD contains two documentaries The Da Vinci Code A Masterful DeceptionProduced and Directed by Mario BiasettiRome Reports Featured Professor Elizabeth Lev Professor Peter Gumpel Monsignor Robert Sarno Michel Roug� Amy Welborn Laura Collura Professor John Wauck Professor Raphaela Schmid Professor Gerald O’Collins Professor Marc Ellis Cardinal Francis Arinze Rocco Buttiglione John Thavis Mark Palermo M D Fauzia Chanda Padre Raniero Cantalamessa The Da Vinci Files The Divinity of ChristProduced by Susanna Pinto Raphaela SchmidRome Reports & Becket Institute Featured Professor Gerald O’Collins Cardinal Francis Arinze Professor Raphaela Schmid Professor Justin Taylor Professor Jean Louis Ska Professor John Wauck Professor Elizabeth Lev Professor Pietro Marani Pinin Brambilla Professor Ian Wood Michel Roug� Amy Welborn John Allen Sister Maria Gloria Riva Mark Palermo M D Extra Features The Vatican vs The CodeFeatured Cardinal Jos� Saraiva Martins Katerina Karkala Cardinal George Pell Manuel S�nchez Hurtado John Thavis The Mystery of Saint SulpiceFeatured Michel Roug� Dan Brown A Nobody In VinciFeatured Francesco Cingara For Mystery Buffs DVDKeys To The Code Unlocking The Secrets Of Symbols � In Conversation with Tim WallaceMurphy 2007Directed by Philip GardinerReality Films Production For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Hidden Story of JesusJuniper Production for Channel 4 25 December 2007Produced & Directed by David BattyPresented by Dr Robert Beckford Featured Shrivatsa Goswami Deebandhu Das Pema Donyo Nyingje Wangpo Professor J Duncan M Derrett H H Ogyen Trinley Dorje The Karmapa Lindsay AllasonJones Dr Bojana Mojsov Rabbi Tovia Singer Dan Sered Debbie Figueras Yakim Figueras Professor Fida Hussnain Ghulam Nabi Ringshal Dr Ahmad ElTayyib Sheikh Abdalla El Kurdi Professor Tridip Suhrud Kamilia Makram Mona Haliem Eileen Hanson Rabbi Arik Ascherman Dr Robert Beckford explored similarities between Jesus Christ Krishna Buddha Mithras and Osiris as well as investigating allegations that Jesus Christ travelled to India and was buried in Kashmir concluding that what really matters is what lies in the Christian message For Mystery Buffs DVD 2 DVD SetDa Vinci Code Les Sources D�Inspiration � Les Templiers L�Opus Dei 12 June 2007Directed by Guy Tarade J�r�mie JeffsAlpa M�diaJanus Diffusion For Mystery Buffs Video iPod Ready DiscDa Vinci Tracking The Code 8 May 2007Delta Music Inc For A Wide Audience Documentary DVDSomething About Mary MagdaleneThe History ChannelSBSTV Australia CTVC 5 April 2007Directed by Harvey CrosslandProduced by Marianne KushmaniukWritten by Gail GallantNarrated by Nigel Reed Featured Reverend Dr Esther de Boer Susan Haskins Dr Pheme Perkins Giulio Silano Dr Marvin Meyer Friar Henri Dominique Yves Bridonneau Ramon K Jusino For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDsThe Lost Tomb of JesusThe Discovery Channel VisionTV Channel 4 4 March 2007Directed by Simcha JacoboviciProducers Felix Golubev Ric Esther BienstockExecutive Producer James CameronNarrated by Ron White Featured Ouriel Maoz Rivka Maoz Felix Golubev Dr Shimon Gibson Professor Tal Ilan Professor James Tabor Frank Moore Cross John Dominic Crossnan Naama Vilozny Professor Amos Kloner David Mevorah Professor Andrey Feuerverger Bill Tarant Professor Fran�ois Bovon Steven J Cox Dr Carney Matheson Efraym Shochat Oded Golan Dr Charles Pellegrino Robert E Genna A revised and extended version of The Lost Tomb of Jesus was later aired in May 2007 that featured Tom Powers ossuary of Simon of Cyrene with an Epilogue added and omitting some of the material shown on the first airing Two DVDs of the documentary were released �The Lost Tomb of Jesus Has Physical Evidence Been Discovered� in widescreen by The Discovery Channel 92 minutes A Director�s Cut version entitled �James Cameron Presents The Lost Tomb of Jesus Has The 2000 YearOld Mystery Finally Been Solved� contained additional material 106 minutes Religious Audience DVDLast Supper Artifacts Mary Magdalene And The Holy Grail 2006Directed by David PriestSupervising Producer Charles SellierWritten by Sharon DymmelGrizzly Adams Productions Featured Dr Jim Garlow Therese Thurston Dr Craig Bloomberg Jeffery Rose Dr Rosemary Ruether Dr Erwin Lutzer Reverend Julie Slayback Ramon Justino Charles Thurston E Raymond Capt Karena Bryan Steven Sora Graham Phillips Dr Daniel Scavone For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDThe Rosslyn Enigma 2006Directed by Tim MaguireProduced by Sharon RavenscroftTern Television Featured ‘Lisa’ Marisa Privatera ‘Waiter’ Richard Harris Stuart Beattie Simon Beattie Dr Neil Hargreaves John Miller Norah Fitzcharles Robert Brydon Nic Boyes Joe Lang For Mystery Buffs DVDLeonardo Da Vinci The Code The Myth The Man 2006Directed by Thomas BrosNarrated by Steven Thomas�Historical Reference DVD Range� Spearhead Films For Mystery Buffs DVDDa Vinci Tracking The Code � The Facts The Fiction & The Phenomenon 2006Directed by Liam DaleProduced by Sue HoslerResearch & Script Barnaby EatonJonesNarrated by Jack RobertsDelta Entertainment Corporation Los Angeles For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Mystery of RennesleCh�teau 2006Produced by Katia MilaniWritten and Presented by Stewart FerrisGabriela Has An Umbrella Productions in association with Summersdale Productions Featured Stewart Ferris Henry Lincoln Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Dave Smith Graham Simmans DVD arguing that B�renger Sauni�re�s activities at RennesleCh�teau were an �unexplained mystery� whilst disparaging the overwhelming material evidence that the priest�s source of wealth originated from the selling of masses � pure propaganda For Mystery Buffs DVDSecrets Of The Code 2006Directed by Jonathan StackProducers Donald Zuckerman Dan Burstein Brian EdelmanBased on the Book Secrets Of The Code edited by Dan BursteinNarrated by Susan SarandonSony Pictures Featured John Matthews Duncan Caldwell Timothy Freke Rabbi Irwin Kula Elizabeth Lev Gerald OCollins Elaine Pagels Caitlin Matthews Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Anna Fedele Brother John Patrick Joe E Zias Eldad Junoh Pere Thierry Francois de Vregille Susan Haskins Sean Martin John Allen Terri Carron Richard Leigh John Saul JeanLuc Robin Dan Burstein Scott Johnson Stuart Mitchell Mark Oxbrow Feckless and mediocre examinations of Themes found in Dan Brown�s The Da Vinci Code The subject matter of The Priory of Sion was concluded by a question mark while the story of B�renger Sauni�re at RennesleCh�teau rested upon the totally romantic and unsubstantiated claims of the late JeanLuc Robin 19492008 For Mystery Buffs DVDSecrets of Mary Magdalene 2006Directed by Rob FruchtmanExecutive Producer Stuart B RekantWritten by Lori NelsonNarrated by Marisa BerensonHidden Treasures Productions Inc USA Programme One Secrets of Mary MagdaleneFeatured JeanPierre Ruiz Deirdre Good Dan Burstein Susan Haskins Dr Jane Schaberg Lesa Bellevie Elaine Pagels Diane ApostolosCappadona Starring Spartok Genev Jesus of Nazareth Tsvetomiva Stefanova Mary Magdalene Programme Two A Mary Magdalene Roundtable � The Experts SpeakFeatured Diane ApostolosCappadona Lesa Bellevie Deidre Good Susan Haskins Dr Katherine Kurs Elaine Pagels Dr Jane Schaberg Featurette More Secrets of Mary MagdaleneFeatured Dan Burstein JeanPierre Ruiz Deirdre Good Diane ApostolosCappadona Susan Haskins Elaine Pagels Jane Schaberg Lesa Bellevie Secrets of Mary Magdalene contains references to nonexistent �traditions� and �legends� relating to Saint Sarah of the SaintesMariesdelaMere legend being the �daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene� � a claim only first made by Margaret Starbird in 1993 to �traditions� and �legends� of the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene starting the Merovingian dynasty � a claim only first made in the 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail to the claim that the French priest B�renger Sauni�re discovered �parchments� whilst renovating his church in RennesleCh�teau � a story that does not date from his lifetime but first started during the mid1950s The Secrets of Mary Magdalene DVD failed to emphasise the recent origins of these �traditions� and �legends� � that they do not date back to earliest Christianity or to the Cathars or Knights Templar or to the lifetime of B�renger Sauni�re For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Da Vinci Code Where It All Began 2006Directed by Georges CombeBFS Entertainment Rerelease of From Sauni�re To Da Vinci DVD with Special Features The Village of RennesleCh�teau with Interactive Map The Historical Figures of The Mystery Documentation of Sauni�re�s Trial Church Clues To The Holy Grail Religious Audience DVDHollywoods War On God 2006Directed by Joseph M SchimmelExploration Films Dubbed �A mindblowing eyepopping documentary that reveals how Satanic Forces are using Hollywood�s most memorable Movies and most popular Actors to Propagate an Ancient Lie in Fulfilment of Biblical Prophecy� Covers The Da Vinci Code 2006 The Matrix 1999 Constantine 2005 The Fight Club 1999 The Truman Show 1999 Pleasantville 1998 Total Recall 1990 From Hell 2001 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 Blade Runner 1982 Vanilla Sky 2001 Eyes Wide Shut 1991 Minority Report 2002 Harry Potter films 2001 2002 2004 2005 Religious Audience DVDExplode The Da Vinci Code Conference 2006Directed by Joseph M SchimmelExploration Films Filmed live on 6 May 2006 in Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley California lasting 3 hours 37 minutes � the conference was hosted by Joe Schimmel with guest speakers Kirk Cameron and Francis Chan Religious Audience DVDExposing The Da Vinci Code 2006Executive Producers David McKenzie Paul SharrattSupervising Producer Michael BousonPresented by Paul SharrattHighland Entertainment ILC Ltd Featured Dr Jim Garlow Paul L Maier Craig Hazen Mike Finch JohnMark Reynolds Chuck Missler Desiree Morales Carmen Deluca Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Timothy WallaceMurphy J P Moreland Alex F Metherell John F Wilson Michael J Wilkins Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Delusion 2006Directed by Jerry NewcombeNarrated by Dr D James KennedyCoral Ridge Ministries Religious Audience DVDThe Movie Ends But What Really Happened The Da Vinci Code 2006The Watch Word Bible Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code �Seek the Truth� 2006Narrated by Josh McDowellRedline Studios Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code of Deceit 2006Lecture by Pastor Rod ParsleyVictory Ministry Bible Study For A Wide Audience DVD Music CD BookThe Da Vinci Project Seeking The Truth 2006Directed by Luigi RizzaExecutive Producer Irene BelliniMediane srl � Contenuti srlRai TradeDigiview Entertainment Featured Professor Mariano Bizzarri Professor Roberto Giacobbo Michael Baigent Professor Mario Moiraghi Alessandro Vezzosi Paolo Gigante Includes 100page Book in five languages with Bookmark Repeats the mistake that Hugues de Payens the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar was married to �Catherine St Clair� his wife was Elizabeth de Chappes For Mystery Buffs 3 DVD SetLapis Exillis The Stone Is The Grail � An Exploration Into the Worlds Most Secret Societies 2006Directed by Gavin WinceNarrated by Gerald WinstanleyUFO TV UFO Video Inc Spirit Culture Fire Stone Productions DVD 1 � Lapis Exilis Main Feature and DVD Rom eBookFeatured Louis Buff Parry Intelligence Advisor CryptanalystCryptologist Richard Kemp General Manager Shugborough Hall Lichfield Estate E Mildred Speiser Master Building resident Manhattan New York building historiographer Stuart Beattie Director Rosslyn Chapel Trust Joe Lang PM Expert stone mason Rosslyn Chapel tour guide Andrew Baker ComposerStaffordshire Librarian Obadiah Harris PhD Director University of Philosophical Research Los Angeles California Actor played the role of Thomas Anson Esquire Member of Parliament Lichfield Estate 1805 A D Presents the subjective theories of Louis Buff Parry relating to The Shepherds Monument in Shugborough Hall Staffordshire � the breaking of the inscription �code� on the monument claiming a connection between The Illuminati and Cathars who inherited a secret tradition dating back to ancient Judaism and Jacob�s Pillar Stone and by extension revealing the real nature of Jesus Christ DVD 2 � Lapis Exilis Bonus Material DVD 3 � Louis Buff Parry Bonus Commentary For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Mystery Da VinciChannel Five FulcrumTVDiscovery Communications Inc 27 December 2006Produced and Directed by Lisa Sabina HarveyNarrated by Stephen Rashbrook Da Vincis Lost Code was aired by the Discovery Channel on 14 May 2006 and narrated by David Soul Dan Burstein S Secrets Of Angels Demons Masons Featured Robert Bolleurs Richard Feigen Professor Elizabeth Pilliod Marcus Mazure Dr Celia Frosinini Richard Dorment David Bull Dr Nicholas Eastaugh Professor Martin Kemp Charles Nicholl Professor Evelyn Welch Professor David Hemsoll Dr Matthew C Steenberg Professor Elaine Pagels Dr Mario Taddei Dr Karen Kirkby Javier Sierra Marta Paraventi The first part examined the provenance of a lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting and its original design called “The Holy Infants” a meeting between the infants Jesus Christ and John the Baptist kissing taken from the Apocrypha depicted by many other artists The second part dealt with an interpretation alluding to a “deeply heretical message” involving John the Baptist and Gnosticism The documentarymakers invited Professor Martin Kemp�s verdict towards the end “The Gnostic interpretation of ‘The Holy Babies’ is to put it bluntly nonsense – there is no evidence that Leonardo had any interest in Gnostic doctrine at all – and indeed everything we know about Leonardo suggests he would have been deeply unsympathetic to them” For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Family of JesusCTVC Production for Channel Four 25 December 2006Produced & Directed by David Batty Presented by Dr Robert Beckford Oxford Brookes University who tried to reveal the original message of Christianity that involved Mary Magdalene John The Baptist and the immediate members of the family that shared the original bloodline of Jesus Christ – “this is the conspiracy that Dan Brown missed more significant than The Da Vinci Code it’s a story that has been hidden for more than two thousand years – it goes right back to the very beginnings of Christianity and if true could rock everything that Christians believe in” Featured Dr Esther de Boer author The Mary Magdalene Cover Up Mother Catherine Russian Orthodox Nun Father Stefano de Luca Franciscan Monk Dr Helen Bond Edinburgh University Father Nicolai Spiro Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop Abba Melchizedek Ethiopian Church Father Lawrence Guardian of The Milk Grotto Issa KhouryJaraisy Shop Keeper Professor Richard Bauckham St Andrews University Aviram Oshri Archaeologist Father Saleh Greek Orthodox Church Dr Mordechai Aviam Director of Archeological Research at the Institute of Galilean Archeology Professor James Tabor author The Jesus Dynasty Father Eugenio Alliata Franciscan Monk Dr Shimon Gibson The Cave of John the Baptist Professor Ronny Reich University of Haifa Dr Raffaella Giuliani Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology Reverend Dean Bechard Pontifical Biblical Institute Ignatius Zakkai Iwas Patriarch of Syriac Orthodox Church Archbishop Aristarchos Greek Orthodox Patriarchate The claims and theories that were presented in this particular documentary are nothing new – that James the Just was the literal blood brother of Jesus Christ and that the earliest Christians were the members of Jesus Christ’s immediate family that flourished up to the third century were mooted in the 1980s fourpart Channel Four television series Jesus The Evidence for example For Mystery Buffs Novel Motion Picture DVD BluRay DVD SoundtrackThe Da Vinci Code 14 November 2006Directed by Ron HowardWritten by Dan Brown based on his Novel Akiva GoldsmanBased on the novel of the same name by Dan Brown published in 2003 Random HouseSoundtrack by Hans ZimmerSony Pictures Home Entertainment Motion Picture released 19 May 2006 Columbia Pictures Imagine Entertainment Skylark Productions Hans Zimmer soundtrack Music CD released 9 May 2006 Decca UMO The Da Vinci Code DVD Widescreen and Full Screen TwoDisc Special Editions released 14 November 2006 149 mins The Da Vinci Code Special Edition Giftset DVD with Metal Cryptex released 14 November 2006 The Da Vinci Code 3Disc Deluxe Widescreen DVD Edition including The History Channel documentary Beyond The Da Vinci Code released 2006 The Da Vinci Code BluRay TwoDisc Widescreen Extended Cut with new Special Features 174 mins Released 28 April 2009 The Da Vinci Code BluRay Special Edition Giftset with Metal Cryptex released 28 April 2009 174 mins Released 28 April 2009 Starring Tom Hanks Audrey Tautou Jean Reno Ian McKellen Paul Bettany Alfred Molina J�rgen Prochnow For Mystery Buffs Documentaries and DVDsThe Da Vinci Code The Total Story 30 October 2006A&E Store Exclusive2DVD Set comprising 6 Documentaries shown on The History Channel Beyond The Da Vinci Code 2005 The Templar Code Decoding The Past 2005 Da Vinci Code � Bloodlines Digging For The Truth 2006 Opus Dei Unveiled Decoding The Past 2006 Mary Magdalene Biography 1995 The Holy Grail In Search Of History 1997 For A Wide Audience Documentary 3 partsDecoding Da Vinci originally shown in May on More4Channel Four Television Wildfire TelevisionExecutive Producer Philip ClarkeSeries Producer Simon Raikes Programme 1 � Secret Societies 8 October 2006Produced & Directed by Clare SlessorPresented by Dan Rivers Featured Alan Gilbert presenter’s Grandfather Chris Mullin MP Dr Robert Lomas Ben Acheson Professor Jonathan RileySmith Elie de Comminges Robin Ramsay Lord Healey of Riddlesden Professor Peter Kinderman Programme 2 � The Sacred Feminine 15 October 2006Produced & Directed by Helen WilliamsonPresented by Dan Rivers Featured Elaine Pagels Geri Parlby Margaret Knight Professor Salima Ikram Professor Melissa Raphael Rabbi Jonathan Romain Dr Ananya Kabir Dr Ahmed AlDubayan Dr Reza Shah Kazeemi Christina OakleyHarrington Jules Cashford Programme 3 � Codes and Symbols 22 October 2006Produced & Directed by Nick GillamSmithPresented by Dan Rivers Featured Dr Joan Readman Richard Kemp Professor Joseph Koerner Dr Louise Govier Rabbi Larry Tabick Dr Keith Martin Clare Asquith Madame Dorine Vitrouve Stuart Mitchell Professor Murray Campbell Dr Philip Ball Religious Audience DVDChallenging The Da Vinci Code 12 September 2006Directed by Michael BousonCrystal Entertainment For A Wide Audience DocumentaryDa Vinci Seeking The TruthTime Warner Cable Contenuti Productions & MediaRai Trade 2 October 2006Directed by Luigi Rizza Featured Professor Mariano Bizzarri Professor Roberto Giacobbo Michael Baigent Professor Mario Moiraghi Doctor Alessandro Vezzosi Religious Audience Documentary DVDJesus Divine or Da Vinci 7 September 2006Presented by Dr Donald A BierleDirected and Produced by Tim MahoneyMahoney Media GroupCrown Entertainment Bonus MaterialEvidence of Jesus In HistoryEvidence of Jesus In Personal Experience For Mystery Buffs Novel Television MiniSeries 2 DVD SetL�Or du Diable 26 August 2006Directed by JeanLouis FournierWritten by JeanMichel Thibaux JeanDaniel Verhaeghe Roger VrignyBased on the novel of the same name by JeanMichel Thibaux published in 1987 Paris �ditions Olivier Orban DVD released by L C J Editions Television miniseries 6 episodes shown February 1989 France 3 FR 3 La Sept Vamp Productions Starring JeanFran�ois Balmer Arielle Dombasle Laura Faval Michel Aumont For Mystery Buffs DVDThe French Megaliths Blue Apples � The Stone Treasure Of RennesleCh�teau 13 July 2006CustomFlix Amateur video with a musical background product manufactured on demand using DVDR recordable media New Age material For A Wide Audience DocumentaryLost Worlds Knights Templar Season 1 Episode 1History Channel Atlantic Productions 10 July 2006Directed and Written by Stuart ElliottExecutive Producer Anthony GeffenNarrated by Corey Johnson Featured Professor Paul Crawford Dr David Nicolle Dr Helen Nicholson Professor Jonathan Phillips Father Tim Bugby Religious Audience Documentary DVDWhere FACTS and FICTION Meet The Biblical Christ In A Da Vinci Code Society 20 June 2006Directed and Presented by Tom Dallis Amy DallisProduced by Ensign MediaGateway FilmsVision Video Part 1 The Historical and Biblical JesusPart 2 Ancient and Modern GnosticismPart 3 The Real Words of ChristPart 4 Jesus Mary and The Role of Women In The Early ChurchPart 5 The Messiah The Myths and The Holy GtailPart 6 Reaching The Da Vinci Code Society DVD ExtrasQuestions For Small GroupsPersonal Bible Study QuestionsOutlines of Each MiniDocumentaryPhotos with Music of Great Religious Art Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Hoax 13 June 2006Directed by Tim BrownXenon Featured Father Mitch Pacwa Carl E Olson Sandra Miesel For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryRichard Hammond and The Holy GrailBBC One BBC 29 May 2006Produced and Directed by James HayesPresented by Richard Hammond Featured Dr Tom Asbridge Reverend Robin GriffithJones Ian Robertson Geoffrey Ashe Richard Barber Simon Cox Stephen O�Shea Karen McDermott Father Gerald O�Collins uncredited contributions from an American psychic in Rosslyn Chapel and various individuals at Glastonbury For Mystery Buffs Motion Picture DVDThe Da Vinci Treasure 19 June 2007Directed by Peter MervisWritten by Paul Bales Carlos De Los Rios David Michael Latt Peter MervisThe Asylum Home Entertainment The Asylum The Global Asylum Motion Picture released 23 May 2006 Starring C Thomas Howell Lance Henriksen Nicole Sherwin Alexis Zibolis For A Wide Audience Docudrama DVDDecoding The Past Opus Dei UnveiledThe History Channel Bill Brummel Productions Inc 16 May 2006Directed and Produced by George TzimopoulosWritten by George TzimopoulosNarrated by Paul MichaelA & E Home Video Featured John Allen Patricia Anderson Monsignor Thomas Bohlin Mary Alice Chrnalogar David Clark Nathan Davis Dianne DiNicola Tammy DiNicola Dennis Dubro Bishop Javier Echevarria Cardinal Julian Herranz Doug Hinderer Shirley Hinderer Father Hilary Maheny Susan Mangels Will Rey Charles Shaw Maria del Carmen Tapia Art Thelen Michael Walsh Father John Wauck Kenneth L Woodward archive footage of Saint Josemaria Escriva Starred Joiwind Alexander Danielle Dearing Diego DiGiovanni Ed Flanagan Christopher Garcia Matthew Jaeger Elizabeth Perez David Villar For A Wide Audience DocumentaryAngels & Demons � The True StoryChannel Five Television Hidden Treasures Production Love Productions 10 May 2006Produced and Directed by Stephen FranklinNarrated by Paul McGann Featured Dr Diane ApostolosCappadona Mark Irving Simon Cox Dan Burstein George Lechner Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson Lindsay Johns James Wasserman Dr Michael Barkun Peter Sandford Dr Amy Bernstein Greg Tobin Dr Antonio Sennis Revised Version of the DVD Dan Bursteins Secrets of Angels Demons & Masons 2005 For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDRevealed The Man Behind The Da Vinci CodeChannel Five Television Diverse Productions Ltd 10 May 2006Produced and Directed by Ian BremnerNarrated by John Shrapnel Featured Henry Lincoln Professor Brian Ford Sharan Newman Dr Helen Nicholson John Edwin Wood Erling Haagensen Dr Jim Bennett Ed Danson Peter Barber with archive footage of Professor Christopher Cornford Repeated on 10 May 2009 when the movie The Da Vinci Code 2006 premiered on UK Television on Channel 5 Also shown on The History Channel Narrated by Michael Brandon and released on DVD in 2007 entitled Behind The Da Vinci Code For Mystery Buffs DVDDa Vinci’s Code Revealed The Ultimate Collection 8 May 2006First Look Home Entertainment 3 DVD Box Set comprising Laura McKenzie�s Da Vinci Code Tour Unlocking Da Vinci�s Code The Secret Life of Leonardo Da Vinci For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryDid Jesus DieBBC Four Planet Wild 1 May 2006Written and Produced by Richard DentonNarrated by Bernard Hill Featured Elaine Pagels Peter Stanford John Dominic Crossan Paula Fredericksen Father Jerome MurphyOConnor Tom Wright Thierry LaCombe Richard Andrews James Tabor Steve Mason Abdullah Assiz Kashmiri For A Wide Audience DocumentaryTime Shift The Da Vinci Code – The Greatest Story Ever SoldBBC Four BBC Bristol 1 May 2006Directed by Matthew Pelly Producer Georgina HarveyNarrated by Michael Pennington Featured Richard Leigh Jonathan RileySmith Ecclesiastical Historian Cambridge David Aaronovitch Columnist The Guardian Jack Valero Opus Dei UK Director Ruth Gledhill Religion Correspondent The Times Evelyn Welch Professor of Renaissance Studies Queen Mary James McConnachie Robin GriffithJones Master of the Temple Temple Church London Brian Sewell Art critic The Evening Standard Fred Piper Professor of Mathematics Royal Holloway Sarah Dunant Historical Novelist Mike West Chancellor Lincoln Cathedral with uncredited filmed contributions from a female Wiccan and assorted readers of The Da Vinci Code Included extract footage from various past BBC documentaries from the 1970s Chronicle documentaries from the 1982 Omnibus from the 1996 Timewatch documentary The History of a Mystery from the February 2006 Culture Show etc Excellent documentary sendingup the modern day highlyfashionable beliefs in bogus secret societies bogus hidden codes concealed in works of classical art and the bogus beliefs in the “descendants of Jesus Christ” which in turn have produced distorted and offset interpretations of the Mediaeval literary creation The Holy Grail – all of which have crystallized due to the sudden and overwhelming popularity of Dan Brown’s recent novel The Da Vinci Code itself inspired by books like The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail 1982 Quoting David Aaronovitch “I am older than the Priory of Sion” and “One of the things I think is interesting about this is the way in which the authors of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail have never as far as I know turned round to the rest of the world and said ‘It was a load of rubbish Terribly sorry and all that We are not going to give the money back cos we’ve spent it all and we did do quite a lot of work and we were hoaxed too but actually it’s all complete and utter tosh’ ” Quoting Jonathan RileySmith “What Holy Blood Holy Grail did was to dismiss reputable evidence which didn’t go with its theories Accept disreputable evidence and fill in the gaps where there was no evidence at all ” Religious Audience DVDDeclaring The Truth � Presenting The Gospel Clearly Redeeming The Da Vinci Code April 2006Probe Ministries and Evan Tell Inc Featured Kerby Anderson Dr Darrel Bock Dr John Hannah Dr R Larry Moyer Mark Rae Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code Examined April 2006Featuring Charlie H CampbellAlways Be Ready Apologetics Ministry For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVD60 Minutes Priory of SionCBS News CBS Worldwide Inc 30 April 2006Presented by CBS Correspondent Ed Bradley Edward R Bradley 19412006Produced By Jeanne Langley Featured Henry Lincoln Jonathan RileySmith Claude Charlot Bill Putnam John Edwin Wood JeanLuc Chaumeil Dan Brown declined an invitation to appear on this Documentary For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDIs It Real Da Vinci�s CodeNational Geographic Television & Film Production 24 April 2006Written and Produced by Amy DoyleNarrated by Will Lyman Featuring JeanLuc Chaumeil Tammy DiNicola Professor Martin Kemp Richard Leigh Sharan Newman Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Father William Stetson Tracy Twyman For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Da Vinci Files 11 April 2006Directed by Miguel BerteaBerteaFilmsMadacy Home Video Canada For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDDigging For The Truth The Da Vinci Code – BloodlinesThe History Channel JWM Productions LLC 27 March 2006Hosted by Josh BernsteinDirected and Written by Brian Leckey Featured Alice Jouve Tuvia Fogel Timothy WallaceMurphy Professor JeanJacques Cassiman Daniel Perrier Kent Dobson Archbishop Malki Murad This Documentary DNAtested the remains of 1400 yearold Merovingian Queen Aregund the wife of Clothar I failing to detect any nearEastern origin Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code and the Bible Separating Fact From Fiction 1 March 2006Narrated by Edward Ted SriAscension Press For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryThe Secret Bible Knights Templar � Warriors of God Series 1 Episode 1National Geographic Channel Morningstar Entertainment 22 February 2006Repeated on Channel 5 5 June 2015 entitled Mysteries of The Knights TemplarDirected by Michael S OjdeaExecutive Producers Gary Tarpinian Paninee TheeranuntawatNarrated by Enn Reitel Featured Timothy WallaceMurphy Larissa Tracy Jill N Claster James Wasserman Dr Karen Ralls Reverend Robin GriffithJones Stuart Beattie Amongst its catalogue of shortcomings the documentary claimed that �beneath the ancient temple of Jerusalem folklore says the Knights made one of the most remarkable discoveries of all time� � when in fact this allegation was only first made by Louis Charpentier in his 1966 book The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDTerra X Geheimakte Sakrileg � Der Mythos von RennesleCh�teauZDF ifageFilmproduktion GmbH 15 January 2006Directed by Georg Graffe Featured JeanLuc Chaumeil Henry Lincoln Dr Jan R�diger Antoine Captier Claire Corbu JeanJacques Bedu Terra X Geheimakte Sakrileg � Der Mythos von RennesleCh�teau is found on the Terra X Expeditionen Ins Unbekannte III DVD 2006 For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDThe Worlds Strangest UFO Stories Have Aliens Invaded ScotlandThe Discovery Channel Mentorn Television 2005Produced and Directed by Martin WilliamsNarrated by Mark Williams Featured Councillor Billy Buchanan Craig Malcolm Nick Pope Malcolm Robinson Andrew Hennessey Jim Munro Lynn Picknett Ron Halliday Anne Marie Sneddon Brian Allan Jim Lochhead Professor Murray Campbell Malcolm Wheel Ronald Pulis David Drake Documentary featured three psychics claiming a link between Flying Saucers and Rosslyn Chapel being a portal to another parallel dimension Religious Audience DVDThe John Ankerberg Show Answering the Questions Raised by The Da Vinci Code 2005Featuring Dr Erwin LutzerAnkerberg Theological Research Institute For Mystery Buffs DVDLaura McKenzies Da Vinci Code Tour 2005Executive Producers David McKenzie Paul Sharratt Laura McKenzieSupervising Producer Michael BousonWritten by Bobbi ConwayPresented by Laura McKenzieStarcast International Featured Simon Dodd Yeoman Warder Tower of London Kenny Hanley Local Edinburgh Historian and Guide Kevin Hanley Bagpiper Stuart Wilson Professional Golf Instructor For A Wide Audience DVDThe Secret Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci 2005Written Directed and Produced by Michael BousonExecutive Producers David McKenzie Paul SharrattNarrated by Paul SharrattStarcast Productions Featured Dennis Kahan Cynthia Kagan Carmen Deluca Zoltan Pali Tim Mcguire Matthew Landrus Claudio Giorgione Desiree Morales Francois Saint Bris Lynn Picknett Asha Mevlana Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Code Deception Solving the 2000 Year Old Mystery 2005Directed by David PriestProduced by David W BalsingerGrizzly Adams Productions Featured Dr Paul L Maier Dr Chuck Missler Dr Erwin Lutzer Amy Welborn Dr Scott Wenig Steve Kellmeyer Dr Darrell Bock Dr Jim Garlow Hank Hanegraaff Rev Julie Slayback For Mystery Buffs DVDThe Realm Of The Holy Grail Laurence Gardner�s Video Lecture Series 2005Laurence Gardner LecturesMediaQuest Production Video cassettes of three of Laurence Gardner�s lectures converted onto DVD containing music by Adrian Wagner Bloodline Of The Holy Grail Genesis Of The Grail Kings Realm Of The Ring Lords For Mystery Buffs DVDDa Vinci Code Decoded 2005Directed by Richard MetzgerDisinformation Company Featured Martin Lunn Henry Lincoln Margaret Starbird Lynn Picknett Dan Burstein Clive Prince Dr James Robinson Dr Karen Ralls archive footage of Dan Brown Da Vinci Code Decoded Box Set � Totally Decoded released in 2006 3 DVDs Religious Audience DVDBreaking The Da Vinci Code 2005Directed by David PriestProduced by David W Balsinger Brenda RundbackWritten by Joseph MeierGrizzly Adams Productions Featured Dr Darrell Bock Dr Chuck Missler Dr Jim Garlow Lewis Perdue Dr Scott Wenig Amy Welborn Dr Erwin Lutzer Steve Kellmeyer Sandra Miesel Dr Paul L Maier Mark Oxbrow Dan Brown declined an invitation to appear on this DVD For Mystery Buffs DVDOrigins Of The Da Vinci Code Investigating The Mystery Beyond The Da Vinci Code 2005Written Produced and Directed by Michael BottNarrated by Sharon BaylisThe Disinformation CompanyIlluminated Word Ltd Featured Erling Haagensen ExtrasInterviews with Henry Lincoln and Erling HaagensenHenry�s Thoughts on RennesleCh�teauThe Concise �Origins�CommentaryOuttakes �Grateful Thanks to JeanLuc Robin Nicolas Mi�cret Hedda Mainz� in end credits For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDOpus Dei & The Da Vinci CodeChannel Four Television CTVC 12 December 2005Produced and Directed by Jeremy JeffsWritten and Presented by Mark Dowd Featured Bobby Boone Silas Agbim Lynn Frank John Allen Jack Valero Paul Nagy Benedicte Nagy Adrienne Treleaven Eileen Cole Mgr Vladimir Felzmann Mgr Flavio Capucci Tammy DiNicola Dianne DiNicola Art Thelan Brian Parker Father Gerard Sheehan Father Ian Dickie Cardinal Cormac MurphyOConnor Kenneth L Woodward with archive footage of Jose Maria Escriva DVD contains Eight Expanded Interviews For A Wide Audience DocumentaryLegend Detectives The Mystery of RennesleCh�teauDiscovery Channel IPM TV Ltd 9 December 2005Produced and Directed by Michael Hutchinson Featured Ronald Top Tessa Dunlop Massimo Polidoro Tony Stockwell Claire Corbu JeanClaude de Brou Antoine Captier Maitre Andr� Sala�n Laurent Bucholtzer Andr� Douzet Professor Robert Eisenman For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDDa Vinci & The Code He Lived ByThe History Channel Gardner Films A&E Television Networks 4 December 2005Produced and Directed by Robert GardnerWritten by Steven ZornNarrated by Sam Mercurio Featured Kelly DeVries Jonathan Pevsner Stephen Campbell Ed Rodley Morten Steen Hansen Bert S Hall The DVD has a BehindTheScenes Featurette entitled History In The Making Da Vinci For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDDecoding The Past The Templar CodeEpisodes Crusade Of Secrecy 7 November 2005 The Quest For Templar Treasure 14 November 2005Directed by Geoffrey NadejaNarrated by Timothy Watson Featured Sean Martin George Smart Dr Timothy WallaceMurphy Alan Butler Marilyn Hopkins Dr Karen Ralls Knights Templar myths involving the Temple of Solomon the worship of a mysterious head Rosslyn Chapel travelling to America the Oak Island �Money Pit� For A Wide Audience DocumentaryRevealed The Da Vinci Code MythChannel Five WellerGrossman Productions Love Productions 29 November 2005DirectorSenior Editor Will EhbrechtNarrated by Mark Halliley Featured Lynn Picknett Lindsay Johns Dr Deirdre Good Dan Burstein Margaret Starbird Maxwell Hutchinson Timothy Freke Dr Karen Ralls Richard Leigh JeanLuc Chaumeil Brian Sewell This documentary was an updated version of Beyond The Da Vinci Code shown by The History Channel on 16 January 2005 using much of the original footage For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDDa Vinci DeclassifiedThe Learning Channel Beantown Productions Discovery Communications Inc 3 November 2005Executive Producers David Carr David ComtoisProducer Frankie Glass Featured Dr Steven Mizrach Lynn Picknett David Barrett Henry Lincoln Clive Prince Jessica Teisch Ph D Heather Sexton Craig Dickens Dan Duling Sharan Newman Professor Arthur Benjamin John Edwin Wood Bill Putnam Peter Caine Michel Rouge Stuart Beattie Robert Brydon For A Wide Audience DVDDan Bursteins Secrets of Angels Demons & MasonsHidden Treasures Production Inc 4 October 2005Executive Producer Stuart B RekantProduced and Edited by Rob FruchtmanWritten by Lori NelsonNarrated by John Cullum Featured Dr Diane ApostolosCappadona Dan Burstein George Lechner Dr Amy Bernstein James Wasserman Dr Michael Barkun Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson Secrets of MasonsExecutive Producer Stuart B RekantProduced and Edited by Rob FruchtmanWritten by Lori NelsonNarrated by John Cullum Featured Dan Burstein James Wasserman Dr Michael Barkun Akram Elias Dr Steven Bullock Extra FeaturesThe Dan Brown PhenomenonFeatured George Lechner Greg Tobin Dr Michael Barkun Dr Steven Bullock Dr Diane ApostolosCappadona Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson James WassermanGod Religion ConspiracyFeatured Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson Dr Amy Bernstein Dr Diane ApostolosCappadona Dr Michael Barkun James WassermanFact or FictionFeatured Dan Burstein Greg Tobin James Wasserman Dr Diane ApostolosCappadonaBehind The ScenesFeatured Rob Fruchtman Lori Nelson For Mystery Buffs DVDIlluminating Angels & Demons The Unauthorized Documentary Revealing The Truth Of The Illuminati A Dark & Powerful Secret Society 27 September 2005Executive Producers Geof Petch Maxwell Scott Martin Melodie CalvertProduced by Simon Cox Ron MackovichWritten by Tom Reynolds Maxwell Scott MartinNarrated by Dave HoffmanArdustry Home VideoUFO Global Media LLC 2005 Featured Steven Ostrow Simon Cox Jim Marrs Jon Rappoport Devon Jackson Clive Prince Lynn Picknett Paul L Williams John Follain Steve Sora Betty Ann Brown Eric Johnson For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Grail Trail In Pursuit of The Da Vinci CodeITV Granada 26 September 2005Produced and Directed by Matt CainExecutive Producer Gillian GreenwoodNarrated by Caroline Quentin Featured psychologist Dr Raj Persaud Leah Ganpatsingh Philip Lindholm & Neil O’Neil Lynn Picknett Professor Ronald Hutton Charles Nicholl Father John Wauck Nigel Bryant For Mystery Buffs DVD 2 DVD SetLe Code Da Vinci Enqu�tes Sur Les �nigmes D�un BestSeller 26 May 2005Directed by David GalleyExecutive Producers Pascal Boudard Bruno VannucciWritten by David Galley JeanPatrick PourtalNarrated by Marc CassotTF1 Vid�o DVD One Le Code Da Vinci Enqu�tes Sur Les �nigmes D�un BestSeller Featured Franck Ferrand JeanPatrick Pourtal Antoine Captier Christiane Vannier JeanLuc Robin JeanFran�ois Lhullier Andr� Galaup Christian Doumergue Gino Sandri DVD Two Le Code Da Vinci D�crypt� de Simon Cox Cracking The Da Vinci Code with voiceover in French Language For Mystery Buffs British Book Awards The Da Vinci CodeRichard & Judy Television Series 21 April 2005Channel 4 Cactus Television Recorded excerpt of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan announcing The Da Vinci Code winning the W H Smith Book of the Year Award at the 16th annual British Book Awards on 20 April with author Dan Brown expressing his gratitude by means of video For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDDateline Secrets To The CodeNBC News NBC Universal Inc 13 April 2005Broadcast Producer Elizabeth ColePresented by Stone Phillips Featured Father Thomas Williams Professor Bart D Ehrman PhD Professor Karen King PhD Professor Ben Witherington III PhD Darrell L Bock PhD Professor Elaine Pagels PhD Margaret Starbird Professor David Nolta PhD Richard Leigh Henry Lincoln Bill Putnam with archive footage of Pierre Plantard from 1979 For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDConspiracies On Trial The Da Vinci CodeThe Discovery Channel Outline Productions 10 April 2005Directed by Harry Beney Featured Sister Wendy Beckett Rabbi Jonathan Romain Dr Edward Adams Professor Paul Fouracre Professor John Gordon JeanLuc Chaumeil Michael Baigent cameo appearance only For A Wide Audience CableTelevision Series Occult MelodramaCarniv�le Season Two Episode TenCheyenne WY 13 March 2005Directed by Todd Field3 Arts EntertainmentHome Box Office HBO A �Sauni�re Manuscript� located in RennesleCh�teau is mentioned by the character Henry �Hack� Scudder played by John Savage For Mystery Buffs DVDAngels and Demons � RevealedDirected by David McKenzie John RossExecutive Producers David McKenzie Paul SharrattWritten by John Ross Carla FilishaHosted and Narrated by Patrick MacneeDVD release date 1 March 2005 Highland Entertainment Featured Clive Prince Lynn Picknett Stanislav Lunev 2009 DVD Release includes the Bonus Extra Documentary Unlocking Da Vinci�s Code Starcast Ltd4Digital Media Ltd Argues that The Illuminati collaborated with the KGB against The Vatican for world domination For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDThe Real Da Vinci CodeChannel Four Television Wildfire Television 3 February 2005Produced by Simon Raikes Presented by Tony Robinson Featured Professor Oliver Davies Graham Phillips Dr Juliette Wood Richard Barber Canon Jaime Sancho Dr Thomas Asbridge Michael Baigent Jonathan Sumption QC Dr Gabriel Barkav Dr Helen Nicholson Robert Brydon Dr Andrew Sinclair Stuart Beattie Robert Cooper JeanLuc Chaumeil Arnaud de Sede Father Thierry Vregil Michel Rouge Charles Nicholl Professor Elaine Pagels PhD Dr Ann Graham Brock Margaret Starbird uncredited contributions by various inhabitants from the town of SaintesMaries de la Mer with archive footage of Dan Brown Henry Lincoln Pierre Plantard For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDBeyond The Da Vinci CodeThe History Channel WellerGrossman Productions in association with Paulist Productions 16 January 2005Directed by Will EhbrechtNarrated by Edward Herrmann Featured Richard Leigh Dr Karen Ralls Timothy Freke Dan Burstein Dr George Gorse Margaret Starbird Dr Deirdre Good JeanLuc Chaumeil Andrew Soane Starred Stephen Wozniak Jesus Claudia Cox Mary Magdalene For Mystery Buffs DVDStairway to Heaven The Lost Secrets of Mary Magdalene 1 January 2005Scala Dei VideotoDVD transfer of a lecture by William Henry For Mystery Buffs DocuFilmThe Copper Scroll of Mary Magdalene 2004Directed by Larry Buchanan Marcus Larry Seale Jr 19232004 Anthony Houston Featured Gene Shane Jesus Garth Pillsbury Quintar Roberta Haynes Mary the Mother Warren Hammack Judas Jean Fadal John the Baptist Howard Rubin Rosalind Saunders The Madam Gilleigh McLain Mary Magdalene Linda Avery Erica Gavin Andre Phillippe voice of Jesus Recut version of the 1972 film �The Rebel Jesus� a postresurrection story depicting Jesus Christ escaping death and being nursed back to health by Mary Magdalene in a brothel �The Rebel Jesus� was recipient of the Bronze Medal for �Low Budget Feature� at the 1973 Atlanta Film Festival Religious Audience DVDThe Da Vinci Deception 2004Dr Chuck Missler Lecture SessionsExecutive Producer Chuck MisslerKoinonia House Inc For A Wide Audience DVD with magazine & BookRennesleCh�teau uninchiestaHera S r l magazine Number 50 February 2004Directed by Michelangelo ViscontiConsultant Francesco GarufiEdizioni Hera S r l Narrative of the story of B�renger Sauni�re at RennesleCh�teau 18851917 Bonus Interviews with Professor Andrea Barattolo archaeology JeanFran�ois Lhuiller RennesleCh�teau Nicola Pezzella The Knights Templar Companion DVD enclosed in the Number 50 February 2004 edition of the Italian magazine Hera also included with Francesco Garufi�s Book RennesleCh�teau uninchiesta 2004 For Mystery Buffs DVDInside The Da Vinci Code 2004Duat Magazine Production Featured interviews with Mark Oxbrow Rosslyn Chapel Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince Leonardo Da Vinci JeanLuc Robin RennesleCh�teau For Mystery Buffs DVDCracking The Da Vinci Code 2004Produced by Geof PetchPresented by Simon CoxUFO Global Media LLC and Ardustry Entertainment LLC A Collector�s Edition 2 Disc DVD containing additional material about Leonardo Da Vinci was released in 2006 Featured Mark Oxbrow Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Dr Stephen A Hoeller archive footage of Dan Brown For A Wide Audience DocumentaryBehind The Mysteries Unlocking Da Vinci’s Code � The Full Storyupdated version of the 2003 ABC documentaryThe National Geographic Channel ABC News Productions 19 December 2004Produced by Jean Marie Condon and Yael Lavie Presented and Written by Elizabeth Vargas Featured Dan Brown Ellen McBreen PhD Darrell L Bock PhD Father Richard P McBrien Paul L Maier PhD Professor Elaine Pagels PhD Jeffrey Bingham PhD Professor Karen King PhD Margaret Starbird Rev Robin GriffithJones Jack Wasserman PhD Carlo Pedretti PhD Henry Lincoln Umberto Eco Helen Nicholson Dr Niven Sinclair Andrew Sinclair uncredited contributions by various inhabitants from the village of RennesleCh�teau and the town of SaintesMaries de la Mer For A Wide Audience DocumentaryDa Vinci CodeTF1 France 12 December 2004Produced by C�cile Delarue Tony Casablanca MarieFrance Etchegoin Featured MarieFrance Etchegoin JeanLuc Chaumeil JeanFran�ois Lhuiller Thierry JeanPierre archive footage of Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair archive footage of Henry Lincoln For Mystery Buffs 2 DVD setBlue Apples Stargate Secrets of Jesus & Mari Magdalene 7 September 2004UFO TV VideotoDVD transfer of a lecture by William Henry For Mystery Buffs Television Discussion Shepherds MonumentRichard & Judy Television Series 18 May 2004Channel 4 Cactus Television Featured Richard Madeley Judy Finnigan Dr Juliette Wood Historian and Christine Large Director Bletchley Park discussing the search for The Holy Grail and speculating it could be connected to the coded inscription found on the Shepherds Monument located in Shugborough Hall Staffordshire that could be deciphered as �Best of wives best of sisters a loving widower makes holy vows virtuously� which may lead to the site of The Holy Grail For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryInvestigating History The Holy GrailThe History Channel Kurtis Productions Ltd 19 April 2004Produced by Sharon Barrett Presented by Bill Kurtis Featured Michael Baigent Professor Malcolm Barber Dr Robert Eisenman Dr Barbara Frale uncredited contribution from an individual who claimed that Flying Saucers visited the village of RennesleCh�teau Showed exclusive film footage of the excavation of the Tour Magdala in the village of RennesleCh�teau on 20 August 2003 For Mystery Buffs Television News PresentationGood Morning America Result � The Da Vinci Code Contest 12 January 2004ABC News Charlie Gibson and Dan Brown reveal the four codes built into the dust jacket of the novel and present the prize of a trip for two to Paris for the winner For Mystery Buffs DVDMysteries Magic & Miracles Unlocking Da Vincis Code � Mystery Or Conspiracy Special video episode Associated Television International 19941998Original DVD release date 2004 Crystal EntertainmentDirected by David McKenziePresented by Patrick MacNee Featured Lynn Picknett Clive Prince Timothy WallaceMurphy William L Peterson Karen Jo Torjensen Dr Daniel SmithChristopher Paul L Maier Father Benjamin Flore Ray Riegert For Mystery Buffs DVDLost Secrets Of The Sacred Ark 2003Laurence Gardner LectureLiving Element Pictures Laurence Gardner�s Presentation Lecture in Los Angeles of Lost Secrets Of The Sacred Ark For Mystery Buffs Television News InterviewGood Morning America The Da Vinci Code 3 November 2003ABC News Charlie Gibson discusses The Da Vinci Code with author Dan Brown Quote Charlie Gibson This is a novel If you were writing it as a nonfiction book how would it have been different Dan Brown I don�t think it would have I began the research for The Da Vinci Code as a skeptic I entirely expected as I researched the book to disprove this theory And after numerous trips to Europe about two years of research I really became a believer For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDJesus Mary and Da VinciABC News Productions 3 November 2003Directed by Rudy Bednar Presented and Written by Elizabeth Vargas Featured Dan Brown Father Richard McBrien PhD Professor Elaine Pagels PhD Darrell L Bock PhD D Jeffrey Bingham PhD Professor Karen King PhD Margaret Starbird Jack Wasserman PhD Carlo Pedretti PhD Henry Lincoln Niven Sinclair Andrew Sinclair Umberto Eco Rev Robin GriffithJones PhD For A Wide Audience DocumentaryBible Mysteries The Real Mary MagdaleneBBC Manchester Discovery Channel CoProduction 6 October 2003Directed and Produced by Thelca SchreudersExecutive Producer JeanClaude Bragard�Bible Mysteries� Producer Anna CoxNarrated by Daniela Nardini Featured Professor Karen King Professor James Strange Professor Richard Horsley Professor Ross Kraemer Professor Stevan Davies Dr Tal Ilan Professor Stephen Emmel Starred Afaf Chayab Mary Magdalene Mohamed Quatib Jesus MBarek El Mamoudi Peter For Mystery Buffs Motion Picture and DVDRevelation 28 July 2003Directed by Stuart UrbanWritten by Stuart Urban Christian J Simpson Frank FalcoPrism Leisure Motion Picture released 12 April 2002 Romulus Films Miracle Communications Ltd Cyclops Vision Starring Natasha Wightman Udo Kier Diran Meghreblian Terence Stamp For Mystery Buffs Television News InterviewThe Today Show Interview with Dan Brown 3 June 2003NBC Matt Lauer discusses The Da Vinci Code with author Dan Brown Quote Matt Lauer How much of this is based on reality in terms of things that actually occurred Dan Brown Absolutely all of it Obviously there are � Robert Langdon is fictional but all of the art architecture secret rituals secret societies all of that is historical fact For Mystery Buffs Television News InterviewCNN Sunday Morning Interview with Dan Brown 25 May 2003CNN Martin Savidge discusses The Da Vinci Code with author Dan Brown Quote Martin Savidge When we talk about da Vinci and your book how much is true and how much is fabricated in your storyline Dan Brown 99 percent of it is true All of the architecture the art the secret rituals the history all of that is true the Gnostic gospels All of that is� all that is fiction of course is that theres a Harvard symbologist named Robert Langdon and all of his action is fictionalized But the background is all true For A Wide Audience DocumentaryLegend Hunters The Holy Grail � The Real Story Pilot EpisodeDiscovery Travel Channel US Partners In Motion 11 April 2003Producer Paul ComptonExecutive Producer Ron Goetz Featured Stephen Moore PhD Henry Lincoln Michael Stokes John Brunsdon MBE Andrew Collins Graham Phillips Rosemary Arscott Steve Mizrach PhD For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDIn Search of The Holy GrailThe Learning ChannelDiscovery CommunicationsNew York Times Bluebook Films 18 February 2003Produced and Directed by Bruce Burgess Featured Simon Kirk Michael Blackburn Dr Juliette Wood Gerald Morgan Andrew Sinclair Michael Orchard Michael Baigent Canon Jaime Sancho For Mystery Buffs DVDFrom Sauni�re To Da Vinci 2002Directed by Georges CombeKatana Productions Featured Marc Rambiel Antoine Captier Jean Pellet Andr� Douzet JeanClaude de Brou Georges Kiess Claude St Clair Pascal Guillaumes JeanMarc Philippe Bonus Interview with Gino Sandri The DVD was released in France entitled RennesleCh�teau du Tr�sor au Vertige Enqu�te sur un prodigeux secret For Mystery Buffs DVDHenry Lincoln�s Guide To RennesLeCh�teau And The Aude Valley 2002Written and Presented by Henry LincolnProduced and Directed by Michael BottIlluminated Word Ltd �Thanks to JeanLuc Robin Paul Lacroix Monique & Ren� Pons Sonia Moreu Joyce Bott Betty Middleton� in end credits Later entitled Exploring The Da Vinci Code Henry Lincoln�s Guide To RennesleCh�teau For Mystery Buffs Documentary and VideoIn Search of RennesleCh�teau The Secret of RennesleCh�teau 2001Hosted by Boyd RiceKaos Entertainment Featured Gregg Stotesbery Abb� B�renger Sauni�re Boyd Rice Jonathan Vankin Brian Freeston For Mystery Buffs Novel Motion Picture DVDThe Body 3 July 2001Directed by Jonas McCordWritten by Richard Sapir Jonas McCordBased on the novel of the same name by Richard Sapir published in 1984Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Motion Picture released 22 April 2001 Avalanche Films Compass Productions Diamant Cohen Productions Starring Antonio Banderas Olivia Williams John Shrapnel Derek Jacobi For A Wide Audience DVDThe Knights Templar 2000Executive Producer Ken MaliphantWriter and Director James WignallNarrated by Art MalikSophistory & Westbrook Films Featured Malcolm Barber David Nicolle Ronni Ellenblum Yusuf Natsheh For Mystery Buffs TV MovieDocumentaryThe Prince and The Grail 2000Directed and Produced by Robert HuttWritten by Ed ThomasonHosted by Raymond O�NeillCharing Cross Productions Ltd Canada Starring David Matheson David McClelland For Mystery Buffs DVDL�trange Histoire de lAbb� Sauni�re l��nigme du Tr�sor de RennesleCh�teau June 1999Directed by Fr�d�ric DaudierArcan�Interface FilmsTerre de Rhedae Featured Antoine Captier Andr� Douzet Alain Sipra Claire Corbu Sonia Moreu For A Wide Audience Documentary and DVDIn Search of History The Holy GrailThe History Channel FilmRoos Inc A & E Television Networks December 1997Executive Producer Bram RoosProduced by Truusje Rushner Featured Norris J Lacy Bonnie Wheeler Caitlin Matthews John Matthews Laurence Gardner A revised version of the documentary The Quest for the Holy Grail being part of The History Channels Ancient Mysteries series shown in August 1997 For A Wide Audience DocumentaryTimewatch The History Of A MysteryBBC 2 InVision Productions 17 September 1996Directed and Written by William Cran Featured Antoine Captier Claire Corbu G�rard de S�de Robert McCrum Paul Schellenberger Richard Andrews Professor Martin Kemp Pierre Jarnac John Hamill JeanLuc Chaumeil with archive footage of Henry Lincoln Professor Christopher Cornford and Pierre Plantard Quoting Robert McCrum �There is something called Historical Evidence � there is something called Historical Method � and if you look around the shelves of bookshops there is a lot of history being published and people mistake this kind of �history� The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail The Tomb of God for the real thing These kind of books do appeal to an enormous audience who believe them to be history � but actually they aren�t history � they are a kind of parody of history Alas though I think that one has to say that this is the direction that history is going today� For Mystery Buffs Documentary NTSC Video CassetteThe Templar Renaissance The History Of The Templar Movement 6 September 1995Presented by Niven SinclairRadio Bookstore Presswww talkstudio com For A Wide Audience Documentary Video Cassette DVDBiography Mary Magdalene � The Hidden ApostleThe History Channel 16 April 1995Executive Producer Bram RoosWritten by Mila MarvizonHosted by Jack Perkins Video Cassette released 26 September 2000 A & E Home VideoDVD released 1 July 2004 A & E Entertainment Featured Kathleen Corley Karen Jansen Karen King Thomas Rausch Jane Schaberg For Mystery Buffs Documentary and DVDThe Secret 4 partsTV2Bornholm Denmark 1993Produced and Directed by Erling HaagensenWritten and Presented by Henry Lincoln Later shown in edited format on The Discovery Channel entitled Secrets Of The Templars Also called Only For The Initiated For Mystery Buffs Documentary videocassette DVDLes Portes du Futur N� 12 RennesleCh�teau 2 � Demain L�H�ritage R�v�l� 1993Directed by Olivier SanguyPresented and Hosted by Jimmy GuieuDimension 7 Featured Dominique Tisserand Sonia Moreu Andr� Lecossois Guy Tarade Jean Blum Alain Feral For Mystery Buffs Documentary videocassette DVDLes Portes du Futur N� 4 RennesleCh�teau � Le Grand Myst�re 1992Directed by Olivier SanguyPresented and Hosted by Jimmy GuieuDimension 7 Featured Tatiana KletzkyPradere Henri Buthion G�rard de S�de Jean Blum Marcel Bonnefoi Louis Vazart JeanMichel Thibaux Jean de Rignies Eliab Le Berger For A Wide Audience DocumentaryThe Late Show BBC 2 23 March 1991Segment The Holy Place by Henry LincolnPresented by Nigel WilliamsReporter Benjamin WoolleyProducer Julian Birkett Featured Henry Lincoln Don Cupitt Iain Sinclair Jonathan RileySmith Quoting Don Cupitt �A good deal of what Henry Lincoln�s saying reminds me very much of Renaissance ways of thinking � in the Renaissance the world was seen as a puzzle written in a kind of code � it was full of numerology hidden harmonies and correspondences � codes that needed to be deciphered � people believed in magic numbers like 3 5 and 7 � magic figures like the triangle the pentagon the quincunx and so on Now Henry�s search for those sort of �magic numbers� in the phenomena of nature is very like that in Renaissance thinkers � Quoting Iain Sinclair �I think if �The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail� had been written to a �Mystery Kit� � which you were going to shake in all the vital ingredients � they would have got the lot You start with a coded message on a sheet of paper which is initially very easy to break but ultimately impossible without computer technology running for something like three years You have tombs you have to have a church have elements coded into the church From that you find that there�s a secret society operating behind it � secret masters conspiracies manipulation of history And finally you leap back to Jesus and some strange new theory about he wasn�t crucified there are children there are bloodlines The excitement is bringing bits of the past � the impossible past that you only know as fiction or mythology � and suddenly claiming �there it is it�s still active there is no death everything is going on� That�s the excitement � For A Wide Audience Novel Motion Picture Video Cassette Laser Disc DVD SoundtrackThe Last Temptation Of Christ 29 June 1989Directed by Martin ScorseseScreenplay by Paul SchraderSoundtrack by Peter GabrielBased on the novel of the same name by Nikos Kazantzakis 18831957 originally published in 1953 Athenai DiphrosMCA Universal Home Video Peter Gabriel soundtrack Passion Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ2�LP Geffen Records 1989Music CD Real World Records Virgin 1989 Laser Disc Criterion Collection 1997 Universal Janus FilmsDVD Criterion Collection 25 April 2000 Universal Janus Films DVD Columbia Tristar 29 January 2001 General ReleaseDVD Universal 14 April 2003 General Release Motion Picture 12 August 1988 Universal Pictures Cineplex Odeon Films Starring Willem Dafoe Harvey Keitel Verna Bloom Barbara Hershey Harry Dean Stanton David Bowie For A Wide Audience FourPart DocumentaryDrama SeriesGnostics 1987 repeated 1990Research and Dramatisation by Tobias ChurtonProduced and Directed by Stephen SegallerNarrated by Tim PigottSmithBorder Television for Channel 4 Episode 1 �Knowledge of The Heart� Featured Nigel Harrison as Jesus Christ Gilles Quispel 19162006 Elaine Pagels Professor James Robinson Professor Hans Jonas 19031993 His Holiness Pope Shenouda III 19232012 Muhammad Ali alSamman Raymond Ross as Irenaeus of Lyons Paul Dixey as Narcissus Episode 2 �The Goodmens Heresy� Featured Brian Blessed as Guilhabert de Castres Ian Brooker as Dominic de Guzman de Fanjeaux R I Moore Michel Rocquebert Anne Brenon Gerard Zuchetto & Patrice Brient as Troubadours Joost Ritman Episode 3 �The Divinity of Man� Featured Marius Goring as Hermes Trismegistus and Prospero Dr Frans Janssen Dr Anthony Alcock Gareth Knight Professor Sidney Alexander James Tillitt as Pico della Mirandola Gilles Quispel Joost Ritman Episode 4 �Crack In The Universe� Featured Gilles Quispel Elaine Pagels Aniela Jaff� 19031991 Carl G Jung archive footage Professor C A Meier 19051995 Professor Hans Jonas June Singer Reverend Lance Beizer Bishop Rosa Miller Tau Rosamonde Miller Nigel Harrison as Jesus Christ For A Wide Audience Documentary seriesJesus The EvidenceChannel 4 Television London Weekend Television 1984Produced and Directed by David W RolfeNarrated by Jeremy Kemp Episode One 4 April 1984Featured Dr Werner G K�mmel 19051995 Reverend Professor Dennis Nineham 19212016 Professor I Howard Marshall 19342015 Professor George A Wells 19262017 Dr G�za Verm�s 19242013 Episode Two 8 April 1984Featured Dr G�za Verm�s Ian Wilson Dr Anthony E Harvey Professor Morton Smith 19151991 Episode Three 22 April 1984 Easter SundayFeatured Professor Helmut Koester 19262016 Professor Gilles Quispel 19162006 Jesus The Evidence concluded �There�s little doubt that a remarkable Jew called Jesus did live in first century Palestine He was a man who like other charismatic figures of the period healed exorcised and preached to the outcast He was not the Messiah that most of his compatriots were expecting � but he may have thought to change those expectations There�s no evidence that he was ever seen as God in his lifetime or that he ever intended to found a new Church The Church that bears his name has emerged from the beliefs of those who came after him They combined the words of Jesus as handed down with elements of Judaism and Paganism to form a religion of enduring and universal appeal How much it is based on historical reality remains open to question How much that matters is a question for Faith � A Discussion Programme entitled Faith and Fact acting as a response to the series was shown on 29 April 1984 directed by K Angus Robertson Griffin Productions It was Chaired by Ann Loades CBE Professor Emerita of Divinity in Durham University the participants were Canon John Fenton 19222009 Henry Chadwick 19202008 Hyam Maccoby 19242004 and Thomas Crowther For A Wide Audience DocumentaryHoly Blood Holy GrailCanadian Broadcasting Corporation 1982Presented by Anne MacMillan Featured Henry Lincoln Lord Soper Donald Oliver Soper 19031998 JeanLuc Chaumeil Auberon Waugh 19392001 The Duke of Devonshire Andrew Robert Buxton Cavendish 19202004 archive footage of Pierre Plantard de St Clair 19202000 For A Wide Audience Television Discussion The Holy Blood And The Holy GrailOmnibus BBC 1 17 January 1982Chaired by Film critic Barry Norman Featured Bishop Hugh Montefiore Marina Warner Henry Lincoln Michael Baigent Richard Leigh For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryChronicle The Shadow of The TemplarsBBC 2 27 November 1979Produced by Roy DaviesResearch by Richard Leigh Michael Baigent Anthony Wall Jania MacgillivrayWritten and Narrated by Henry Lincoln Featured Professor Christopher Cornford Pierre Plantard de SaintClair For Mystery Buffs Novel Television Mini Series Video Cassettes Laser DiscThe Word 12 November 1978Based on the novel of the same name by Irving Wallace published in 1972Directed by Richard LangProduced by Richard BergWritten by Richard Berg Richard Fielder Robert L Joseph S S Schweitzer Irving WallaceCharles Fries Productions Stonehenge Productions Distributed by Columbia Broadcasting System CBS Runtime 480 minutes Starring David Janssen Ron Moody Geraldine Chaplin James Whitmore Florinda Balkan John Huston Eddie Albert Diana Muldaur Released on 3 Video Cassettes Anchor Bay 15 February 1995Released on Laser Disc Fries Home Video 1989 For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryChronicle The Priest The Painter And The DevilBBC 2 30 October 1974Produced by Roy DaviesWritten and Presented by Henry Lincoln Repeated on 20 November 1979 Featured Professor Christopher Cornford For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryChronicle The Lost Treasure Of Jerusalem BBC 2 31 March 1972Produced by Paul Johnstone 19201976Directed by Andrew MaxwellHyslopWritten and Presented by Henry LincolnNarrated by Frank Duncan with Peter CellierConsultant G�rard de S�de Originally shown on 12 February 1972 but transmission of the documentary was blackedout due to a power cut caused by a National Strike in the United Kingdom For Mystery Buffs DocumentaryLa Roue TourneRTF RadiodiffusionT�l�vision Fran�aise 29 April 1961Directed by Marina Grey 19192005 The story of B�renger Sauni�re at RennesleCh�teau 18851917 that presented early versions of the myth with No�l Corbu playing the role of Father Sauni�re prioryofsion com