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Coma State provides the ultimate in hypnoanesthesia As well it can be used to help clients or patients explore areas of their subconscious that they have never


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Ofiget already cant wait for the next episode! Really fascinating show!
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It seems to me, or the filmmakers really have no idea who they were doing the film. But as the action, it is very cool, still enjoyed it, though Hitman by not referring to that)))
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Venom Snake | Metal Gear Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Venom Snake watches as Big Boss falls into a coma. Both the medic and Big Boss survived the incident but entered comas. The medic in particular had suffered extensive ...

Venom Snake | Metal Gear Wiki A clean slate Coma State And Hypnotherapy A new name new memories Choose your own legacy Its for you to decide – Solid Snake This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality Please edit this page to improve it Feel free to discuss this cleanup on the articles talk page This article is about the body double of Big Boss You may be looking for his template Big Boss I wont scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea I will always be with you Plant your roots in me I wont see you end as ashes Youre all diamonds Well make diamonds from their ashes take them into battle with us We are Diamond Dogs ―Venom Snake to his Diamond Dogs soldierssrc Punished Venom Snake also known as Big Boss Ahab V or Big Bosss phantom was a mercenary commander formerly a combat medic for Militaires Sans Frontières MSF who led Diamond Dogs and Outer Heaven as one of Big Boss most trusted lieutenants During his time as a medic Venom Snake saved Big Bosss life during the destruction of MSF in 1975 by shielding him from an oncoming explosion losing his left arm and the use of his right eye in the process Despite his sacrifice Big Boss fell into a coma Venom Snake was then placed into an artificially induced coma undergoing hypnotherapy and plastic surgery so that he could protect Big Boss by acting as a body double After awakening from his coma in 1984 Venom Snake assumed the identity of Big Boss He was soon given command over the mercenary unit Diamond Dogs which had been founded by Kazuhira Miller as a successor to MSF While in charge he rebuilt Mother Base and expanded Diamond Dogs Venom Snake succeeded in defeating the XOF unit who had destroyed MSF nine years earlier and took vengeance on its leader Skull Face Venom Snake went on to command the military fortress of Outer Heaven while the real Big Boss returned to FOXHOUND In 1995 Venom Snake was killed by Solid Snake in an operation commanded by the original Big Boss Biography Militaires Sans Frontières He was always the best man we had ―Big Boss on Venom Snakesrc Morpho Miller Big Boss and Venom Snake wearing a balaclava posing for a group photo on the original Mother Base on December 5 1974 Venom Snake was born in 1932 in California 1 During the Peace Walker Incident of 1974 Venom Snake served as a member of Militaires Sans Frontières acting as a combat medic and doctor According to Big Boss Venom Snake was always the best man we had implying that he was an incredibly capable soldier as well as a reliable field medic His loyalty to Big Boss became unquestioned Ground Zeroes Incident Main article Ground Zeroes Incident On March 16 1975 the medic was stationed on board the helicopter sent to extract MSF commander Big Boss and rescued POWs Chico and Paz Ortega Andrade from Camp Omega in Cuba He was one of the few MSF staff members to have knowledge about Paz and Chicos situation as well as the mission itself During the flight back to Mother Base Big Boss ordered the medic to look over the unconscious Paz after Chico had noticed surgical scars on her abdomen Suspecting that a bomb had been concealed inside her the medic was forced to operate on her immediately as there was no time to administer anesthesia He successfully removed the bomb from Pazs gut despite her being perfectly conscious throughout the surgery and handed the bomb over to Big Boss who threw it into the ocean Paz had fainted due to the great pain of the surgery The medic managed to get Pazs breathing stable and assuming the danger was over stitched Pazs abdomen back up Returning to Mother Base Big Boss and the medic discovered their home being attacked by unbeknownst to them at the time Ciphers strike force XOF the nuclear inspection having been a ruse The medic remained aboard the chopper to look over Paz and Chico while Big Boss left to assist his men in intense firefight Losing ground fast Big Boss provided coverfire for Miller and his surviving men as they boarded the chopper As they escaped their homes destruction the medic checked Miller and the survivors for injuries During the time Paz awoke and revealed that there was a second bomb inside of her on the verge of exploding Wasting no time she jumped out of the chopper and the second bomb exploded in mid air The medic lept foward to save Big Boss using his own body to shield him from from the blast and bear the brunt of the explosion before the helicopter was sent into a collision with an XOF chopper which resulted in the deaths of Morpho the copilot another MSF soldier and Chico Nineyear coma Venom Snake watches as Big Boss falls into a coma Both the medic and Big Boss survived the incident but entered comas The medic in particular had suffered extensive injuries with 108 foreign agents comprising shrapnel human bone and teeth embedded in his body and his left arm amputated several inches above the wrist The shrapnel was removed for the most part although certain pieces located close to his heart and inside his cerebral cortex were too risky to extract as impairment or even death could have resulted Once the medic and Big Boss were stable enough for transport Zero had EVA move them both to Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital in Cyprus in order to be hidden where they could receive medical treatment while they were comatose Zero was suppressing the information so that the medics and Big Bosss location will remain a secret Ocelot was placed in charge of the security at the hospital reluctantly agreeing with Zeros plan to turn the medic into another Snake so that he can become a body double of Big Boss both physically and mentally Snakes altered state had allowed powerful suggestions to be implanted via induced hypnagogia resulting in Snake sharing all of Big Bosss missions knowledge and experiences to make him to believe that he was the real Big Boss Plastic surgery was used to cement his role as a decoy for XOF and the world With Snake planned to be the new Big Boss Zero told the oblivious Miller that the codeword for when Snake woke up would be V has come to Zero gave Miller financial support and told him to be there for Snake when he woke up from his coma In 1977 a weakened Zero visited both Snake and Big Boss before going back into hiding for good as an earlier attack by Skull Face having rendered him seriously ill During this time the Snakes EEGs showed stable activity levels but there had been no change with the doctors moving their muscles every four hours so that theyd be ready to move should they wake up The two would be in the hospital for the rest of the duration of their comas due to the risk of moving them and Zero feeling that their location was safe Phantom Pain Incident See also Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident On February 26 1984 Snake awoke earlier than planned from his induced coma cutting some of his hypnotherapy short On March 11 another patient named Ishmael who in actuality was the real Big Boss in disguise managed to successfully get Snake out of the hospital he was in evading an attack by both XOF Tretij Rebenok and the Man on Fire As the two escaped in an ambulance Ishmael was knocked unconscious after taking a shot from a helicopter Snake attempted to drive the ambulance but he crashed into a river bank When he regained consciousness Ishmael was gone and he was greeted by Ocelot After evading further pursuit by the Man on Fire on horseback Ocelot accompanied the medic on a trip to Afghanistan in order to rescue Miller Their ultimate goal was to exact vengeance on XOF with Ocelot dubbing the new Big Boss Venom Snake During the trip Snake was brought up to speed on world events what happened during the Peace Walker Incident the founding of Cipher the location of Zero and the Les Enfants Terribles Venom Snakes crude prosthetic arm was replaced with a highly dexterous bionic one Snake commented on the phantom pain that he felt where his left arm used to be Venom Snake and Miller return to Mother Base after Snake rescues him from Soviet Forces Venom Snake succeeded in locating Miller who had been held by Soviet forces and evacuated him after evading the mysterious military Parasite Unit Following the rescue they returned to the newly constructed Mother Base where Snake took command of Diamond Dogs Venom Snake and Miller view the fruits of their labor taking in how big Diamond Dogs has gotten Snake performed several missions in order to expand their new Mother Base so that they could fight Cipher In order to bolster his army Snake completed several missions in Afghanistan such as eliminating a Spetsnaz commander destroying communications equipment to put a hole in the Soviet basetobase comms network and rescuing a Soviet bionics engineer Snake also recovered a wild puppy while in the field which Ocelot trained to accompany him on missions as a combat buddy whom they name DD Skull Face confronting Venom Snake At some point Snake embarked on a mission to recover the U S weapon system Honey Bee before the Soviets could obtain it but was captured by Metal Gear Sahelanthropus and came facetoface with XOFs commander Skull Face After taunting Snake Skull Face departed with Sahelanthropus to let the SKULLS and their puppet soldiers finish him off although Snake successfully escaped with the Honey Bee Snake and Diamond Dogs rose to huge heights as they collected resources expanded their facilities and swelled their ranks with volunteers and recruits forcibly extracted from the field After being hired by local rebel guerillas Snake eliminated various Soviet commanders prevented mechanized forces from being deployed and rescued a captured Mujahideen fighter steadily learning more about Ciphers activities in the region Snake later encountered the XOF assassin Quiet in the Aabe Shifap Ruins and defeated her in a sniper duel He then extracted her to Mother Base at Ocelots suggestion hoping to learn more on XOF though much to Millers reluctance During their return by helicopter Snake and Pequod were attacked by an enemy aircraft but were saved by Snakes cover fire and Quiets superhuman sharpshooting skills who killed the enemy pilot She surrendered herself to Snake and was taken to Mother Base where he opted to have her put in a cell telling Miller that when the time came hed be the one to kill her himself Eventually Miller and Venom Snake received a message from Huey Emmerich in the Serak Power Plant as means of getting them to rescue him Hueys circumstance as a survivor from Mother Base caused both Miller and Snake to suspect his involvement with Cipher as well as MSFs destruction Venom Snake would then discover that Huey was working with Ciphers elite strike force XOF and under the command of Skull Face he had been put to work on a new upright bipedal Metal Gear called Sahelanthropus Discovering Hueys actions of leading Venom Snake to his location Skull Face decidedly cut ties with him and had him transported away Venom Snake made his way to meet and extract Huey only to be confronted by a fullyfunctional Sahelanthropus in which it was operated by Tretij Rebenok under Skull Faces influence Venom Snake was able to fend off the Metal Gear and leave the area with Huey via helicopter He then observed the resulting interrogation of Huey at the hands of both Miller and Ocelot from behind a twoway mirror with Miller proceeding to report on what theyve got so far with Miller also stating he is certain that Hueys guilty of the attack on Mother Base nine years prior although Venom Snake stated they still will need evidence before convicting him However Ocelot entered and revealed some key information he learned from Huey after Miller left One XOF had finished operations in Afghanistan and were headed for Africa and two they were developing a weapon that would surpass Metal Gear Venom Snake then deduced from this that it meant whatever it was XOF was working on was not just another nuke Later Snake and Huey talked about cloning in a conversation that Snake recorded without Hueys knowledge at which point Dr Clark was brought up by Huey Snake pretended to have never heard of him Throughout the conversation Snake also pretended to be skeptical and showed clear distaste for Huey By the end Snake suggested to have Ocelot brought in on the conversation much to Hueys discomfort Ocelot explained to Snake that Zero hadnt been seen in public since Snake left the United States over ten years ago While Snake initially suspected that Zero was behind Mother Bases destruction in the Caribbean Zero was already bedridden by that time Ocelot stated that he never thought Zero gave the order and after seeing that Huey was working for Skull Face he had confirmation that Zero never gave the order stating that Skull Face was Zeros XO It was Skull Face alone who destroyed Mother Base nine years earlier The unit Skull Face commanded XOF was Ciphers strike force but Skull Face along with XOF had broken away from Cipher and usurped control over Cipher The Cipher Diamond Dogs was hunting wasnt Zero it was Skull Face Diamond Dogs was hired by an environmental NGO to shut down the Mfinda Oilfield in the AngolaZaire border region in Central Africa which was owned by a company called SANR that was connected to Cipher While it could be seen as philanthropy Diamond Dogs has their own reason to agree to the mission the oil field when it was abandoned rebel group UNITA took the oil field with their arsenal increasing and that the supplier is a front company owned by Cipher It would be a step closer to tracking down Skull Face and Cipher Snake succeeded in his mission but in the process he found bodies in the water with two lumps on their chests which looked like some kind of disease It was discovered in the aftermath that SANR didnt exist and was just a name used by Cipher as a front and were the powers behind the oil field Huey informed Snake that he finished creating a Walker Gear built for Snake which features a silent running system for infiltration missions and can be summoned to Snakes location in the filed Huey has called it the DWalker which is armed with a suppressed tranquillizer gun and can be upgraded and customised from the iDroid Snake later rescued a man known as the Viscount who was connected to the oil field that he tried to deceitfully secure the rights to the oil field and blame it on his fellow British personal The Viscount was then placed in the brig with Kaz promising to be extra persuasive with the Viscount Nonetheless he and Miller learned from the Viscount that the Walker Gears were sold to various Private Forces stationed in Africa including his former organization the CFA causing them to deduce that XOF was involved in the PFs actions To combat against the distribution of Walker Gears which was spreading among the PFs and Central Africa which Miller suspected was deliberately caused by Cipher for reasons unknown Snake was given a mission to destroy four Walker Gears Snake infiltrated an outpost and succeeded in destroying four Walker Gears It was around this time that Emmerich revealed that he developed a Walker Gear called D Walker that became a buddy for Snake Visiting Quiets cell Snake spoke to Ocelot about her skills and abilities Ocelot revealed that Quiet breathed and took in water through her skin which was the reason why she didnt wear clothes Ocelot believed it was photosynthesis which he compared to an old man who was in the Cobra Unit Ocelot suggested that Quiet would make a good buddy and that maybe Snake should take her on missions Snake was then given a mission to capture a truck that was carrying important cargo which was connected to Cipher and after defeating the Parasite Unit again discovered that the cargo is yellow cake which is used to make a nuclear weapon however the amount found was not enough to make a nuclear weapon which Kaz thought may possibly point to the weapon to surpass Metal Gear that Huey was talking about Diamond Dogs had two members of the Intel Team act as undercover agents in the PF Contract Forces of Africa The CFA found out and had captured both of them Due to their lives at risk Snake couldnt waste any time in rescuing them Miller suspected that Cipher might have compromised them This made him realize that Diamond Dogs needed to be more careful from now on Snake found them and used the Fulton on one while the second too injured to survive the effects of the Fulton extraction was taken to the helicopter Miller on behalf of all of Diamond Dogs thanked Snake for saving the two members of the Intel Team Snake was hired by the Mbele general who was from the Mbele group that was an ethnic group involved in conflict with a rivil group called Buta The general wanted the Mbele Squad and the Mbele Squad platoon leader who were captured by Buta so that they wouldnt compromise Mbele On his way to find the Mbele Squad Snake found the outpost where Snake found the platoon leader He then moved on the find the Mbele Squad After reaching the Kungenga Mine Snake discovered that the members of the Mbele Squad were child soldiers Snake then shot a bucket and made an audio recording of the shooting to fake their deaths Snake guided them to the landing zone and carried one of them due to the injury he had to his leg Snake managed to take them back to Mother Base Venom Snake confronting the Man on Fire Venom Snake then went on a mission to rescue the leader of the Melbe Squad Shabani who was being held at the Ngumba Industrial Zone in Central Africa known as the Devils House After sneaking through several outposts and enemy patrols Snake managed to infiltrate the long abandoned factory Snake found test subjects with headphones in their throats and disgusting lumps on their chests similair to those Snake found at the oil field Snake then found Shabani who begged him to kill him Skull Face then arrived after killing a test subject and noticing Snake he ordered Tretij Rebenok and the Man on Fire to kill Snake the latter began to over power and strangle Snake Fortunately the Man on Fire was temporarily disabled allowing Snake to escape as pieces of the boys true personality leaked out and he used his mental power to mercy kill Shabani The boy was then influenced by the mans rage yet again and the entire factory went up in flames causing Miller to demand bluntly that Snake evacuate As Snake was escaping Miller pondered who that entity was with Ocelot immediately recognizing him as the guy they encountered earlier at Cyprus After Snakes one escape was blocked off he was forced to fight the Man on Fire Snake eventually incapacitated him for a few moments where he used this window to escape via a chopper In the aftermath Miller noted that Skull Faces presence must be connected to the weapon to surpass Metal Gear Skull Face was working in the shadows with the Man on Fire being used by Skull Face Miller talked about the earphones embedded in peoples throats and the tapes playing voices and the lumps on their chest which Snake first saw at the oil field While the Man on Fire did destroy the Devils House Diamond Dogs did audio recordings of what was going on there Miller told Snake that they will conduct a thorough analysis of what was going on there Diamond Dogs got wind that a CFA executive arranged a meeting with an arms dealer at Nova Braga Airport regarding the sale of weapons Snakes task was to eliminate the CFA executive who they suspected was under the employment of XOF His higher ups in the CFA wanted them to continue fighting Snake completed his mission by either killing or extracting the CFA executive While in the field Snake got a call from Miller who informed him that the R&D Platform on Mother Base was being held a PF called Mosquito Stinger Force who had taken several members of Diamond Dogs hostage and are threatening to kill them if any other Diamond Dogs members attempted to interfere or set foot on the platform Snake making his way to the top of the R&D Platform found the leader Mosquito Once Snake had defeated Mosquito Miller announced over a speaker to the PF that their leader was defeated and that they should lower their weapons and they would not be harmed Miller later informed Snake that Mosquito was a former member of the Militaires Sans Frontières and that he had survived the attack on Mother Base He was lead to believe that Big Boss himself was responsible for the attack as a result he created his own PF and modeled it after the original MSF in order to get revenge on Big Boss Mosquito then became a member of Diamond Dogs Snake had a mission to extract a commander who is only known as The White Mamba Snake encountered The White Mamba whose real name was Eli who harbored a huge hatred and resentment for Snake who managed to defeat him using CQC brought him back to Mother Base where Snake reprimanded him for his ruthlessness and told him once he has learnt how to use his head he would be allowed to leave Mother Base Snakes mission was to extract an American technician and his assistant who were working for an NGO They were dispatched to the Ngumba Industrial Zone by Skull Face under the pretense of giving aid to people suffering from a disease In actuality they were to observe the test subjects of the vocal cord parasites Snake found the technician and his assistant the latter having been abandoned by the former due to his fear that she was infected with the parasite for which she held no ill will The duo revealed all they knew about what was going on there including that the tapes Skull Face was recording inside the throats of some of the specimens was in another language and that no English copy existed Snake seeing Quiet attacking a Diamond Dogs soldier used CQC to disarm her and held her in a restraining position With the help of the other soldiers and Ocelot they managed to sedate her The wounded soldier was taken by the other soldiers to get treatment Snake assumed that it was because of how they had treated her with him telling Ocelot to tighten security on her cell for if it happened a second time there would not be a third Ocelot informed Snake that there was some kind of epidemic on Mother Base which has infected members of Diamond Dogs and that those that have become symptomatic have died shortly after including the soldier Quiet attacked now knowing Quiets reasons for the assault With no way of telling who is infected in the early stages of the disease Ocelot told Snake that he has created a Quarantine Zone and that the Zone is on the iDroid he told Snake to identify those who are infected and place them in the Quarantine Zone due to the infection they could not fire staff members Snake eventually figured out that all those infected all have one common denominator they all speak the language Kikongo Snake not knowing why but knowing that it is connected placed all those who speak Kiknogo into the Quarantine Zone saving those who are not infected and buying the infected members more time Snakes new mission was to find and eliminate a trafficker whose victims were sent to places such as brothels black market organ trades and diamond mines The Mbele group who contracted Diamond Dogs to dispose of the trafficker wanted him eliminated before the left the country as otherwise he would be immune from facing a courtmartial for his role in human trafficking due to being a civilian Miller informed Snake that he delivered Mbele villagers to XOF for their experiments with the vocal cord parasites and was personally responsible for delivering Shabani the former leader of the Mbele Squad to the Devils House However he eventually grew disturbed by the nature of the experiments and eventually grew terrified of Skull Face and of the possibility of becoming a test subject Because of this he decided to flee Angola and return to his home country hiring contractors from a rival PF the Contract Forces of Africa to ensure he returned there as he was unable to trust his own men due to XOFs connection to the group Ocelot explained to Snake that Eli having not accepted that Snake had beat him demanded a rematch on the second platform of the R&D Platform Ocelot encouraged Snake to put the arrogant youngster in his place Snake managed to defeat Eli yet again at which point it seemed that he had conceded defeat albeit begrudgingly Snake was tasked with rescuing a member of the Intel Team before he is killed both to save him and to find out the cause of the disease so it will lead to a cure Searching Ditadi Abandoned Village Snake found the member of the Intel Team and brought him back to Mother Base The member that Snake rescued referred to the disease as the pathogen and mentioned the old man who knows how to treat it whose name he gave as Code Talker and gave his location Snake then went on a mission to find Code Talker who researched the vocal cord parasite and was forced to work for Skull Face was being held captive at a mansion in Central Africa Snake was sent to rescue him On his way there a thick blanket of mist soon rolls in and the Parasite Unit appeared This time however it was a different unit consisting of female snipers Despite this they still possessed the superhuman abilities of the original unit After dealing with the barrages of sniper fire he eventually resurfaced at the heavily guarded mansion He broke into the basement and found Code Talker who explained about the vocal cord parasites and how they infect and kill the host he offered Snake a herb which halts the parasites he then went on to explain how Skull Face stole his research and Kaz realized that Skull Face plans to wipe out all languages from Earth After getting out of the mansion with Code Talker they escaped in a helicopter Code Talker then revealed that that the Wolbacia can halt the parasites however the price is that the host will be rendered infertile Snake then explained that they captured a truck of cargo full of yellowcake with Code Talker asking what became of it and the metallic archaea Suddenly the Parasite Units signature mist consumed the area A cloud of corrosive metallic archaea appeared in front of the chopper just as it flew through causing the windows to explode killing Pequod in a barrage of jagged glass As a result the chopper crashed The ravaged chopper crashed in the Nova Braga Airport where Snake and the unconscious Code Talker fortunately survived However as Snake crawled out of the wreckage he realized that he was surrounded by the Parasite Unit and the mist made it so calling another chopper was impossible This forced him to fight them After a grueling battle the mist cleared and Code Talker and Snake were picked up by another chopper On the way back to Mother Base Code Talker explained how five years prior Skull Face did a detonation test to see if he can disable a nuke Code Talker said that Skull Face plans to distribute nukes all around the globe along with the Walker Gears however Skull Face will retain control of the nukes with Snake and Ocelot realizing that is why they needed Huey and that the superpowers will be irrelevant The aftermath of these events had Code Talker recruited into Mother Base as a scientist where he revealed almost everything about the parasites such as their properties He provided the wolbacia which saved the infected Diamond Dogs soldiers at the cost of being infertile After forty eight hours the epidemic was over while those who were already symptomatic couldnt be saved those in the early stages of the parasites were now cured Miller vowed that Skull Face will pay for this Miller and Ocelot then interrogated Huey who gave up the location as OKB Zero in a lab built by the Russian Philosophers Before leaving for OKB Zero Kaz informed Snake that Skull Face has killed the Soviet soldiers at OKB Zero by using the vocal cord parasites Kaz then told Snake to wipe Skull Face out Snake told Kaz he will need back up Kaz told him that they will meet up at OKB Zero Venom Snake on his way to OKB Zero With the intent to capture and interrogate Skull Face Snake infiltrated the heavily guarded fortress and confronted him on the helipad Skull Face explained that Snake has known loss as well and that hatred will never replace the pain which will never go away and that the pain theyve endured has cost them their humanity which will never return and they are both now demons Outnumbered and outmatched by a squad of XOF soldiers Snake was forced to surrender and follow Skull Face Along the way Skull Face explained that he had known Snake since 1964 He also explained that he knew of Zeros plans and what The Boss wanted During the ride throughout the roads of Afghanistan on a jeep Skull Face passionately revealed his plans worldwide ethnic cleansing with the parasites and the reasons behind them both his hated for Zero and his broken childhood where he was heartlessly stripped of his culture quoting the Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran He would exterminate the English language as a way to permanently destroy Zeros plans and so that everyone on Earth would suffer and share a phantom pain He also revealed that nukes would serve as the new language to replace the English language Using Sahelanthropus Skull Face would control of all the nukes and mainta